Jiomart franchise is a grocery/Kirana stores that supply materials to consumers who buy online through the Jio Mart app or website. In this post we are going to see, How you can get into jiomart distributorship business? Jiomart franchise cost,

Recently, Reliance Jio developed its own e-commerce platform to compete with e-commerce companies such as Amazon Flipkart, Big Baskets, and Growers.

Yes, we are referring to Jio Mart. People in the country may now utilize Jio Mart, as well as other e-commerce websites and applications, to purchase items from the comfort of their own homes. Aside from that, if you want to join and provide this service to others, you may register as a Jio Mart distributor and earn a lot of money.

jiomart franchise
Jiomart franchise

Jiomart franchise business opportunity

JioMart is now popular. Jio sparked a boom with its cellular service, and now it’s time for Jio Mart to make history by heating up the online grocery industry. With the introduction of JioMart, Jio intends to reshape the retail market’s future.

Currently, the Jio Mart service is only accessible in three markets: Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, and Thane, but it will be expanded shortly. If you neglect to register for this new food market, you may do it on JioMart.

If you want to become a JioMart distributor, you should read the entire post.

Unfortunately, due to the great demand for the Jio Mart franchise, numerous bogus websites with Jio Mart in their names have sprung up. These bogus websites mislead individuals into thinking they can supply the Jio Mart franchise in exchange for a fee.

People that make the payment in desperation or inadvertently are cheated. As such incidents become more common, the corporation has issued public warnings through media announcements.

Every Indian is familiar with the terms Jio Mart, Jio, Reliance Retail, and Reliance. People are not only familiar with the company’s name, but they have also witnessed how Reliance and its subsidiaries have created value for its customers and shareholders.

As a result, anytime a chance to work with Reliance or any of its group firms arises, people jump at it. As a result, it is not surprising that, following the introduction of Reliance Jio Mart, individuals are eager to acquire the Jio Mart franchise or become its distributor.

Reliance Jio is one of the most well-known companies in the world, and you may conduct business with JioMart to earn a solid living while also receiving additional perks. Kirana store registration on Jio Mart is now unavailable, however, if you still want to attempt, follow the procedures in the section below.

However, Jio is providing up to 3,000 in discounts when you pre-register for JioMart. Jio’s online grocery shop currently has 50,000 goods because it is in the experimental stage.

JioMart will break all records, and this is an excellent opportunity to expand your business with JioMart. Before you can become a Jio Mart distributor, you should learn a few things about it.

Documents required for Jiomart franchise distributorship

  • For identification purposes, a passport-sized photograph is required.
  • Copy of voter ID or Aadhaar card for identification
  • Address verification documentation
  • Your shop’s or firm’s certificate
  • His business card
  • Certificate of GST

Jiomart franchise distributorship

If you want to conduct business with Jio Mart, you should read the above-mentioned things carefully. JioMart Distributorship is not currently accessible, however if you still want to attempt, follow these instructions carefully:

How to get jiomart franchise?

  • To begin, go to the Jio website and fill out the form by clicking here.
  • Simply click the “I am interested” button now.
  • Here, Enter your Name, Company Name, Email, Address, City, Zip Code, and Phone Number.
  • After you’ve verified the captcha, click the “Submit” button.
  • You will receive the following confirmation message: “Your lead was successfully generated.”

RIL provides an O2O (online-to-offline) marketplace for local merchants and kiranas through JioMart, where local vendors and tiny Kirana stores may take orders over WhatsApp and have them delivered to clients within 24 hours.

Currently, Reliance Retail stores distribute JioMart orders, but the company is developing a hybrid strategy in which its retail outlets, as well as local Kirana stores, will be integrated for order fulfillment for faster delivery.

The JioMart also functions as a standard e-commerce website, in which a user puts an online order via the website or app, and the goods are delivered within a given time frame.

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Why to take Jio mart distributorship?

JioMart, Reliance Retail Limited’s online shopping platform, was launched in more than 200 cities and towns throughout India in 2020.

JioMart is a multicategory online shopping platform that, to begin with, offers a large choice of Groceries and Daily Wear Fashion.
The platform allows customers to purchase from the comfort of their own homes, with the promise of big savings, free home delivery, and no minimum order value.

Customers are prioritized in the design of the JioMart app and website, which provides a straightforward and intuitive ordering experience.

Customers may make payments online using a variety of convenient payment methods such as Debit cards, Credit cards, Net Banking, Loyalty points, e-wallets, COD, and so on.

JioMart’s grocery selection includes fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, snacks, drinks, home & household needs, beauty & hygiene, and baby care.

It ensures high-quality goods while also attempting to guarantee that food reaches consumers’ tables with the least amount of delay feasible. Customers may now purchase clothes from the company.

There is a strong emphasis on on-time delivery, ensuring that the Logistics partners get the order to the clients on time.

