Jawa dealership cost |how to get| application, profit, and contact details.

For young entrepreneurs, opening a thriving bike dealership is a valuable business opportunity. Jawa dealership business is profitable bike dealership business nowdays. In this article we are going to know about jawa dealership cost and how to get one?

Let’s see full detailed guide about jawa dealership cost, how to get jawa dealership? what is a application form process. jawa dealership profit and contact details.

jawa dealership cost
what is a jawa dealership cost?

There are many successful motorcycle dealers not just in big cities, but also in small towns and rural areas. And, without a doubt, this is motivating.

Choosing the correct brand and regional marketing, on the other hand, are critical in this industry.

You may make a lot of money in this business if you build the correct company concept.

Opening a motorbike dealership is unquestionably a cash-intensive venture. Because the unit price is so expensive, you’ll need a lot of cash to start this firm.

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Overview: Jawa company

JAWA (pronounced [java] in Czech) is a Czech motorcycle and moped manufacturer founded in 1929 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, by Frantiek Janeek.

Who purchased Wanderer’s motorcycle section. By combining the initial initials of Janeek and Wanderer, the name JAWA was born.

JAWA was formerly one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers, notably in the 1950s, and its 350 models were sold to over 120 nations.

The 350 Pérák was the most well-known model, followed by the 350 Californians in the 1970s.

From Californian beaches to New Zealand, it emerged in the traditional black and red colour scheme.

After 1990, there was a considerable drop in output.

Jawa motorcycle in India.

Ideal Jawa India Ltd, situated in Mysore, was an Indian motorcycle manufacturer that began producing licensed Jawa bikes in 1960 under the brand name Jawa and continued under the name Yezdi until 1973.

You can also call Mahindra jawa dealership in India.

In 1996, the firm ceased operations. To this day, Jawa motorbikes have a cult following.

The CZ Jawa insignia was on the side of the gasoline tank on earlier versions, which were made in Czechoslovakia.

The Jawa insignia was always surrounded by an O on the locally produced variants.

Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles, particularly those with gasoline tank paddings and ignition systems on the tank, have become collector’s goods.

Mahindra & Mahindra inked a licensing agreement with Classic Legends Private Limited (CLPL) in October 2016 to launch motorcycles under the JAWA brand name in India and other East Asian nations.

Classic Legends released three motorbikes in India on November 15, 2018:

  1. the Jawa 300,
  2. Jawa 42,
  3. and Jawa Perak.

The 42 was modified in 2021, and a new model, the Jawa Forty-Two, was released at a lesser price. Pithampur is where they’re made.

The Jawa 300 is a modernized version of the company’s successful Jawa 250, while the Jawa 42 is a more urbanized version.

The Jawa Perak, on the other hand, It is a modified bobber motorbike that is an entirely different model.

The technical characteristics for the Jawa 300 and Jawa 42 are the same:

  1. 293 cc (20,4 kW),
  2. front disc, rear drum,
  3. single-channel ABS,
  4. fuel injection system,
  5. liquid-cooled engine with radiator,
  6. and kerb weight of 170 kg.

The vintage Jawa has more chrome, whilst the Jawa 42 has a more contemporary design to appeal to younger riders.

In Indian markets, it competes with Royal Enfield motorcycles. The engine of the Jawa Perak is 334 cc (22,3 kW).

The enthusiasm for new equipment among Indian clients surpassed all expectations.

Because the anticipated production capacity was insufficient, the production line was expanded to 30,000 motorbikes per year, and serial manufacturing had to be delayed.

In December 2018, JAWA Motorcycles (Classic Legends) opened its first dealership in Maharashtra’s Pune district.

They started the #ForeverHeroes campaign to aid the children of martyrs by auctioning off the first 13 motorbikes from their production batch.

This was a one-of-a-kind fundraising that helped Jawa generate Rs 1,49,25,000 from just 13 motorcycles.

The proceeds from the fundraiser auction will be utilised to pay for the education of children of the Indian Armed Forces dead.

Jawa 350/640 – two-stroke engine Style/Military/Retro and four-stroke engine Jawa 350 OHC is the current model supplied by the JAWA firm (2020). (meets the EURO IV standards).

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Why Jawa bike dealership is a profitable business?

Jawa Motorcycles sales – September 2020

Last month, the Royal Enfield competitor sold 2,121 units compared to 1,492 units sold in September 2019, a whopping 42.16 percent increase year over year.

This is a much-needed boost for the corporation, which saw revenue drop by 42.58 percent and 5.91 percent in July and August of 2020, respectively.

Jawa Motorcycles sold 4,043 units in the quarter that ended in September, compared to 3,921 units in the same time the previous year.

This is a 3.11-unit increase in growth. If it can assure a seamless delivery procedure for its motorbikes across the country, the firm is anticipated to maintain its September 2020 momentum into the Christmas season.

The models are unquestionably expensive. In addition, in our nation, only the Royal Enfield firm competes with Jawa bikes.

As a result, it draws a certain type of biker that prefers heavy-duty and high-value bikes.

A bike dealer’s total profitability is determined by a number of operational and marketing factors.

Location, local demographics, extra dealer facilities, and so on are some of the primary considerations.


It’s a historic brand that people from previous generations remember fondly.

Whether they’re middle-aged or young, everyone appreciates well-made throwback motorcycles that evoke the beauty of a simpler past.

Mahindra has clearly nailed the classic aesthetic, and the features, as well as the pricing, seem to be reasonable.

As a result, early sales will undoubtedly be strong.

Area requirement for jawa bike dealership business.

In this line of work, location is critical. You should choose a position with a large front window.

Make parking convenient for your customers. The insurance desk, selling counter, and accessories counter all require space in the showroom.

