Mineral water plant cost | profit margin| How to start?

A mineral water plant setup in your area needs a lot of business attention, investment, and market research. Let’s see what is a mineral water plant cost to start a new business?

mineral water plant cost
mineral water plant cost

Well, every business needs.

Water is a basic need of any walking animal. Nowadays humans are becoming more hygienic or also we can say health conscious. People don’t want to drink regular water when they are outside of the house. They buy a mineral water bottle.

Due to unavailability of safe drinking water, demand for mineral water is high in indian market.

And that’s what we want to manufacture.

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Market research about mineral water plant business.

This is not a home-based business idea but young entrepreneurs can take this business opportunity to start a water plant.

Now let’s google it. RO Mineral water plant near me. Did you get some results? ok.
Note down business addresses and phone numbers in maharashtra.

Just dial will also give you business addresses and phone numbers.

This will give you some basic idea about your competitors. Visit the nearest water plant and ask them to give some business ideas about mineral water plant setup.

Your business connections will give you more business and wealth. So start connecting business groups in your area one by one.

When I was researching. I got few names like Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, Bailey, Himalayan mineral water, kingfisher mineral water, Manikchand mineral water and so on.

Do you know? These are the top 10 mineral water companies cover more than half of the market share in the mineral water industry.

Let’s stick to the article. Market research is the main important thing in each and every business. You should know about your competitors and opportunities.

If you start this mineral water business in your area, you also can be in the top 10 list within a few years.

Now we have got information about your local competitors. We can take franchise also from these top 10 companies like bisleri or kinley. I will tell you in the next article about how to take franchise of bisleri, kinley or bailey.

If you want to build your own brand then you have to build the business from scratch. Don’t worry, I will help you with this.

Mineral water plant cost – 6.5 lac to 15 lac rs.

Cost of mineral water plant may vary and depends upon the capacity of mineral water plants.

Let’s check few points

What is the cost of mineral water plant?

  • Transportation cost
  • Production capacity of small mineral water plant
  • Property rent
  • Types of regular water, which we have to purify.
  • Packaging costs such as bottles, jar etc.

you need to decide your business plan according to your investment strategy.

ParticularsQuantityprice in lakh
RO-plant 2000ltr13.50
Alum Treatment Tanks20.70
Chlorination Tank (STEEL)10.50
Sand Filter & Carbon Filter1-10.90
UV Disinfectant System10.25
Raw water tank10.30
Purified water tank10.30
Pumping motors20.40
Bottling Machine Automatic16
Lab Equipment11
Miscellaneous Tools1
Mineral water plant cost estimation chart

A mineral water plant cost is estimated to be about 15 lakhs rupees. Mineral water plant price could be different. small scale mineral water plant price is about 6.5 lakh.

Here is some important points which I had note down. let’s see

  • Working capital part month
  • Salary for your employees.
  • Target of your production capacity.
  • Other expenses in raw material.

There is a difference between mineral water plant and bottle water plant.

In simple words bottled water doesn’t contain any minerals and mineral water plant contain minerals like sodium, magnesium calcium potassium.

In bottle water plant you will have to process bore- well water to reduce TDS.TDS means total dissolved solids with RO process means reverse osmosis process

In the water plant we use natural resources like spring water and mountain water.

Documents required for mineral water plant:

  • Small scale industries registration certificate.
  • ISI certification from bureau of Indian standard.
  • Pollution control certificate from local pollution board office.
  • Feed water test from laboratory.
  • Pest control certificate for small scale mineral water plant business.
  • AOA and MOA of the business.

List of machinery required for mineral water plant business setup.

there are lots of semi automatic and automatic machineries available in the market.

but I have suggested few of them which will be important and useful for your small scale mineral water plant business.

It could be fit in your budget also then let’s see which they are.

  • Storage tanks
  • treatment tanks
  • Bottle wrapping machine
  • Water filling machine
  • Sand filter
  • activated carbon filter
  • Micron filter
  • chlorination tank
  • Ozone generator
  • Electronic dozer for alum chlorine.
  • Ultraviolet disinfection system.
  • Water sterilizer and dispenser.

