Easy Honey making process business and commercial honey production

Honey bee processing and farming business plans

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Do you know honey was considered the food of gods and the symbol of wealth and happiness?

Let’s see the intro of starting a honey bee farm or a honey farming process.

Honey bee processing and farming business plans
Honey bee processing and farming business plans

Introduction, scope, and importance of honey bee farming business plan.

Honey is a sticky syrupy material made by honeybees from flower nectar and used as a sweetener and distributed by humans.

Honey is made up of 17-20% sugar, 76-80% glucose, pollen, wax, and mineral salts, as well as pollen, wax, and mineral salts.

The nectar’s structure and colour are determined by the type of flower that provides it. Alfalfa and clover, for example, contain white honey, heather a reddish-brown colour, lavender an amber colour, and acacia and sainfoin a straw colour.

In Honey making process an average bee colony produces 60-100 lb of honey each year.

Honey making business is success only when honey is harvested from honey bees by raising and caring for them. They live in large colonies up to 100000. Any individual honey bee lives individually in its colonies.

Do you know hives are the artificial man-made structure to live honey bees individually? They store food and eggs there.

And apiary means where bees are kept. Removal of wax and other foreign material is involved in the honey processing method.

Let me tell you one thing, when you starting a honey bee farm you can get a subsidy for honey making business in India for commercial honey production. For more info go to the National bee board website.

Beekeeping is one of the oldest animal husbandry practises. Early beekeepers promoted the formation of bee colonies in bark, reed, grass, and mud cylinders. The colony, however, was killed when the honeycomb was stripped from the cylinders.

In the mid-1600s, honeybees were introduced to North America. While the continent had bees, they were not honeybees.

The bees’ preference for hollow logs was noticed by early settlers. To support the honeycombs, they created a “bee gum” by sticking sticks crosswise over the opening of the logs.

This required the comb to be separated from one end while still keeping the comb intact so the colony could use it again.

The honey processing business involves many advantages also. I will tell you the advantages and profit margin here.

Advantages of beekeeping and profit margin involved in the honey making process business.

  • Honey bee farming business plan requires less time, money, and infrastructure investment.
  • You can start honey making business and bee wax production from your small agricultural land.
  • Honey bees do not depend on and compete with any other agriculture enterprise. They only need flowers.
  • Honey bees help to pollinate flowering plants thus increasing the yield of certain crops like a sunflower.
  • Raw honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties which can boost your immune system

Thus we see many types of advantages of a honey bee processing. Now let’s take a look at how they generate a profit margin for us.

There are a variety of prices in the Indian market. honey prices depend on purity and impurity but generally Dabur honey and Patanjali honey are the most lovable and favorite products in the Indian market and also they have huge demand.

The average price cost is around 200 rupees of 500-gram honey and the approximate honey making business profit is 400 rupees for 1kg honey.

The commercial bee farming business is growing slowly year by year. India exports 700 crore rupees of honey in outside countries and this demand is increasing day by day.


You will need some tools and machinery for the commercial bee farming business. Here is the list of honey harvesting process.

  • Bee venom collector
  • Draining trays
  • Gravity clarifiers
  • Heating tank
  • Honey extractor
  • Hives gate
  • Honey filtering tanks
  • Iron hive tools of L shaped and curved
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Packaging machine
  • Queen gate
  • Pollen trap
  • Queen rearing kit
  • Smoker
  • Queen excluder
  • Ss hive tools of L shaped and curved
  • Beekeeping brushes
  • Storage tanks.

That’s all.

Our main part is how commercial honey production process occurs in the honey farming business.

Step by step guide for Commercial honey production process in honey bee farming business plan.

Let’s see The bee process of making honey.

Open apiary box
When starting a honey bee farm, you will need some equipment. You need to open an apiary box, where honey bees are kept. Open it and remove honey bees carefully with an electric blower, bee brush, or with a smoker.

Remove the honey from the hive frame
You will get a nice hive frame where all honey is accumulated by honey bees. Now cut the wax which is upper level on the hive and you will get nice honey.

Collect all honey in some utensil and also wax. Wax is also a necessary part to sell in the market. You will have to just process it.

Extraction of honey in commercial bee farming business
It means we have to extract honey from its hives. You must know different types of extraction of honey.

You will need a honey extractor machine which is generally operated manually or electrically. It works with centrifugal force to extract honey without destroying the honeycomb.

