How to start wholesale Jean’s manufacturing business |A step by step process.

jeans manufacturing business plan
jeans manufacturing business plan

Wholesale denim jeans manufacturing and suppliers

Jeans manufacturing is a good business idea to start nowadays. Populations in India are increased day by day, and demand also increasing of jeans.

Let’s talk about, what do we have to do to start Denim jeans manufacturing process business in India.

You can earn a high-profit margin if you open your retail stores with the manufacturing units.

To start denim jeans manufacturing process in India needs a required amount of investment of a minimum of 10 lakh rupees to sustain your business in the Indian market.

Denim makes from a 100% cotton fabric. it sometimes blended with polyester and spandex. This type of blended denims has a very good stretchable quality and comfort also.

As we all know, there are three types of jeans pants like men, women and child wearing. And apart from this, you can also manufacture jackets skirts also.

So first you have to decide what type of jeans a manufacturing unit you want to establish.

then according to your business plan, we can install machines, raw material, skilled labor, and dealership networks.

Let’s say you are creating your own brand or you are creating other brand’s products. Then what is a good business for you? I think both of them. Let’s see further.

Creating your own brand with your trademark of jeans manufacturing then this will be a good business choice for your future sustainability of jeans manufacturing unit.

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License and registration process for jeans manufacturing business plan in India.

Register your company with ROC.
It is ok if you start a small manufacturing unit of jeans. you may register your company as a proprietorship or in a partnership with ROC.

I will refer you to register your business in partnership with 3 to 4 partners.

because partnership businesses reduces risk and investment also, and it is also helpful to increase your business to large-scale in future opportunities.

MSME certificate
If you get an MSME certificate for your jeans manufacturing business then it is good for your future plan in this business.

MSME stands for micro, small and medium enterprises. This government scheme is the backbone of your businesses

With the Government MSME act, this provides the schemes, subsidies, loan for small and medium enterprises businesses

License and registration for denim jeans manufacturing business.
License and registration for denim jeans manufacturing business.

Trade license
Trade license is documentation or certificate which gives permission to trade your products in a given location and area.

you can get this trade license for jeans manufacturing business from your local municipal corporation by the government act.

Eligibility criteria for trade license
Applicant must cross the age of 18
Your jeans manufacturing business should be legal with paper documentation.
And you should not have any criminal record

ISC code
IEC code means import export code. This is a 10 digit identification number by the director-general of foreign trade. (DGFT)

Without this code, you are not possible to import or export your jeans manufacturing products through the country.

I will refer you to register a trademark online. Because it will time consuming process if you do it alone.

You can get online trademark registration with 2000 rupees online. To register your business trademark with Indian government, then this gov site will help you

GST registration
You will need to register goods and service tax numbers to supply goods and services of jeans manufacturing products in India.

EPF registration
EPF stands for employees’ provident fund. this will help the employee in the retirement schemes benefits

ESI registration
ESI stands for employee State insurance. This will help the employees to get medical insurance if any accident happens in a jeans manufacturing unit.

Jeans manufacturing machinery details suppliers in India.

Stitching machine
Stitching or sewing machine is the primary part of the jeans manufacturing business here is the list I have given the best stitching machines. You can get this stitching machines online on

  • Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed
  • Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runaway
  • Janome HD 1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
  • Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine
  • Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist 600 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Generally, the price of a sewing machine is variable between 10000-50000 Rs. Get the best one for the jeans manufacturing business.

Chain stitching machine

  • Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch Machine
  • Axis Single Needle Chain Stitch Embroidery Machine
  • Janome CoverPro Cover-stitch Machine
  • The price range is 35-60 thousand rupees.

Investment required for jeans manufacturing machine.