Area and location needed for water plant.

How much area should be required for a water plant? what do you think? I think it couldn’t fit in the 100sq.feet area.

You will need at least 1,000 square feet area to install your water plant business perfectly. You also have to keep in mind your cost of mineral water plant while determining area.

you will have to make sure that your business location should have enough source of supply and energy supply.

Your business location is also easily accessible to the targeted market.

These are the two important things for choosing your area for mineral water plant business in India.

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5 simple steps involved in mineral water plant business.

Mineral water plant business idea

Identification of the source of water:– You will need a regular water to purify in your mineral water plant business. You can get this water supply from natural resources, municipal supply or from borewell water.

Store your water: you will need a pumping system or tank to store your source of water. You also can use a submersible pump in case of bore well water.

Water treatment system: in the water treatment system in your mental landfills match we will have to go through some processes like chlorine dosing system, water softening, RO process, UV sterilization and ozone disinfection.

Testing of water: now we need to test our purified water in the laboratory. Here we tested water in microbiological and in chemical parameters.
Storage of water: In the storage of purified water, we need automatic packaging and sealing machine to store our purified water.

How to start mineral water plant? – 6 simple processes

Purification process of water
Purification process of water

In above chart, there are 6 types of processes occured in mineral water plant setup.

Mineral water plant process:

1)Coagulation process of water: we will have to remove impurities from the water. but how is it possible?

That’s why we will have to add Alum chemical in water to remove impurities.

Water is allowed to settle for one hour after this coagulation process.

Because experts say, this alum chemical process produces negative charges which stick to the positive charges and makes large particles which can be removed easily.

Got the point? Ok!

2) RO process: what is RO process? It means the reverse osmosis process. If we wants to remove water impurities like salt from water this RO process helps us to reduce impurities.

The cost of ro mineral water plant is about 1.25 lakh rupees.

3) chlorination of water: now we will have to kill bacteria and other micro – organisms. then what will we do? chlorination of water kills bacteria with the help of bubbling chlorine gas in water tanks.

4) sand filtration: now this chlorine water is passed through sand filtration to remove undissolved impurities.

5) carbon filtration and de-chlorification: after the sand filtration water passes through carbon filter. this process also changes the water and colour of the water.

6) packaging and bottling: now purified water comes here for packaging and bottling. You will have to install an automatic packaging machine in this place. this is a last step in mineral water plant process.

Production capacity and profit margin in small mineral water plant business.

Production capacity can be vary with your investment strategy.

You can start small mineral water plant with a small scale industry where your production capacity may be low.

But don’t hesitate to start small because you have to grow big.

If you will work with two shifts. Production capacity in water plants will grow automatically.

Profit margin calculation.

Now let’s consider we are calculating yearly turnover.

If our daily production is 6,000 bottles it means hour yearly production will be 6000×365=2190000 bottles.

Now let’s calculate number of crate. 1 crate is equal to 12 bottles. It means 2190000÷12=182500 crate.

And we are offering 80rs per crate. Then our total turnover of the water plant business will be 182500×80=14600000rs.

Let’s consider we are making profit of 1rs per bottle excluding all our expenses. Then how much gonna we make annually.

It would be around 2190000 rs annually. Your gross profit margin would be around this number. Now you can check the cost of mineral water plant and profit margin difference.

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How to start wholesale of your mineral water bottle business?

Fear the marketing strategy is very important thing because we have done a lots of thing by the way now we have to sell our mineral water bottles to the retailer and wholesaler in our local area or out of the city also.

That’s why you will have to start your branding strategy. You will have to do some advertisement in your local area.

You can start your advertisements through your local channels, newspaper advertisement, posters and banners in your local area.

Supermarkets retailer hotels and restaurants will also take your mineral water bottles.

That’s why you will have to go to one by one each and every person who can take your mineral water bottles.

Now to increase your selling of mineral water bottles you can also offer a credit system to your retailer, who can get leverage for the business to sell your mineral water bottle.

This article will give you some point of view to start the water treatment plant in your area.

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