Ice cream cone making business| Simple step by step process.

How to start an ice cream cone making business?

Ice-cream cone manufacturing business plan
Ice-cream cone manufacturing business plan

Do you want to start an ice cream cone manufacturing business? Here I have researched detailed info about the business.

There is a huge demand for ice cream cones in India and as well as abroad countries. Ice cream is served in cups with sticks, and cones also.

In the food processing industry, ice cream is a growing industry. Currently, an estimated market in India is almost 4000 crore and growing rapidly.

You can start this business opportunity in a rural as well as an urban market with production potential from small scale to large scale.

This is a low investment high-profit business idea. You can start this business from your home also. If you have enough space in your home to start.

You can manufacture ice cream cones in different forms and different flowers also. You can eat ice cream cones that’s why it is not a disposable product. There is an increasing demand for ice cream that’s why ultimately ice cream cone demand is also increasing.

When ice cream is served in a cup and you need to stick to eat up ice cream. Having paper cup also create a disposable problem but paper cups are disposable n nature that’s why they do not pollute the environment.

but serving in ice cream cones is also attractive because of different flavors and colors and they can be eaten up with ice cream.

Usually, when a customer buys ice cream with a stick and cups the contained flavor is already decided. But when you buy ice cream with a cone you can choose your favorite flavors to add to a cone. You can add all types of flavors you want to test.

You can take the crunchy feelings of different types of flavored ice cream cone with ice cream. Which is unable with the cups and sticks.

License needed for ice cream cone making business.

  • You will have to register your firm or company with your business name as a proprietorship or in the partnership
  • The license which is mandatory for any food item business is the food safety and standard authority of India it is also called as FSSI license.
  • You can register your business with an SSI unit.
  • Then you will have to apply for a GST registration number for your business.
  • You can also register your trademark with your brand name and logo.

Area required for Ice cream cone making business.

If you are starting your business model with low investment or in a low-scale manufacturing unit then you can start it from your home also.

But you will have to follow some government instructions like don’t allow pet animals and you cannot manufacture other products.

If you are starting a business from home you only need sufficient space to install machines and storage space to store raw material and final product.

If you want to start a business on a large scale with high investment from then you can start it from a commercial area.

Only make sure of electricity and water supply, labor is available sufficiently.

Types of ice cream cones

There are three types of ice cream cones available in the market. A sugar cone, wafer cone, and eagle cone.

You can make ice cream cones with different ingredients with different sweetness and also in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • sugar ice cream cone has their specialty like sweetness thicker in size, crunchier, smaller, darker in hue. It is also sturdier and finished with the top edge
  • Wafar cone is also known as a cake cone it is a regular cone, light, flat, and pointed bottom type of nature.
  • Waffle cones contain sugar as same as sugar cones. It is bigger in size and software with unfinished edges. This is coated usually with nuts and chocolates.

Raw material for your Ice cream cone making business
There are some raw material like corn flour, wheat flour, Tropica flour

Besides that, you also need some flavors, colors, baking soda, salt, sugar and chocolate, and all other ingredients which are needful to start cone l
making process.

Corn flour and wheat flour:
Corn flour and wheat flour both are mixed to use this mixture in cone making process.

Suggest also needed for adding sweetness in the mixture and improve baking quality of cone. Sometimes Tropica flour is needed in the various cone-making processes.

Baking powder is needed at last in a mixture to make the cone crunchy and crispy.

Now you will have to pour all the mixture into the ice cream cone manufacturing machine. The machine will produce cones automatically or semi-automatically

You will have to package your product with the best packaging system it can increase your product’s shelf life. The shelf life of the manufactured ice cream cone can be around 2 years if it is properly in sealed condition.

If we consider that you are starting this project on large scale then here I have mentioned the cost of the project.

  • Plant and machinery 2 lac
  • Land and building rent 50000 to 1 lac
  • Other assets
  • Working capital 2 lac
  • Raw material 15 lac
  • Salary 1 lac
  • Repair and maintenance 1 lac
  • TOI 22 lac

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Promotion of your business.
you can promote your business on social media platforms like Twitter Instagram Facebook and so on.

To generate targeted traffic towards your website, blog, or eCommerce website you can use B2B market like

These are a website where you can contact to the suppliers in your business industry. you can also sell your products online using and Flipkart also you can create your website to sell your product online.

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