Investment required for jeans manufacturing business
Investment required for jeans manufacturing business
  1. Folding machine -1lac
  2. Stain removing machine -1 lac rupees
  3. Washing machine industrial – 75000rs
  4. Cutting machine for jeans – 4000rs
  5. Embroidery machine – 38000 rs
  6. Electric iron- 2500rs
  7. Lapping trolley
  8. Printing machine -40000rs
  9. Overlock machine -4500₹
  10. Logo making machine-64000₹

Project report to start the jeans manufacturing unit.
Let’s consider you have decided to start a jeans manufacturing business plan in India.

Now what to do next?

Project report. A project report is someone important factor while starting your business. because the project report you cannot apply for the loan and subsidy scheme from the government.

There are many more industries and suppliers of project reports online or offline also.

They will also provide you license and registration documentation with the project report cost.

if you get project reports online they will assist you to build your business and decide your marketing strategy.

Step by step process of jeans manufacturing

Raw material checking
we will have to check the raw material quality first. If the quality of the jeans is not what you want then you can exchange them from your raw material suppliers.

When I was into this manufacturing business from the past years I also did not found some problems with raw materials.

When we order raw materials from the suppliers online. That time everything was ok.

Denim jeans manufacturing business plan
Denim jeans manufacturing business plan

but when you actually purchased jeans raw material and when you feel in your own hand. then there are sometimes problems.

You will not get the material online that you want actually.

That’s why I will prefer you to buy jeans raw materials from verified suppliers.

Or you can purchase them from their physical locations of jeans raw material suppliers.

Cutting and laying of the various pieces:
Your skilled worker will spread the jeans fabric on the table using some folding techniques to cut into perfect pieces.

And then he will use a rotary blade for cutting machines which I have mentioned in the machinery details.

  • Automated Computerized Laser Beam Cutting Machines
  • Rotary Blade Machine
  • Vertical Reciprocal Blade Machines

You can get this automated computerized laser beam cutting machine to cut jeans material into perfect measurable pieces.

And then you can proceed into further swing machine.

Arranging and stitching of the various pieces:
Your skilled worker in jeans manufacturing business will do some sort of things.

Like arranging and stitching of the various pieces of jeans material.

You can use automated stitching for a sewing machine for this process.

Embroidery work
then your stitched jeans material comes today embroidery working section.

Here you can do embroidery work like logo making designing using various color threads.

here also you will have to hire some skilled workers for embroidery work.

Finishing operations:
now the last operation is finishing of jeans material like washing, ironing, folding, and packaging.

You can hire unskilled workers for this final process.

How to Sell your denim jeans online?

Now you have become a denim jeans manufacturer. And you want to supply your products all over India.

Then How is it possible?

Yes, it is possible if you start to sell it online. This will help you to create a profit margin from your business.

Star to promote your jeans products online on social media platforms like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram and all possibly available social media platforms.

Isn’t it help you to build your brand awareness? Yes, surely it will. brand awareness is the most important marketing strategy in any type of business.

Denim jeans marketing
Denim jeans marketing

let’s think. if you have started all the manufacturing units and online shops also, but no one knows you then how to make your first sale?

It is only possible if you have created your own brand awareness.

If people know you and also trust you then they automatically come to you to purchase your products whether it is men women and children.

You can create your own eCommerce website high-profit margin without losing any commission or any affiliate commissions to others.

Your e-commerce website or a blog also helps you to create your brand awareness.

Do all the basic and advanced marketing strategies in your jeans manufacturing business because you have invested lots of money in it.

How to create a dealership network for wholesale of jeans

To create a jeans dealership network in India you will have to follow some online procedure.

You will have to advertise your dealership program on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Dealership network
Dealership network

You can also use business to business network to create a dealership in jeans manufacturing business.

You can also use Google my business app to create a dealership network in your area.

This will help you a lot more.

now how will you start a wholesale of jeans manufacturing business?

To do so you will have to reach a shop by shop in your local area.

and you can show them to your change product to sell in their shops.

You will have to create a list of shops and contact numbers with locations in your area to establish good contacts with them.

whenever you will launch your new products you can reach them directly with your contact book.

Is it ok to open retail stores to earn a high-profit margin in this business let me know in comments?

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