In this post we are going to know how to start a Nut and Bolt manufacturing business.

Nuts and bolts have cannot be used without the other. A Nut is a type of fastener with one threaded hole, and a bolt is on the other hand is a metallic with around stem threaded into the hole of a nut.

The average annual imports of nuts and bolts were 40,000 tons. That’s why you can also start a nut and bolt manufacturing business plant in India, because of the increasing demand for these products, there is an increasing need for such a plant.

In the global fastener industry, there are many huge players contributing to its products like the USA, Germany, China, Japan, and India. This market is expected to value at ₹ 7706 billion by the end of 2023

Because rising demand for fasteners in automotive industries along with the construction and manufacturing industries in emerging economies is addressed as “Developed Economies” like Indonesia, Brazil, etc. India.

Many industries manufacture nuts and bolts of various sizes in the industry, but the demand is increasing and the raw material for the product is easily available in the market.

Nuts & bolts manufacturing market potential in India.

In the Transportation industries like Railways, aircraft, wagon, bicycles nut, and bolts are the very important thing to tightened the separate parts.

In the Electrical industries manufacturing, we use nuts and bolts for the transformer, electric motors, fans.

There are many several uses in this sector.
Apart from this, the construction of bridges, fabrication of various steel structures we use nut and bolts to fix things.

We use nuts and bolts in the steel and wooden furniture, in the machine tools, in the agricultural machines, and agricultural implements, etc.

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Registrations & Licenses Required for Nut Bolt Manufacturing Business plan in India.

Registration of Firm: You may start a nut and bolt manufacturing business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

For One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.
For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. with the help of the Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC). the partnership will reduce the risk in business. It is a good option to start a new business.

GST Registration: GST number which is mandatory for every business.
Trade License: Obtain tread license from the local authorities.

Pollution Certificate: Need to get the pollution Control certificate if it is a necessary

MSME/SSI Registration: Register your business with MSME/SSI Registration it will help you to get the government subsidy and facilities.

Trade Mark: Trademark registration is helpful for the customers. They can recognize your brand by trademark.

List of machinery required for nut and bolt manufacturing business plan in India.

Double stroke solid die cold head forging machine: Double Stroke Solid Die Cold Heading Machine is fully Automatic for Cold Heading Bolts, Screws, Rivets & similar products.

This heading machine can easily be operated by unskilled labor with little training. The price range is between 2 lakh – 10 lakh rupees.

  • Head trimming machine 50000- 5.6 lakh rs per unit.
  • Thread rolling machine 8 lakh rs per unit.
  • Bull block wire drawing machine- 4 lakh
  • Straightening machine- 80000 rs per unit.
  • Power press
  • Planting tank
  • Steel polishing barrel with an electric motor
  • Automatic nut forming plant -10 lakh rs per unit
  • Nut tapping machine
  • Wire pointing machine
  • Weighing scale

Nut and bolt manufacturing investment plan.

How much investment do you need for the manufacturing business?

You need to invest 20-30 lakh rs in this business. Including property rent, construction, machine purchasing, and all other expenses.

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Area required to start Nut Bolt Making Business

location and area space is an important factor. the growth and success of your business is depending on this.

Your business location must be accessible by the raw material supplier and targeted market Apart from this, the location must have facilities like water supply, drainage facility, and electricity supply.

Manufacturing Industrial can start with a minimum 800 sq ft area,

Before selecting the location for the manufacturing business. Ensure about rules and regulations of your state government.

The Process of Manufacturing the Nuts and Bolts

Step 1- The Cold Heading process.

Straightening of the wires that are made to pass from the straightening machine.
The wires after straightening are required to cut into predefined shapes and sizes.
The heading machine creates a screw head consisting of open or closed dies. The machine takes about 150 to 600 screw blanks per minute.

Step 2- The Thread Rolling

A vibrating hopper is used to cut the thread dies using a reciprocating die method, centerless cylindrical method, or planetary rotary die methods.

Step 3- Packaging of Nuts and Bolts

After going through all process, its need to be the packaging of nut and bolts. On Youtube, you will get several videos on the processing of manufacturing.

Nut and bolt manufacturing business profit margin.

How much profit can I earn from the nut and bolt manufacturing business?
The net profit that can be obtained from starting the nut and bolt-making business is more than 1 lakh rupees per month. But the business should have well established.