Straining extraction method
In this process, you will need a cloth to strain honey from it. You will get fresh honey in utensil and wax is separately collected with help of a cloth.

Bulk extraction method
It is also a simple process of honey extraction. Wanna know this. Let’s take a look in this honey farming process.

In the bulk process of honey extraction method, honey is collected in the sump tank which is heated at 45-50 degrees. Thus honey is collected through the sieves at the bottom and wax collected on the topmost task.

Pressing extraction method
This is a traditional method of process of honey extraction. Where the honey hives are pressed with a honey pressure tool and then you will need to do a strainer extraction method.

Isn’t that simple.
Now next method is

Water bath extraction method
In this process, semi-processed honey is getting heated at 45-50 degrees Celsius and then you will need to start the strainer extraction method. That’s all.

Now the last part in the honey harvesting process is the packaging.

Before packaging take a look at extracted honey. Is there any wax or scum floating on honey? If there is then you need to filter and remove it.

Now your product is ready to package. You can start packaging with an automatic bottle filling machine or manually. It complete all the steps of bee process of making honey after packaging

Processing and bottling in honey-making business.

To process honey you will have to pour it into tanks and you will have to heat it 120 Fahrenheit to melt out its crystals. then it should be held at the temperature for 24 hours.

This will help you to skim extraneous bee parts at the top.

Then you will have to flash rooted onion to 165 degrees where it is a map and then filtered through paper and then flashed cooled back down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit this is a very quick process. It could take your 7 sec approximately.

although there is also a disadvantage because in this process helpful properties might be removed from the honey.

Approximately 5% of honey is left unfiltered and it is merely strained. This honey is dark and cloudy and also there is a market for this processed honey.

Registration and license you will require for your honey farming business in India.

Register your honey farming business as a proprietorship for in a partnership like a private limited company or limited liability partnership

Every food business needs food safety and standard authority of India permit that’s why you also need to take this permit for honey farming process.

You can register your honey farming business identity as a trademark.

GST registration
You will have a GST number for your honey production business plan.

IEC code
If you want to expert your honey products in other countries then this registration helps you in exporting business.

Trade license
You will need to take a trade license from your local authorities for your honey farming process.

If you don’t have any idea of marketing then your business can literally fail. Let’s see how you can sell your honey online or in a retail store.

Cost of honey bee farming business.

It’s time to buy your bees now that you have your education and supplies. It is strongly advised that you purchase gentle stock bees from a respectable bee breeder.

You don’t want a bad swarm of bees to spoil your first attempt at beekeeping. This is why catching a swarm or cutting out a wild colony of bees is not a good way to get started beekeeping.

Package bees: There are normally 2-3 pounds of worker bees and a caged queen bee that have been shook into a screened box.

The packed bees are then shaken into your new hive and given sugar water to help them build up and settle down.

Package bees are infamous for flying away with the contents of your package, leaving you with an empty box. $140 to $175.

Nucleus Colony: This is a stable colony of bees in a half-width hive box, with a laying queen, 5 frames of drawn comb with brood in various stages, nectar, and pollen.

Since a nucleus colony is already formed, when the nucleus colony’s 5 frames are moved into your new full-size bee hive, they begin to build up rapidly and without missing a beat. $150 to $200

There are a few more items you’ll definitely want to buy down the line, such as more bee boxes and a honey extractor, but for now, the above is all you’ll need.

The estimated expense of starting a beekeeping business varies from $400 to $650.

How to sell honey bee farming business products?

Nicely packaging products look to attract and increase its sales also. Make sure always your product is nicely packaged with a bottle or another packaging system.

What is your market demand and supply of honey products?

This is necessary to focus on your market conditions. Go to the retailer, supermarket, big bazaar and tell them about your product. This is the first step.

You can sell your honey on Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart also. Just create an Amazon sellers account and start to sell your honey online with large customers on this type of business-to-customer platform.

How to promote on social media platforms?

Create a social media account like a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and promote your honey product. Add high-quality images and descriptions. Add your price and click on the sell button. That’s all.

You can promote on social media using its advertising tools. It will boost your sales and also create brand awareness.

When your business goes on a large scale and your honey production increases, you can create a dealership network.

With this network, you will be able to sell your honey bee farming business plan products in your country as well as in international markets.

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