Furniture manufacturing business idea.

How to start a furniture manufacturing business idea?

There is a huge demand for furniture in the market. Because of construction buildings, commercial offices, and domestic uses.

furniture manufacturing business idea.
furniture manufacturing business idea.

By recent statistics in India furniture market is expected to touch 62 billion dollars at the end of 2023. It is expected to grow at the rate of 14% in the residential market over the forecast period.

Do you know really why the retail market is booming nowadays.? It is because of smart gadgets and the high speed of the internet.

Almost all types of human beings are using smartphones and ultimately it is increasing in demand for any type of consumer product.

In India, there is a huge population in urban as well as a rural area. That’s why demand for housing furniture is growing rapidly. Majorly the demand is from Northern and Southern India.

Warehouses and supercenters compete with independent furniture stores (IBIS World).

These big-box stores have a lot of inventory and will sell a wide range of furniture, including tables, chairs, and other products.

These stores can give shoppers larger discounts than independent retailers because they can buy in such large quantities. This may be a problem for the furniture industry.

Furniture transactions are directly related to disposable income, which is expected to rise in 2019, boosting furniture sales (IBIS World).

If you have noticed one thing then you will get that India has wonderful and marvelous artistic woodwork and it is appreciated worldwide.

You can make furniture in different types and designs.

  • Sofa bed
  • Dining table
  • Living room furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Entryway furniture
  • Cupboard and so on.
  • Remember that designing furniture is the most important thing in the furniture manufacturing industry.

To design our interior space in a room or office furniture is a vital part of interior design.

To start the manufacturing process you should know what type of raw materials is used in the manufacturing process nowadays around you furniture is mostly made up of plywood, MDF boards, and lots of raw material is included in it.

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You will have to select suitable raw materials for room designing modular kitchens and interior designs.

Raw material: The main raw material you will need is wood. There are different types of wood also like hardwood, softwood, solid wood.

You also need metal, plastic, and glass for the manufacturing process of furniture.

Particleboard is very lightweight and very cheap as compared to plywood and MDF. it is also ready to use and has a pre-laminated coating also.

  • but particle boards also have its disadvantages like it cannot hold too much weight and it is low in durability.
  • MDF board or (medium density fiberboard)
  • The advantages of the MDF board are it is easy to cutting and fitting and very easily glued together. MDF board is less costly but you can create a better design on this type of board.

The disadvantages of the MDF board are it can crack easily and not good for health also while cutting and fitting. This board can soak water and less dense.

Plywood board
Plywood board can available in large sizes and strong enough for working and designing. It is helpful for interior and exterior designing of furniture.
It is flexible plywood, cheaper than solid wood, and durable raw material.

This is costly than particleboard and MDF board. longer sizes can bend easily. MR grade of plywood can easily be damaged by water. Address use which we use while plywood manufacturing is harmful to our health.

And it is also a time-consuming process.

Designing of furniture.
The design of furniture is the most important thing in the furniture industry. Multifunctional and space-saving furniture is trending in the modern furniture-making business.

Indian furniture work is marvelous. They use solid wood with an authentic look of curved arm set, inlay work in metal or ivory.

Investment and Area required for furniture manufacturing business.

This is a large-scale investment business idea you cannot start from your home because it required too much space for storing raw materials final and products and machinery.

you will have to invest almost 20 to 25 lakh rupees in this business if you invest a small amount then the financial crisis can I come earlier in this business because of the competition in the market.

You will need a 1000 to 2000 square foot area for the manufacturing business. You will have to manage electricity supply employee management, dust pollution and many more thing that’s why you will have to start this business from large space.

The machinery you will require for the furniture manufacturing business.

  • Panel saw Machine
  • Auto edge bander
  • Cold press
  • Multi boring
  • Roller press
  • CNC router
  • Vacuum membrane press
  • Spindle modular
  • Beam saw
  • Curvilinear edge bander
  • Post form
  • Rebato mold
  • Raised panel copy shaper
  • Drum sander
  • Chain n chisel mortizer

these are the machines you will require for your furniture manufacturing process the prices may be very country-by-country you can check on or any types of wholesaler suppliers in your country and region.

a step-by-step furniture manufacturing process.

Hewing and sawmilling
In this process, the woods are cut by the saw in different sizes and shapes. long straight Woods do not waste too much while cutting.

Kiln drying
to maintain the optimum level of temperature all types of numbers of different sizes are placed in the drawing process. it is a time-consuming process you will have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to dry lumbers

Splitting and cutting
Number circuit with the help of saw circles or machines with different sizes and shapes as a required of design.

Planning and drilling
To achieve a smooth surface on the wood planning process is taken place here and to drill to furniture with the help of drilling machines or motorized machines you can drill into furniture.

Sending process is done bi a manual to refine the furniture it is a time-consuming process also you can use a machine to refine furniture

Assembling and finishing
In the assembling section, the furniture part joined with a suitable structure and then they start to finish the furniture.

They use a metal mold which is carved into designing shape and structure. Sometimes plastic mold is also used.

How to sell your furniture to customers?

in this furniture manufacturing business, you are the wholesaler of furniture that’s why you will have to take a market survey and count how many furniture shops are available in your region.

Go to them and collect all the information’s which you need make a deal with them to sell your product two customers you can provide your material time by time to retailers and in their shops.

You can also sell your furniture products in the business to business markets like Alibaba trade India IndiaMART these websites will help you to get targeted customers through all your country and all over the world if you want to export the products you can

In the b2c markets it means business to customer markets there is also a huge demand for furniture you can sell your furniture on Amazon Snapdeal Flipkart.

Also you will have to create your website and with the brand to sell your products online through your website this will give you hundred percent profit margin from your customers online.

In order to open a furniture store, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy, but you’ll still need continuing marketing campaigns.

Putting goods on sale encourages buyers to buy more expensive items, but you must publicise the sale to get customers in the house.

Knowing how to use email marketing, social media, and even print marketing will save you money over recruiting a marketing specialist.

Promote your products on social media platforms.

You can promote on Facebook Instagram Twitter groups WhatsApp groups and spread the word about your business.

It will help you to get customers online through social media it will create also brand visibility in your region also you can advertise on social media like Facebook or Instagram because it will spread your word fastly within less time.

Business skills to open a furniture store:

To open and run a furniture shop, you don’t need a full business degree, but you do need business skills.

A furniture store owner must control inventory, determine adequate pricing, market the business, and more.

Although having prior business experience is advantageous, all of these skills can be learned through business lessons and with the assistance of a business tutor.

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