How to make baby powder at home?

How do you make baby powder?

Everyone wants to care for their baby when they are little. They need more attention from the family and their parents that’s why many parents take care of children and babies’ schemes and the use of baby powder.

Baby powder manufacturing business
Baby powder manufacturing business

There is lots of demand increasing for baby powder also because as I already mentioned that in the talcum powder manufacturing business.

There is very low competition and it is also applicable for baby powder manufacturing business there are only a few joints who are exporting also their products to abroad countries and catches almost 50 to 60% market in India.

if you start your business basically from small scale to large scale then you can achieve your success within a year you will have to just focus on the quality of your product and advertising and marketing of your products all over India.

When you start your business on a larger scale then you must create a pic dealership network in your country because without your dealers you will not be able to supply every village and city in your country.

While taking care of the quality of your baby powder you will have to make sure your product is 100% genuine and will not damage people and will not cause disease and cancer.

Because there was a case of Johnson and Johnson baby powder they have paid 722 million dollars in a fine to a woman who has used Johnson baby powder Alma study care and she died because of cancer that’s why make sure your product is genuine and of high quality.

Here is a step-by-step process of how to make your own baby powder

  • you will need raw material for manufacturing your own baby powder. here is the list.
  • White kaolin clay
  • This is the mildest play and suitable for all types of people. It is most versatile and it makes a great base for a baby powder

Arrowroot powder– Arrowroot is a perfect natural substitute for cornstarch. The arrowroot plant’s root is used to make this white powder. While it has a similar feel and absorbency to cornstarch, it is never produced from GMO crops.

Essential oils: For this DIY Baby Powder, I prefer to use chamomile (Roman or German) and lavender essential oil. They are two of the few essential oils that are considered healthy for use with infants, as well as having excellent anti-inflammatory and calming properties when applied to the skin. Tip: do not use essential oils for babies before 3 months.

Dried herbs
It is also a good option for you to take out dried herbs in addition to essential oils. It has the best soothing properties and good for use on the skin of young babies.

Now here is the step by step process

  • Take 2 tablespoons of powder and 2 or 3 drops of essential oil.
  • Take a small bowl and combine all the ingredients and stir it carefully.
  • Take three drops of essential oils in a bowl and combine all of them carefully.
  • Wait for 1 hour 2 hours and feel it in the baby powder container and it is now ready to use.

How to use baby powder?

You will have to take a small section of the baby powder in your hand to apply to the baby’s body don’t directly through a powder on the baby’s skin because it can cause a baby to inhale and it is also irritating to the baby.

Registrations and license which is required for your own baby powder manufacturing business:

  • you will have to register your company with it means the register of companies if you are the owner or a sole owner then you can register as a one-person company or as a proprietorship
  • or if you want to start a business in partnership then you can n.a. register as a limited liability partnership or private limited partnership
  • You also need a trade license for your business to make sure to get it.
  • You can also register your trademark with your brand then no one can copy your brand logo and design elsewhere in their businesses. Your business will be known by your trademark all over India and all over the world also.
  • When you will start your business on a large scale where the production and the manufacturing quantity is huge then you can also decide to export your products in abroad countries that’s why you will need I covid export in other countries you are baby powder.

Where to sell your homemade baby powder products?

Everyone wants to care for his baby. We will have to go to the local market, visit your friends, your relatives and show them your baby powder product.

You will have to visit the nearby apartments and trade the words which will ultimately give you targeted customers for baby powder marketing.

you can sell your products on a business to business markets also like

You will have to just create a profile on this business to business markets where you will get targeted customers for your baby powder manufacturing, you can also create a dealer network within your region for abroad countries also

there is also next option where you can sell in the business to customer market which means you can sell on Snapdeal and Flipkart.

There you can sell your product directly to the customers online through this big giant platform it will increase your volume sales and your profit margins.

Also make sure to create attractive powder container which will give a customer of the feeling of safety and healthy powder for baby care.

You can promote your products also on social media platforms

  • where you can create a Facebook page about your baby powder manufacturing business where you can sell them with discount offers to your targeted customers on Telegram groups WhatsApp groups.
  • You can also put your advertisement on Instagram Twitter Facebook which will give you targeted customers and housewives needing baby care powder for your dear children.
  • Use Google my business location app to get your business online free where customers can find on a map that you are business and live at certain locations.

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