The provider will tell you how much space you need based on your business plan. In small cities and rural locations, however, a 3000 square foot space is sufficient to open a modest jawa motorbike dealership business.

Jawa dealership cost- 50 lakh to 1 cr.

how much is a Jawa dealership cost?

This may be the first question to which you seek an answer. In general, starting a firm of this nature necessitates a significant financial commitment.

To begin, you’ll need to reserve a large place in a desirable position. You’ll also need to organise the inventory.

These are the two most significant expenses. You’ll also have to cover the costs of utilities and employees.

You’ll require at least 50 lakhs to one crore in cash on hand, depending on the company style and region.

jawa  dealership cost
jawa dealership cost

After two years of successful operation, you can apply for a cash credit or overdraft facility to supplement your working capital.

We didn’t have any trouble finding detailed information on the cost of starting a Jawa bike dealership in India.

Furthermore, the organisation does not reveal the particular location and requirements.

Opening a high-value bike dealership, on the other hand, necessitates a significant initial expenditure.

You’ll need to put money into acquiring a space, interior design, merchandise, employees, and other areas. This all the expenses include in jawa dealership cost.

Aside from the this, You will have to invest 50 lakh to 1 cr for the Jawa bike dealership cost.

How to get jawa dealership?

Jawa dealership application process:

  • To begin, go to Official website and fill out the form. You will find a form to fill out here.
  • Name, email, cellphone number, PAN number, Aadhar number, Dealership information, and so on should be entered into the form.
  • Submit the registration button after accepting the terms and conditions. The corporate personnel will contact you as soon as they have verified the information.
  • You may also contact any of the current Jawa bike dealer locations to speak with business representatives directly.
How to get jawa dealership?
How to get jawa dealership?

Important facts:

Something I want to say before filling the application form for jawa bike dealership.

Before delving into the nuances of the Jawa brand, think about how prepared you are to deal with a car dealership.

The successful management of a vehicle dealership will play a significant role in deciding whether or not your enterprise succeeds.

Do you have any prior experience working with automobiles? Do you already own or manage any brand’s dealerships or service centers?

If you answered yes, you know what you’re doing and may go on to additional considerations.

If you have no prior experience, you should speak with someone who works in the industry to get a sense of what to expect.

If possible, speak with someone who has experience with Mahindra.

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Setup a jawa dealership store.

A Jawa motorcycle dealership showroom, in general, has a large front space for displaying the bikes. It also accounts for around half of the overall carpet area.

You’ll need to build up two or three distinct selling points. Set up the insurance and financial counters, as well. Finally, an accessories counter is required.

In any industry, the whole ambience is crucial. You will need to offer an air conditioner in the hot and humid weather.

Also, make sure there are comfy seats or seating configurations available. The showroom should be light and airy.

So pay attention to the flooring, the colour of the walls, and the lighting.

License and registration for jawa dealership business.

You must register your jawa bike dealership, just like any other business. Even the proprietorship option will suffice if the counter is tiny.

If you have great ideas and wish to raise money from others, you may start your company as a partnership and choose between a Pvt. Ltd. or an LLP.

After you’ve registered your jawa bike dealership, you’ll need to obtain a Trade License from the Town’s Municipal Corporation Authority.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to open one and apply for a GSTIN in order to pay your business’s taxes.

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Jawa dealership business promotion:

You must have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Aside from local newspaper advertising, you may consider local television advertising.

Bike Mela is a good option if you want to create a showroom in a rural location or a small town.

Another excellent idea is to distribute fliers in the community huts. Provide your customers with simple financing options.

In India, young, striving, and adventurous people are the primary purchasers of bikes. So, come up with a way to quickly attract them in order to make your motorbike store a huge success.

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Jawa bike dealership profit margin.

In India, Indian made bikes have a profit margin of 7%, whereas international brands such as Harley Davidson, Triumph, Yamaha, Ducati, and Kawasaki have a dealer margin of up to 10%.

This means Jawa dealership business profit margine is also 7 % in India. Because of parent organisation M & M company

Why motorcycle dealership is different from a car dealership?

In a nutshell, it’s m o n e y. The more the risk, the higher the reward. For example, suppose you sell a vehicle for $ 20,000.00.

Your profit would be $2,000.00 if you made a 10% profit. While a motorbike worth $10,000.00 would cost $1,000.00, the paperwork would remain the same.

Inventory and insurance should also be taken into account. Don’t forget about the seasons; vehicles sell all year, whereas bikes sell less when it’s pouring or really cold.

Contact details for Jawa bike dealership:

Address: 1st Floor,D1 Block,Plot No. 18/2,MIDC,Chinchwad,Pune , Maharastra, India


Do you manage enterprises in your city if you don’t have any expertise with auto dealerships? Do you have any expertise with real estate, people, paperwork, RTO work, finances, and so on?

If not, the very least you require is someone who is aware of the situation and whom you can entrust with its management.

Money, space, and labour will all be required. Money is the easiest of them to obtain. The OEM may also provide you with some advice on how much you’ll need.

Space is also doable, albeit finding good space might be difficult. Manpower—skilled salespeople, mechanics, and other professionals—will be the most difficult to find.

Manpower of high quality is difficult to come by. Where will you employ and how will you employ?

Consider going to the dealership if you have all of them. While it is hard to forecast how successful the brand will be at this time, I recommend that you analyse the firm yourself.

Is there a consumer base for your business? RE is a product that is comparable to RE. How many RE riders are there in the town?

How many individuals who are currently discussing the automobile will actually purchase it?

Most essential, do not make your business your exclusive source of income or put all of your resources in it (actually true for anything).

If things go wrong, you’ll need to have backup plans to keep you afloat, or at the very least make sure you have a place to stay and food to eat.

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