Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting has a unique brand and a complete set of cleaning methods, support systems, customer service standards, that will help you keep customers happy and your business thriving. here we are going to see Jan pro franchise, its cost and how to start this franchise?

This premium franchise brand offers the certifications, support, and training you need. You can also invest at your own pace and make it profitable.

Jan pro franchise

Jan-Pro was founded in 1991 by Jacques Lapointe, a Providence, Rhode Island resident. Jan-Pro started franchising in 1991, offering both single-unit and master franchises. It has grown to more than 10,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Jan-Pro franchisees can clean car dealerships, churches, banks, schools, churches, schools and offices. Jan-Pro’s “Cleaning Greener” campaign encourages cleaners to use less chemicals and clean better.

The two largest market segments in the cleaning industry are commercial and consumer cleaning. The consumer market is dominated by residential maid services as well as window cleaners and carpet cleaners.

The commercial market is dominated by janitorial services. These services often offer a wider range of services than maid service. It is a good idea to choose a specialty and to focus your efforts on the establishment of a company that can service that particular market.

However, it is possible to expect to be able serve multiple markets.

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Jan pro franchise cost

  • Initial Franchise Fee -$2,520 – $44,000
  • Initial Investment- $4,170 – $56,020
  • Minimum Net Worth – $1,000,000
  • Cash Requirement – $150,000
  • Veteran Incentives – 24-month interest-free financing for franchise fees up to $8.1K+
  • Royalty Fee- 10%
  • Ad Royalty Fee- 1%
  • Term of the Agreement – 10 years
  • Is franchise term renewable? – Yes

Before you jump in to the cleaning industry, it is important to have a 20/20 view. Despite the fact that technology has had an impact on cleaning services, they aren’t a high-tech sector. It is also not glamorous.

There will be times when you don’t get the respect you deserve as Rodney Dangerfield.

The advantage is that your business could be highly profitable and generate high income quickly. Most cleaning service businesses can be operated from home, either part-time or fully-time.

The industry’s flexibility makes it attractive to many people with different goals.

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Why to take Jan Pro franchise?

JAN-PRO is an excellent place to open a franchise for many reasons.

Industries that are resilient to the recession

  • A Model that Has been Proven
  • Initial capital outlay is low
  • Model of exceptional cash flow
  • There are some staff members to be aware of.
  • There will not be inventory or build out.
  • The structure of expenditure is simple.
  • There are many sources of income
  • There are endless possibilities for expansion
  • Unmatched training and assistance
  • Software is restricted to licensed users
  • A well-known brand across the country
  • Jan pro track records.
  • For 26 consecutive years, sales of $410 millions or more have increased across the entire system.
  • 14 countries, 41 states
  • 46,000 clients, 135 master franchisors, 8,000+ unit franchisors
  • Annual revenue of $19.5 Million
  • The regional offices have an average annual income of $205,000

Two weeks of training will be required before you can start your business. You will be paired with one of our field directors during the 4- to 6-week ramp-up phase.

Once your firm is up and running you will be visited regularly and given weekly calls if necessary. You will also have access to additional webinar training in operations, marketing, accounting, franchising, client sales, and marketing.

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Flexibility in Jan Pro Franchise Business

Jan-Pro Cleaning & Desinfecting allows you to not only earn and grow at your pace, but also allows you the freedom to work from your home. This cleaning franchise doesn’t require you to rent an office.

You can also design your own schedule based on your interests and needs. Because the business idea itself is simple, you can work remotely. You can improve your family’s lives and work remotely.

You must decide whether you want to open a commercial or domestic cleaning company.

Franchises in cleaning can offer immediate benefits because their brand is more well-known within the industry. You will be trained how to run your own cleaning business. There may also be national or regional advertising that focuses on the brand.

Franchises are a better way to start a business if you’re looking to provide commercial cleaning services. Businesses will evaluate both your reputation and the reputation of your company.

A solid reputation in the commercial cleaning industry will make it easier to attract clients and help you get your business up and running quickly.

Franchise agreements are quickly outweighed by the disadvantages of cleaning service owners, even in commercial cleaning.

You’ll probably spend less money when you own your cleaning business as an independent company. Independent cleaning firms are not subject to pre-established rules regarding the name, services, and methods they must offer.

You can do things your own way but you need to identify your market. Also, you will need to learn all you can about building and operating a profitable cleaning business, especially in commercial cleaning.

Many people rush to start a cleaning company without thinking through the important parts. A business plan is not necessary for cleaning companies, but it can help you to clarify your thoughts and avoid common mistakes.

According to research, entrepreneurs who create a business plan prior to starting a cleaning service or any other type of business are 2.5 times more likely than those who do not. Young entrepreneurs can also benefit from the time and effort required to create a business plan.

