Paper plate making machine is necessary for your paper plate making business. This company may be started on a small, medium, or big size by anyone. That’s why we are going to know Top 5 paper plate making machine to buy.

However, the scale of your firm must be planned based on your investment ability.

You may also make disposable bowls and glasses using the same machine. Furthermore, you have the option of starting your business part-time or full-time.

Top 5 paper plate making machine in India.

What are the types of paper plate?

  1. Silver Foil Paper Plates.
  2. Printed Paper Plate.
  3. Designer Paper Plate.
  4. Laminated Paper Plate.
  5. Mica Paper Plate and so on.

Benefits of Starting a Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

  • Higher profit and return on investment.
  • Market demand is high.
  • There are no specialised skills or academic qualifications required.
  • Various government programmes for obtaining a loan for capital arrangement.
  • The production procedure is not labor-intensive; the machine does the majority of the work.
  • Great opportunity to establish your own business rather than working for someone else.

Before taking any type of paper plate making machine, you need to do some research about paper plate making business. Let’s take a look.

  • Cup demand size survey, i.e. what size of cup do you want to make?
  • In your location, the price of a cup for sale.
  • A skilled operator is available.
  • Technician’s availability.
  • a mode of transportation
  • In your location, there is competition.
  • People’s purchasing power, among other things.

Let’s see the list of paper plate making machines and its specifications.

1)Fully Automatic Double Die Thali Making Machine

  • Machine Specification are according to Die size. This fully automatic machine has a three types of Die sizes. let’s see
    • Die Size :Dona Die 4 Inch to 8 inch
    • Die Size : Thali 10 inch to 16 inch
    • Die Size : Wrinkle 5 inch to 14inch

This types of Die sizes are made by Fully Automatic Double Die Thali Making Machine.

  • This fully automatic machine is a multipurpose to use. It is Multipurpose use for Making Dona, Thali-Pattal, ChillaPlate and Wrinkle plate.
  • You will need some raw Material. But what type of raw material you can use? here is a answer. you can use 80 Gsm To 450 Gsm. in the Roll Form.

What is the output of this fully automatic machine. How much pieces of paper plate you can make? Here is aa list.

  • Output:
    • 6000 Dona Pieces In 1 Hrs (6 DIES)(Fully Automatic Operation)
    • 2100 Thali Piecs in 1 Hrs (2 DIES) (Fully Automatic Operation)
    • 3800 Wrinkle plates in 1 Hrs (4 Dies) (Manual Operation)

This output is depend on Paper Size & Gsm.

  • Power Source: 380V 50Hz./Electric Motor: 5 Hp/three Phase
  • Electricity: 3 to 4Unit/Hr.(Depends on No of dies and size)
  • Weight: 800 Kg Approx.
  • Oil Tank Capacity: -90 Liters.(Not Provide Oil with This Machine)
  • DIMENSION:110”(L)55(W)”65”(H)

Note: -Wrinkle die operation in this machine is manual

In this fully automatic machine you can make 3 dona and 1 thali. It both die operate at the same time.

This machine has a production capacity of 3000-4000 pcs/hr. It has made by Greentech engineering

Fully Automatic Double Die Thali Making Machine- Greentech engineering

The investment to start a paper plate making business with this machine is 2.70 lakh rupees.

Some important things to know about this machine.

  • Work on a timer that can be programmed
  • Heavy Duty Cylinder with Fully Automatic Operation Heavy and Sturdy Structure Was Used
  • Easy to use with a counter and a buzzer system
  • Work can be done automatically or manually.
  • A contactor Should available for usage in the event of a motor vehicle accident.
  • High-capacity manufacturing

Now, Let’s see the next paper plate making machine.

2)Semi Automatic Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine

This machine has a Automation Grade as a Semi-Automatic.

semi hydraulic paper plate making machine
  • What type of paper material you can use in this machine. You can use Paper Material 80 GSM to 500 GSM.
  • This semi automatic machine will need a Power of 220 V.
  • It has a 1.5 hp Electric Motor
  • Machines Speed is 1400
  • Sufficient Production Capacity. You can make 15000 Plates per day
  • Machine Weight is 1000 Kg.
  • Area requirement for this semi automatic machine is 200 sq.feet. including raw material storage and workspace.