JioMart maintains Reliance Retail’s strong customer-centric strategy, constantly upgrading services to keep consumers satisfied.

Jio Mart franchise cost

Jiomart franchise cost

  • Security Deposit: Rs. 10 Lakhs
  • Cost of storage/godown: Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
  • The cost of the shop is Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • Additional Fees:1.5 lakh rupees
  • Stock Purchase for the First Time: Rs. 7 Lakh
  • The total final Jio mart franchise investment will be in the range of 20-25 lakhs.

Jio Mart is an e-commerce platform where the merchant registers himself to promote items. However, when a buyer places an order, the vendor must pay certain costs. However, there may or may not be a Jio Mart Franchise fee at this time.

How can I start a Jio Mart franchise?

Make sure you have enough funds.

If you wish to obtain a Jio Mart Franchise for your retail company, you should first register as a Kirana/Vendor on the Jio Mart Portal.

Consider the investment necessary for a franchised online grocery delivery service.

If you’ve finally decided to become a Jio Mart Seller, it’s time to meet all of the dealership requirements. To become a distributor, you must have all of the documentation required for registration with Jio Mart.

Examine your previous experience and skills.

Before seeking to become a Jio Mart franchise owner, you should carefully consider your previous business experience.

Examine market availability.

Before starting with the franchising application, you should check the market availability for Jio Mart franchises to determine whether there are any open markets in your area of interest.

Submit your application form

The Jio Mart franchise team will assess your application. Upon acceptance of your online application, you will be emailed a confirmation receipt, along with the franchise owner’s contact information.
Obtain clearance and start your Jio Mart business.

Once your financial and background checks are completed, you will be granted franchise clearance. Only candidates who satisfy all of the requirements of franchise owners will be approved.

Now, let’s go through what you should watch out for if you want to do business with JioMart.

  • You are in the distribution industry with a well-known brand, and you should maintain such commitments in the future.
  • To conduct business with JIO, you must have the essential infrastructure.
  • The interested business must have the requisite infrastructure and financial resources.
  • The distributor must have the necessary market equity and maintain solid relationships with other merchants.
  • The staff will visit you to authorize you as a distributor. Check that you can meet all of the company’s standards and terms and conditions.

Without a doubt, JioMart will soon give Amazon, Flipkart, Bigmart, and BigBasket tough competition. Despite its late debut into the telecom business, Jio has recently taken the lead in this area. Despite this, market analysts predict JioMart will have a significant influence on the existing online grocery sector in the near future.

At the same time, if you want to become a JioMart franchise, you need to follow the procedures so that you may simply become a part of this extremely large company in India.

Reliance Industries has sold almost a third of its interest in Jio and intends to be debt-free by March 2021. Jio has raised around $20 billion in thirteen transactions.

JIO has been valued at around UD$60 billion as a result of these transactions. JIO’s worth might reach $100 billion in the future years.

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Business model of Jiomart franchise

The business concept of Jio Mart franchise is differs from that of other online and physical merchants. Other shops use the business-to-customer (B2C) concept.

JioMart’s business concept is online to offline (O2O), which means that online orders will be fulfilled via offline retailers. In China, Jack Ma’s Alibaba operates on a similar strategy.

Offline stores for Jio Mart are either neighbourhood Kirana stores or reliance retail outlets. In this case, a logical question arises: why should we order through JioMart when we can order straight from Kirana shop?

The answer to this question is found in the benefits that a consumer receives while purchasing from Jio Mart. These are as follows:


Local merchants provide dependable supplies and fresh fruit.
Jio Mart offers a diverse selection of over 50000 goods. As a result, a consumer has a wide range of items from which to pick.

  • Excellent value and reasonable rates
  • While ordering, the site is simple to use.
  • Home delivery is free.
  • There is a no-questions-asked return policy.
  • There is an option for expedited delivery.
  • There is currently no minimum order value. This manner, if a consumer just needs a few items, it may place an order for them.
  • Discount vouchers are available at the time of registration.
  • There is also the option of purchasing items offline.
  • At the moment, JioMart is giving a minimum discount of 5% off the MRP. As a result, customers benefit from cost savings.

Jio Mart’s franchising concept is out of the ordinary. One of the most noticeable distinctions between a standard franchise and a Jio Mart Franchise is that the suppliers, such as food stores, will have their name on the store.

The Kirana stores that have partnered with Jio Mart will not carry the Jio Mart Franchise board. In most other ways, the local shop will operate similarly to a Jio Mart franchise.

Before we go any further, let us first grasp the benefits of becoming a Jio Mart franchisee.