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Different types of cleaning businesses

House cleaning service

A residential cleaning company provides cleaning services at the client’s house.

Residential house service providers provide cleaning products, chemicals and equipment for these services, unless otherwise agreed to with the client.

Consider the following services as a residential cleaner:

Home upkeep: Cleaning chores

This type of cleaning company is commonly responsible for cleaning windows and dusting surfaces. Most of these tasks involve helping with home chores. These are basic maid services.

Every client has different needs, so these should be discussed before any service is started. Some customers only require a window cleaner while others may need a combination of cleaning services.

Costs for house cleaning and maintenance vary depending on where you live and how big your property is.

Clean up after move-ins or outs

Relocating is not something that anyone enjoys. It can be stressful and draining. There is still much to do in the home once everything has been removed.

Landlords often have to clean out their rental properties in order to welcome renters.

Potential customers and clients are searching for moving cleaning services that will help them reduce their load.

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Cleaning tasks that require extensive cleaning

For both your home and business, you can consider offering thorough cleaning services. This type of cleaning is commonly known as spring cleaning.

Deep cleaning includes emptying cupboards and pantries. You may also include wall, baseboards and fans. This cleaning is done to prevent cross-contamination and clean all areas of the home or business that are frequently used.

Deep house cleaning services are priced per hour or at a fixed rate depending on the needs of the client. These cleaning services can be included in both your residential and business cleaning services.

Clean up after a private party

Host a party is fun; cleaning up after it is not. Include event house cleaning in your cleaning company’s list of services.

Clean up after an event involves cleaning up all the trash and getting your house in tip-top condition.

You can either charge an hourly or flat fee for residential house cleaning services.

Green cleaning chores

Although we do not recommend that you follow all the latest trends in your business, eco-friendly cleaning services are something you should consider.

Potential customers and consumers are now more concerned than ever about chemicals in cleaning products and their effects on the environment.

This is especially important for household cleaning services as this is where most people spend their time.

According to a poll, 18% of respondents stated that they would spend up to 10% more on eco-friendly cleaning products.

Your potential clients and customers will appreciate your commitment to toxicity-free cleanliness. This will allow you to gain a substantial advantage over your competitors.

Parents who are concerned about their children’s exposure to toxic chemicals, people with asthma or other respiratory conditions, and anyone else who is aware that bleach inhalation is not a good idea, will love eco-friendly cleaning.

This can be a great advantage for your cleaning business.

You might consider green cleaning as a business strategy for cleaning all operations, or as an upgrade service that clients can select.

Businesses need cleaning services -Jan pro franchise

Commercial cleaning companies like Jan pro franchise offer services for cleaning businesses.

No matter what type of business you are in, it is important to keep your work environment and company clean.

Commercial cleaners are in high demand, regardless of whether they’re cleaning out an office building, hazardous trash cans, or window washing an 87-story building.

Contract pricing is often used for commercial cleaning projects, unlike home cleaning services which are typically billed per hour.

These are the four options available to you if you’re looking for a cleaning company.

  • Office cleaning duties in general
  • All of these activities start in offices.
  • It is important to keep them clean and available for daily operations.

Businesses will pay you to maintain their offices in order to impress customers and future clients, as well as to preserve property values.

General office cleaning contracts often include janitorial services such as vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows and carpets, cleaning up garbage, cleaning floors and dusting. All cleaning products and supplies will be required for these assignments.

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Funding for Jan pro franchise

Your own resources are available to you.

Take a detailed inventory. Most people are more wealthy than they realize. You can think of savings accounts, real property equity, retirement accounts and vehicles as examples.

You can either cash in your assets or use them to secure a loan. Also, examine your personal credit line. Many successful businesses have used credit cards.

Families and friends.

Once you have accumulated your resources, it is time to reach out to family and friends who believe in you. These agreements should be handled with care.

No matter how close you may be, you must present yourself professionally and put all details in writing. Also, make sure that the people you reach can afford to invest in you company.

Don’t ask your family or friends to lend money or invest for you money they can’t afford.


You might be able to find someone who is willing to help you with your endeavors using the “strength of numbers” approach.

You may choose someone who has financial resources and is willing to join you in your company. Another possibility is to find someone who has the money but not the desire to work.

You should have a formal partnership agreement that clearly outlines your roles and responsibilities.

Government programs

Use the many state and local initiatives that are available to assist small businesses. Start with the Small Business Administration of the United States. Next, explore other programs. Veteran, women, and minorities should explore funding options that are specifically tailored to help them start a business.

home based location

This arrangement is a good fit for cleaning services, which are one of today’s most popular business trends. Your customers are unlikely to visit you because all your work is done on their property. This is just one factor that can influence your decision to work remotely or in a professional setting.