Valet trash business is a very profitable venture to start. because nowadays, Citizens at all levels of the socioeconomic pyramid now expect garbage pickup to be simple. That’s why we are going to see how to start a valet trash business? in this article.

Unfortunately, municipal services are not always up to standard in terms of quality.

In many situations, private garbage disposal is a viable option. A valet garbage pickup business may be highly successful if you don’t mind getting your hands filthy.

How to start a valet trash business?
How to start a valet trash business?

What is a Valet trash service meaning

Valet trash is a garbage collection service in which a valet visits door to door to collect rubbish and transport it to dumpsters.

Valet garbage service is most commonly used in apartment complexes where residents can conveniently place their trash for collection.

How does valet trash business works?

How to start a valet trash business?

  • Residents are given branded garbage and recycling containers by valet trash service companies.
  • Residents set trash cans in front of their homes. In the evenings, four or five nights every week
  • Garbage and recyclables are collected from each resident’s doorstep by garbage valets.
  • Trash valets gathered garbage and recyclables and either disposed of them in a dumpster or removed them from the premises.

The essentials of valet garbage services are covered in those four areas. While there are usually minor differences depending on the supplier and property type, that overview covers the basics of the service.

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Valet trash business plan

How to start a valet trash business?

You provide each apartment tenant a garbage can with your company’s logo on it.
The trash container is used as a kitchen garbage can by the apartment residents.

When the trash can is full, the homeowner places it outside their door in the corridor between 6 and 8 p.m. with the tidal garbage bag inside.

At 8 p.m., the Service Valet arrives on the property.

  • The Service Valet begins servicing the garbage bags placed outside the entrances with the necessary equipment. (Equipment includes an over-the-shoulder valet bag, gloves, and a fluorescent vest, among other things)
  • The Service Valet begins picking up trash bags from the far end away from the community dumpster, filling their over-the-shoulder valet bag, and dumping of the rubbish into the community dumpsters.
  • They continue to pick up garbage bags until the entire site has been cleaned.
  • They shall note any valet trash infractions when serving the garbage and notify management by the next morning.
  • They provide the same service every night from Sunday through Thursday, beginning at 8 p.m. and ending no later than midnight (depending on the size of the apartment building).
  • They make sure that any loose garbage is collected up by the dumpsters once all of the trash bags have been serviced.

Of course, it’s easy to see why the majority of property management businesses prefer this service to others. It’s simple, quick, and can be completed with the utmost professionalism.

Residents will find it much easier to dispose of their regular garbage. Gone are the days when people had to carry their rubbish to the dumpsters.

It’s as simple as opening their apartment door and dumping their trash in the supplied trash can for them.
You may also volunteer to take the recycling down to the required on-site bins to assist promote a green effort if the neighborhood already does so.

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Rising demand of the business

How to start a valet trash business?

Valet garbage services have been increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, it’s become one of the most popular apartment amenities provided by property management firms.

It maintains their surroundings clean, and it makes their inhabitants happy because they don’t have to deal with rubbish every night.

In addition, a portion of the money charged for the service goes to the residential complex. This is what sets this facility apart from others in that, unlike a pool, gym, or volleyball court, it generates revenue and profits for its owners.

To give you an idea of why this service is so popular in the multifamily business, consider that the percentage of individuals who rent apartments in the United States is around 37%.

As a result, a sizable portion of the population is reliant on apartment rents, and those tenants will have waste to dispose of nightly.

Things to consider In trash service business

How to start a valet trash business?

  • LLC
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing Materials
  • Business Email Account
  • State/County Licensing (each municipality is different on this)

There are a few additional things you’ll need to buy along the road, such as an accounting system and marketing material, but most of the big ticket goods can wait until you sign your first contract.

As you can see, the prices aren’t as daunting as they appear. In fact, when you compare them to the costs of starting other sorts of businesses, you’ll discover that they’re pretty reasonable.

Your company should be ready to start once you’ve secured everything.

Is a valet trash business profitable?

Starting a valet garbage service may be lucrative on several levels.

On the financial side, it may be a reasonably inexpensive and effective approach to increase your earnings.

Furthermore, because it is virtually always in demand, it may offer numerous opportunities for your firm to flourish.

Being your own boss may be quite satisfying on a personal level. You’ll be able to set your own daily schedule while doing the parts of your career that you enjoy.

That is a dream come true for the vast majority of people.

Yes, with all of the duties, it may be difficult as times. However, when you develop your own procedures that work for you, you should be able to handle everything after a time.

Being a business owner will teach you a lot, if you think about it professionally. You should be able to confidently go forward in the corporate sector with experience in contracts, services, sales, and marketing.

Of course, how hard you work to attain this is a factor. The more time and effort you invest into your company, the more rewarding it will be in the end.

How to start a valet trash business?

Write a business plan

An important step is to write a company strategy. This is the point at which everything comes together.

Writing a valet trash business plan will need you to study your competition, estimate your expenditures, estimate your income, produce a SWOT Analysis, and provide you with guidance on where your firm should go.

A clear and enticing identity is essential for any successful organization. This catches the attention of clients and helps them choose you over other companies in the same sector.

Your business must have a distinct selling point or USP. You should perform the following to figure out your USP.

  • Examine your background and abilities.
  • Carry out market/competitor research.
  • Reduce the number of services you can provide.
  • Make a name for your company.
  • Create your unique selling proposition (USP) and describe what your firm will actually provide.

Will your firm, for example, just supply services to residential complexes? Will, you cast a wider net and look at student dorms or child-care facilities?