  • Jio Mart, unlike Amazon and Flipkart, does not compete with local retailers. Jio Mart’s franchising concept functions as an aggregator and supplier to Kirana stores.
  • The most notable benefit of being a Jio Mart franchisee or partnering with it is that the Kirana stores receive help and incentives to compete with Amazon and supermarkets like as D’Mart.
  • Kirana shops are digitally empowered under the Jio Mart Franchise concept. Customers may now place orders online, allowing Kirana outlets to make up for lost sales.
  • Kirana shops, as Jio Mart Franchise, engage with consumers via multipurpose point of sale (POS) software. This POS provides Jio Mart with stock and daily status information, as well as aids in the planning of the execution of online orders received.
  • Jio Mart Franchise grocery shops do not have to worry about a limited product variety, limited space, or delivery issues. As the firm will handle such matters.

Jiomart franchise distributorship

While expanding its organised retail platform, Reliance Retail is trying to combine producers/manufacturers, supply chain, small merchants, and consumers into a unified digital ecosystem that will benefit all aspects of the retail chain.

Reliance Retail has made significant investments over the years in creating its end-to-end value chain, which is backwardly integrated for fresh goods, allowing product quality, supply security, and sourcing economies. As a consequence, they have formed win-win agreements with their producers.

It means, getting Jiomart franchise distributorship is good business plan for you.

Jio mart franchise contact number

RCP (TC 23 ), Phase 4 B-Block ,
Thane-Belapur Road,
Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai , 400701

WHATSAPP number – 70003 70003

contact number- 1800 890 1222

Reliance’s strategy to boost Jiomart distributorship business model

RIL grew its operations through smart collaborations with retailers around the country using its JioMart platform. By the end of fiscal year 2021, the digital commerce and merchant partnerships industry accounted for almost 10% of revenues, up from practically zero the previous year.

Jio mart franchise supply chain companies

Reliance Retail made a number of acquisitions to boost its supply chain, technology, and product portfolio capabilities. Here are a few examples:


With an investment of INR 620 crore, Netmeds will strengthen the company’s capacity to deliver health care products and services at the best possible pricing and quality, while also expanding its digital commerce strategy to encompass everyday necessities.

Hamleys –

This British toy shop was bought in an all-cash deal for around INR 620 crore. With its network of 167 outlets in 18 countries, this purchase will provide the firm with a global reach.

Urban Ladder –

The acquisition of this online home décor firm for INR 182.12 crore would broaden the bouquet of consumer product offerings while enhancing customer interaction and services across its retail operations.
Zivame – By acquiring a 15% interest, it will widen its client base, which is primarily female, with 30+ retail outlets and a presence in over 800 partner stores around the country.

Future Group-

Acquiring the Retail & Wholesale Business and the Logistics & Warehousing Business from the Future Group for a lump sum aggregate value of INR 24,713 crore creates a great strategic fit with Reliance Retail, increasing small merchant competitiveness.

Just Dial –

With the acquisition of a controlling share for INR 5710 crores, Just Dial will assist to improve the digital ecosystem for merchant partners by using its current database of 30.4 million listings and consumer traffic of 129.1 million quarterly unique users (as on 31 Mar 2021)


The acquisition of a controlling interest for INR 295 crores would assist offline merchants increase sales by directly selling through its offline locations, as well as connect them with Amazon India and Flipkart.


Reliance Retail is the master franchisee for forty-five worldwide brand names. Burberry, Canali, Diesel, Gas, Boss, Jimmy Choo, Marks & Spencer, Steve Madden, and Tiffany & Co. are among the brands represented. These are some of the well-known foreign brands represented in India by Reliance Retail.

JioMart Franchise is a very successful business since it is one of the top ten eCommerce franchises with a sizable buyer base, and it is also affiliated with one of the most popular social networks, Whatsapp. Because of this affiliation and other factors, the JIOMart franchise can assist in generating a decent revenue.

If we look closely, we can see that Reliance Retail has a presence in practically every facet of the retail sector. This corporation is present everywhere, from the low-cost mass market to the ultra-luxurious premium brands.

The only thing lacking from their concept was an internet sale. Even that was filled with the introduction of Jio Mart.

Due to increased smartphone usage, customer awareness, and disposable money, India’s online grocery sector has been steadily growing in recent years. JioMart is gaining pace not only in tech-savvy Tier -1 cities, but also across regions, with Tier II and Tier III cities accounting for more over half of all orders.

Furthermore, a large portion of India’s population works, preferring online food buying to conventional shopping that requires waiting in line, resulting in a thriving e-commerce business.

Furthermore, there are benefits connected with the country’s online grocery industry, such as a wide choice of items, cost advantages, and delivery at home with only a few clicks from their device, which are fueling its expansion.

JioMart is driving Reliance Industries’ digital transformation, alongside platforms such as JioMeet, JioHaptik, JioPOSlite, JioGames, JioUPI, and JioHealthHub, which were important facilitators of work from home, study from home, healthcare from home, and purchase from home during in the COVID-19 crisis.