If you’re looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity, the Mio Amore franchise is one of the top ice cream businesses in Eastern India. In this post, we are going to see how to get mio amore franchise?, Its investment cost, requirements, contact details and many more.

mio amore franchise

About Mio amore franchise

Arnab Basu is a founder of the Mio Amore, However, the brand’s genesis story is a little different because it was formerly owned by the Switz Group Private Limited.

Mio Amore’s business began with cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods under the name Switz Foods Pvt ltd and was affiliated with the Monginis brand in the retail sector. As a provider of their products. Its trademark was also affiliated with other major companies such as Britannia and ITC.

However, owing to various conflicts by Monginis’ management, their arrangement was terminated in 2015, but this also prepared the way for the brand to have a monopoly over Monginis in the eastern portion of India.

When the arrangement is completed, Switz Foods Pvt Ltd established its own Franchise under the name ‘Mio Amore’ and dealt with Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, veg & non-veg food products.

It become one of the most known brands for bakeries and confectionaries. Mio Amore has amassed a large consumer base in the eastern area of India and has surpassed practically every brand in the Bakery and Confectionaries business.

Some of the contributing causes to the brand’s success include the company’s 25 years of experience and then creating its own brand.

  • The brand provides consumers with up-to-date and fresh items.
  • Mio Amore’s success is due to the fact that they targeted the typical income group, which is why they provide budget-friendly meals.
  • Mio amore has been in the market for over 25 years.
  • The brand is well-known and has won several important accolades.

Various awards have been bestowed upon Mio Amore and its franchisees, including the ‘Most Admired Retailer of the Year’ award for Food Service.

Mio Amore’s strong consumer base can be attributed to its affordable rates. It provides high-quality freshly baked cakes and excellent cuisine at a reasonable price when compared to other businesses in the same sector.

The Mio Amore restaurants feature a welcoming atmosphere and courteous staff members that work hard to assist clients and, most importantly, ensuring that they have a fantastic experience.

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How to get the mio amore franchise?

Mio Amore is one of India’s largest pastry stores, famed for its sweet and savoury treats. It draws a big client base to the franchise to sample the delights supplied at such a well-known location, assuring a speedy return on investment.

Apply for mio amore franchise

You may apply by completing up the form on the Mio Amore franchise website, and business representatives will contact you shortly.

Sign franchise agreement

You will have to sign a franchise agreement of mio amore. The franchise agreement is a legally binding contract that you and your franchisor must follow. As a result, you should consult with an attorney before signing the agreement. Make certain that you understand the contract’s specific terms, including all of your rights and duties under the agreement.

Wait for Franchise approval

After necessary documentation, you need to wait for mio amore franchise approval for some period of time. Having a franchise implies you’re jumping on the bandwagon of an already successful idea.

Of course, just like any other business, beginning and maintaining a franchise has its problems. Even with the company plan and brand spelled out for you, location, recruiting, and management will require as much thinking as any other form of business.

Loss of control can be a difficulty for some businesses who are passionately independent.

Mio amore franchise cost – It is estimated to be around 12 lakh.

The entire investment necessary to start a Mio Amore franchise is estimated to be around 12 lakh INR. The investment may be roughly classified as follows:

  • INR 2 lakhs as an advance deposit
  • INR 5 lakhs as a security deposit
  • The cost of interior decoration is INR 5 lakhs.

However, you must keep in mind that this cost does not cover the property’s rent, energy bill, staff wage, and other comparable expenditures.

Of course, you’ll need enough starting cash to cover your franchise fee and start-up charges, but you’ll also need operating capital to get through the first leg of your business adventure. Here are some potential sources of funding

  • Family members and acquaintances
  • Banks and financial firms
  • If you are unable to obtain a bank loan, you may be qualified for an SBA-backed loan.

You want as much detail and personal knowledge about what it’s like to run this franchise as possible. There is no alternative for face contact with those who have been there and done that. Joel Libava suggests asking franchisees one important question: “Would you do it all over again?”

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Mio amore franchise requirements

Mio Amore assures that only fresh ingredients are used in the manufacture of its numerous products, providing the assurance of receiving the highest quality at each franchise of the brand. That’s why there are some requirements to be fulfilled.

Area requirement

Many franchisees are in charge of constructing or renovating the premises in which they will operate. Although the franchisor will offer plans, bespoke fixtures, and signage, you will need to engage a general contractor to create your space and have it ready for opening day.

The location where the Mio Amore franchise will be established must meet the following requirements:

You need to be rented or or Owned commercial space on the ground level of at least 250 sq. ft. carpet area in a major location in the city, ideally with enough parking.

Furthermore, the frontage space should be at least 10 feet long. The firm also takes into account the distance between the designated commercial sector and the nearest Mio Amore franchise.

To be more exact, the distance between the two Mio Amore franchises should be at least 2 kilometres, so that neither franchise affects the operations of the other.