You can also opt to recycle only particular sorts of materials. Some businesses prefer to work with home garbage. Others can handle more difficult objects, such as technological equipment.

It’s all dependent on a mix of what the market in your region needs and what you believe would perform best for you.

It should be easy to advertise your services and start your marketing campaign when you’ve honed down on your brand and created a USP.

Consider your company strategy to be a roadmap for success. It forces you to address some tough questions about your company in order to ensure that it will succeed in your market.

As an extra benefit, if you ever need additional cash or a bank loan, you’ll be able to use this document to show investors. It will tell them whether or not you are a worthwhile investment.

valet trash business license

In this stage, you should complete all of the necessary formal papers so that your company may be recognized as a legal entity.

This entails creating an LLC or other appropriate corporate body, as well as registering your business (if needed).

To do so, go to your local county business office or check online to see what forms are required. If you go, you should be provided all of the information you need about your city’s rules that pertain to your business during this visit.

This stage also entails obtaining all of the essential business licenses under state law.

When it comes to taxes and other technicalities, each state or city has its own set of rules and regulations.

Some cities, for example, will only allow a certain number of garbage collectors to operate inside their borders.

You’ll also need to familiarise yourself with the applicable municipal regulations governing the recycling of hazardous and technological trash.

Again, the Secretary of State’s office or the local chamber of business can assist you in navigating the bureaucracy.

valet trash startup cost

To ensure that you seem professional and get off on the proper foot, I recommend starting with enough money to pay the expenditures stated above.

Depending on where you obtain such services, I recommend setting aside anywhere from $500 to $3,000 in your budget for expenditures.

When considering how to establish a valet garbage service, you’ll almost certainly run across the issue of beginning fees.

You’ll need to invest some money upfront, just like any other business, to purchase some of the goods you’ll need to get started.

What Is the Cost of Valet Trash Service?

First and foremost, depending on who you ask, the answer to this question will be extremely different.

Residents and building managers pay different amounts for valet garbage services. As a result, you could hear that it costs $8 per month or $35 per month.

While it is simple to offer a pricing range for valet garbage service, rates vary considerably depending on a variety of criteria.

There are four elements that influence the cost of valet garbage service for property managers.

Property type and size, special collection hours, frequency of service, and, in some circumstances, contract term are all factors to consider.

valet trash business income

Valet garbage services frequently serve as a hub for property management. Property managers may monetise their residents’ garbage, in addition to the other benefits it gives, like as a cleaner neighbourhood.

Residents are charged more than the contractual per-unit fee to make money.

Residents remark that valet garbage service costs about $30 per month on various message boards and leases.

They also issue fines to residents who do not use the service on a regular basis. In most cases, the fine is $25. Consider a 100-unit property with a monthly rental rate of $12 per unit.

  • The service costs $1,200 per month to the property management.
  • Residents must pay $25 per month for the service as part of their lease.
  • Residents pay a monthly fee of $2,500 to property management.
  • Property managers get $1,300 a month from the trash of their tenants.

A property manager with a 1,000-unit portfolio might make $13,000 a month from trash collection.

This amounts to more than $150,000 each year. Because of the financial impact it may have on property management, valet garbage has risen in popularity since it first appeared on the market in the previous decade.

How to raise funds for trash service business?

  • Request a loan from a buddy.
  • Request a loan from a family member.
  • Use Lendio, Prosper, or Lending Club as resources.
  • Loan from the Small Business Administration
  • Other inventive methods include garage sales.
  • Commerce (trade services for what you need)

Location for business

You’ll need to set up a contract with the proper landfill to take your garbage before you can start collecting trash and recycling from customers.

A landfill or dump will typically charge a waste collector by the tonne. You could wish to rent commercial space to temporarily keep garbage while you wait for it to be picked up.

There may be particular incentives in your region for recycling items like electronic waste and used motor oil, which may help you save money.

Marketing of your trash business.

When it comes to company, a smart marketing strategy may make all the difference. When done correctly, it may lead to ultimate success. Otherwise, it may have a negative impact on your business.

You don’t have to employ a professional marketing team to advertise your services, of course.

You can communicate the message you want the audience to see by doing the simplest things yourself.

Here are some simple marketing suggestions.

Walk-Ins — These are people who come to the office without making an appointment. Walking into the management office and speaking with someone in charge is one of the finest methods to advertise your company.

They are typically open to your information and will accept it. Try to set up a meeting with thee or follow up later.

Email marketing is another method of promoting your business. When someone visits your site, you may display a pop-up asking for their email address so that they can get newsletters and special offers.

This is an excellent approach to add them to your contact list. In addition, you may put all of the business cards you gather in this list. To remain on top of things, send an email once a month.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective and simple marketing strategies available. To communicate with more people, you may create an account for your business on various sites.

This is the situation when it comes to building a Facebook business page, as well as a LinkedIn business page. When dealing with a property management about valet garbage, it offers you instant credibility.

According to statistics, Facebook is used by 56 percent of social media users on a daily basis. In addition, roughly 9% of users have Twitter accounts.

As a result, setting up an account on such platforms may be the most effective way to gain the attention that your company need.

It all comes down to knowing your demographic and using the proper marketing tactics to target certain folks.


You may focus on growth once you’ve established your valet garbage pickup business by obtaining serious, long-term clientele.

If things take off, you’ll almost certainly need to recruit people to help with the day-to-day bric-a-brac.

The keys to consistent profitability include entrusting your side business to the proper people and keeping a competitive advantage over would-be competitors.

A valet garbage pickup side company may be a resounding success with the appropriate customer demographics, a good business plan, and a little advertising.