Shreeram enterprises is providing this kind of machinery in all over India. You will have to invest 45000/ per unit rs to start paper plate making business with this machine.

3)2HP Single Phase Fully Automatic Hydraulic Thali Making Machine

  • This machine will required Power (Horse Power) of 2HP Single Phase. And its automation Grade is Automatic.
  • Capacity of this machine is 80-100 pieces per min
  • you can make a Max Plate Size of 4″-12″ with this 2hp machine.
  • Material you have to use is SILVER PAPER.
  • Production Capacity is 2000-3000 per hour. this is sufficient capacity.
Paper plate making machine

This 2hp machine will cost you 1.45 lakh per unit to start paper plate making business.

Some more specification about this paper plate making machine.

  • Oil Tank Capacity: 50 Ltr
  • Power Cosumption With Heater: 1.5 to 2 unit/hr
  • Weight of machine: 500kg
  • Roll to Thali production with 5 Roll System
  • Ready stock machine, Raw material is also available.
  • Fully In-house production.
  • Heavy Duty, Easy to handle, lower noise

Seller Contact Details
Krishna Enterprises
Minal Rajput
Gat No. 198, Jyotiba Nagar, Rupee Nagar
Pune – 411062, Maharashtra, India
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4)HR 133 Sheet & Circle Form In Duplex Fully automatic thali machine

  • Brand HR 133
  • Raw Material you can use is paper
  • Power Voltage you need is 220 & 440
  • Model Name/Number HR 133
fully automatic paper plate making machine.

Hariram engineering will provide this machine to you. this is fully automatic all in one paper plate making machine.

Here are some specification of this paper plate making machine.

  • Power Consumption 5 UNIT PER HOUR
  • Paper Quality 180 TO 600 GSM
  • Phase SINGLE & THREE Phase
  • Frequency 50hz
  • Compressed Air PURCAHSE FROM LOCAL
  • Dimension 4.5 FT * 2.25 FT * 6 FT(LWH)
  • Plate Size Range 10″ TO 14″
  • Country of Origin Made in India

You will need to invest 3.46 lakh rs to buy this fully automatic paper plate making machine.

Seller Contact Details
Hariram Engineering
Gautam Chandu
B/46-50, Maruti Industrial Estate
Surat – 394221, Gujarat, India
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5)Fully Automatic Pattal Making Machine (Double Die)

  • Raw Material- Paper
  • Paper Material -Silver Craft Roll
  • Capacity of the machine is 20-40 pieces per min
  • Voltage 220 V
  • Weight 400 KG
  • Phase Single Phase or Three Phase
  • ISO Certified
  • Dimension 3.5 X 2.5 X 5.8 Feet
  • Item Condition New
  • Motor 1 HP Single Phase
  • Warranty 1Year
  • Width 3.5 Feet
  • Length 2.5 Feet
  • Number Of Phases Single Phase
  • Plate Size Range is 4-14 inch
  • Power Consumption 2 Unit Per Hour
  • Paper Quality 70GSM to 150GSM
  • Production Capacity 2000-25000 Pcs Per Hour
  • Country of Origin Made in India
fully automatic paper plate making machine.

You will need to invest 1 lakh per unit to buy this paper plate making machine to start your business.

Seller Contact Details
Aaditya Auto Care
Sumitbhai Patel
115, Intercity Complex, Near APMC Market, Puna Kumbhariya Road
Surat – 395010, Gujarat, India
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Paper plate making machine precautions of buyback agreement.

People advertise buybacks for machines, but they refuse to accept manufactured plates since the guarantee is false.

Check to discover whether there is a need in your region before getting into this industry.

When we consider gas prices, even travelling more than 10 kilometres and selling this will be a waste of time.

Manufactures from Delhi that advertise across India are absolutely fraudulent; they just double the price and sell the machine under the guise of buyback, but the truth is that none of the travel services would accept dona cups since they are taken by firms from travel agencies.

So don’t trust buyback and get this machine instead.