To prove ownership, you must produce the actual property documents. If you intend to start in a rented location, you must produce leasing documentation with a valid period of validity.

Documentation required for mio amore franchise

This is an important step. The specifications that you will be required to present may determine whether or not the franchisor will accept the franchise application, so you must pay close attention to this phase.

The majority of franchisors have established a set of standards. However, the following are some of the most popular documents:

  • Completed franchise application form, which may be found on the franchising company’s website. If the form is not available, one might contact the firm and request it.
  • At least two government-issued photo IDs.
  • If you are renting space for your business, you must also submit a lease contract or a documented agreement with the lessor.
  • The most recent bank statements
  • TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) (TIN).

Meet with your Franchisor –

This is another critical step. Meeting with the franchisor is the stage at which they evaluate your application and validate its viability. Franchisors will evaluate if you are a suitable fit as a business partner.

Execution of the Franchise Agreement –

Finally, if you’ve completed all of the processes, you’re on your way to becoming a franchisee. Don’t get too worked up. Here, you should pay close attention and thoroughly examine your Franchise Agreement before signing the agreement. You should pay close attention to the following crucial details:

  • The franchise period, including the renewal term and associated expenditures.
  • Franchise and royalty fees are examples of costs and fees.
  • Grounds for terminating a franchise agreement
  • The franchise package’s inclusions and exclusions.
  • List of items and providers that have been approved by the franchisor.

The majority of franchise providers provide for an initial agreement length of up to 5 years. We don’t have specifics on the Mio Amore franchise deal duration. It is, however, between 3 and 5 years. You can renew the agreement later if you intend to prolong it.

Before doing business in the region, most state and local governments need enterprises to get numerous licences and permissions. General business licences, tax registrations, health permits, and occupational licences are examples of these.

Failure to keep the required licences and permits up to date might result in government penalties or worse. If you fail to comply with licencing standards, your franchisor may also terminate your franchise.

If you incorporate your franchise, you must also meet your state’s corporate reporting standards. If you fail to file a report on time, the state can dissolve your company or LLC, leaving you vulnerable to the dangers you formed to prevent.

Hire employees

While you are constructing your physical site, you should begin collecting your crew. Your franchisor will provide training to you and your workers prior to the start of operations.

This training helps you integrate into the culture of the franchise network you’ve joined.

Although Mio Amore has not defined the number of staff necessary to manage a Mio Amore franchise, 3-4 people should be sufficient to run a 250 sq. ft. shop.

Now you are all set to start mio amore cake shop franchise.
Finally, it is time to make your franchise available to the general public. Another instance where purchasing a franchise has advantages versus starting from scratch.

Your franchisor will walk you through the process of starting your business and will launch an advertising campaign to assist spread the news that you are now open.

Bonus Tip: Invite members of your local Chamber of Commerce and business networking organisations to your opening day. This will assist get the word out about your new firm to prominent people of the business community.

mio amore franchise profit margin

Most new franchise owners assume that revenues generated by their franchise firm are immediately converted into personal income. This could not be further from the truth. Taxes on business income, debt repayments, and regular capital expenditures must also be paid before the owner may pay himself.

After all of this has been paid for, the franchise owner will have his own revenue earned by his franchise firm.

Because Mio Amore has a big client base, you can expect a steady flow of consumers to your franchise and, as a result, a high company turnover.

The profit margin supplied by the turnover, the firm to franchise owners, is that of 20% on the MRP of the product, which is very low, but because of the turnover, you may expect a speedy return on investment.

Profiting quickly is not always the best corporate aim to pursue. In a franchise, your equity rises over time. If you want to sell your franchise, focusing on earnings may not be as gratifying as you believe.

A better measure of how soon and how much you’ll benefit is the net worth of your franchise in your market. With so many factors, it is impossible to predict when you will become successful after starting a franchise firm.

Keeping the aforementioned in mind, however, may help you have a better notion of when you will enter the green zone from the red zone.

mio amore franchise contact

Head office and address

North Kolkata, North 24 Parganas and Nadia

Toll Free Number : 1800-212-4030




9051608000 (Contact us between 10 A.M to 6 P.M on all days)


Mio amore is a well-known and popular ice cream brand in East India. This brand is the most popular in the retail bakery business. When it comes to franchising, personnel will assist you with everything from training to starting a business.

You may speak with the team directly for the most up-to-date franchise and fee structure. You may share this content with your friends or family members if you have any great information here.

Mio Amore, a well-known brand in the Bakery and Confectionery product area, has recently expanded to 300+ stores in Eastern India, namely West Bengal and Odisha.

The company provides items at a reasonable price, which is why people with moderate or average incomes choose to visit and purchase bakery products.

Kolkata and Odisha are the key target markets. In terms of numbers, Mio amore controls over 50 percent of the ice cream market and around 30 percent of the Odisha market. So it is quite profitable to start a mio amore franchise.