How to start potato chips manufacturing business?

Start potato manufacturing business.
Start potato manufacturing business.

Do you want to start business with low investment. yeah, then there is a good business opportunity for you in food consumer industry.

This is potato chips manufacturing business idea you can start from your home also. students housewife and the people who love to work from home then they can start this home based business idea with a low capital investment and genuine profit margin and return.

Today many people wants a snacks like potato chips french fries Kurkure and lots of crispy foods they want to eat. People enjoy to eat snacks while in theatre while watching TV listening music and so on.

Potato chips healthy to eat its demand is increasing year by year because it is easily available and affordable to all types of consumers.

There are different types of taste and flavour of potato chips like salty, sweet, hot sauce, sour, light salted, red hot, ketchup.

Now here is the list of machines you will required for potato chips manufacturing business.

In today’s economy, you will find fully or semi-automated machines for a reasonable price. Any of them can even be taken with you. Such varieties are often less expensive than others. On a small scale, a computer may be purchased for Rs 35,000 or more. You will also need the following additional equipment:

Potato chips manufacturing machinery list
Potato chips manufacturing machinery list
  • Potato washing and peeling machine
  • Slicing machine for potato
  • Dewatering machine
  • Batch fryer
  • Spice coating machine
  • Sealing machine with gas
  • Working tools of stainless steel
  • Dispensers, weighing scale, and fillers.
  • Plastic trays.

Raw materials you will required for your manufacturing business.

Potato chips manufacturing raw material.
Potato chips manufacturing raw material

The major raw material you will need is a potato. And then comes oil, salt, packaging pouches etc.
You will have to select high quality potatoes for your chips manufacturing and to reduce the cost of potatoes you can buy it directly from farmers.

While transporting potatoes from farmers make sure it is properly packaged. while transportation it should not be harmed.

You can check the potatoes randomly by cutting them to ensure they are good in condition or bad. Then you can proceed to the factory.

Major raw material is potato they should be in good condition for slicing chips and manufacturing.
Edible oils to fry potato chips. You will have to use good oils for frying potato chips.
you also need flavours and spices to give potato chips better flavour and taste.
Salt is an essential gradient for your business it will give you salty taste. you can buy salt in bulk quantity to reduce your cost.
After that you can use packaging and sealing system to package your chips.

Potato chips manufacturing business area requirement:

You do not need to spend money on a set-up room if you already have one. You may begin on a small scale with an area of 500 to 800 square feet. That has access to running water and electricity.

Potato chips manufacturing business cost:

The total cost of getting started making potato chips at home will vary based on a number of factors. When starting a small company, you may need to spend somewhere between Rs80,000 and Rs1 lakh at the outset.

Although the initial investment in the project will be low, you may expect a substantial return from this venture. If you’re only looking to sell the chips in your neighbourhood or a few markets, you might just need to spend Rs 10,000 or less.

Potato chips manufacturing business profit margin.

Homemade potato chips company, like every other small scale business, promises far higher profit margins. And if there are several brands on the market, the demand for higher quality and innovative flavours is and on a regular basis.

A tiny 100 gramme packet costs between Rs 10 and Rs 15 in the industry. By spending Rs 1 lakh in raw material per month, you can comfortably earn an average profit of Rs30,000 to Rs40,000 every month. This means that, even in a small company, the profit margin has the potential to exceed 30%.

Now let’s start the manufacturing process.

Potato chips manufacturing business plant
Potato chips manufacturing business plant

Now in the first step of processing you will have to wash potatoes and peel it. To do such type of process potato is filled with the container and it is washed with continuous water supply. Then they goes on the roller to peel the outermost cover.

After peeling the outermost cover potatoes goes in the second step of processing of cutting in the slices.
With the help of cutting machine potato is sliced with different sizes and texture. You can also adjust the sizes of the slices while the cutting process.

In the third step of processing where the potato Slice will comes automatically in the hot edible oil to fry it.

In the fourth step of processing potato slice will come out from frying and the salt and flavours will be automatically added on the slices.

In the fifth stage of processing this final slices will be automatically package in the sealed condition. You can increase and decrease the weight of chips while the packaging process.

After that packaging in the packets they are stored in Big boxes and now it is ready to go in the wholesale market or towards your dealers.

You will have to create your dealers network to supply your potato chips in various local or urban area.

Registration and license required to start this potato chips manufacturing business.

Registration and license of potato chips manufacturing business
Registration and license of potato chips manufacturing business
  • Registration of firm: You have to register your as a one person company or as a proprietorship or in a partnership as a private limited company or limited liability partnership.
  • GST registration: you will have to register your GST number which is required for every business you want to do.
  • Trade licence: apply for trade licence which is required for to trade your products in various areas.
  • MSME/SSI registration: Apply for MSME/SSI registration like udyog Aadhaar registration will help you to get all subsidies from your government to help your business
  • FSSAI permit: You are starting a food business that’s why you will need a permit from food safety and standard authorisation of India.
  • Trade Mark: You can register your trademark logo for your business. Your business will recognise by your trademark and logo.
  • IEC code: if you want to transport your products abroad countries and then IEC code is must for your business.

If you want to start this business model with small scale investment then you can start it from your home also you do not need to buy any types of machineries to manufacture potato chips.

Potato chips manufacturing business from home:

  • you can start this process you will have to just purchased the potato salt and edible oils from the market.
  • In the first process you have to wash it with your hand clearly and remove the outermost cover of the potato.

Then you can slice it into pieces. And wash it again carefully.

  • Now you will have to fry it carefully make sure your oil have a good temperature because it can be over cooked.
  • and then you can add salt and your flavour test in chips now it is ready to package with sealed condition.

it will just take few steps to manufacture potato chips from your home it is that simple but you will have to do your marketing on your own also.

Potato chips business marketing strategy:

you can use your social media marketing platform to spread the word in your local area you can give advertise on Facebook Instagram and other platforms also.

share your product information in Telegram groups, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups to get an order online.

Where to sale your product?
There are B2B and b2c market available to establish your own brand. As earlier I mention you will have to create your dealers network to supply your products to retailers.

To establish your own dealer network you can post your profile on trade and this will help you to get your targeted customers to supply your product in their local area.

You can sell your food consumer products in supermarkets like D-Mart Reliance Mart Big Bazaar and so on.

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