How to get an Exide battery dealership?

In this article we are going to see the procedure of how to get Exide battery dealership business in India or also abroad?

In today’s date, there is an increasing demand for lead-acid batteries. Due to the increasing presence in emerging battery technology Exide Batteries is the biggest supplier of lead-acid batteries.

Exide battery dealership business plan
Exide battery dealership business plan

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What is lead acid battery?

The negative electrode of a lead acid battery is formed of spongy or porous lead. To aid in the creation and dissolution of lead, it is porous. Lead oxide makes up the positive electrode. Both electrodes are submerged in a sulfuric acid and water electrolytic solution.

This battery can be used for Automotive and Transportation applications.

For more than six decades, Exide has been one of India’s most reliable brands. Exide Batteries is one of the largest suppliers of vehicle manufacturers based in Australia. And it will remain forefront in the industries of vehicle needs.

How to get a dealership of Exide batteries in India?

If you want to become a dealer of Exide Batteries. You will have to complete the account application and send them to your relevant Exide Batteries office in your area.

battery dealership form:

To become a authorized dealer of Exide batteries, You will have to contact regional manager in your area. You will have to fill the Exide battery dealership form manually.

If you are eligible to get dealership of Exide batteries, then they will contact you within a week.

Or also,

To register your interest in becoming an Exide Batteries dealer, You can call them on 1800 800 881 (Australia) or 0800 651 661 (New Zealand) and they will arrange a meeting with your local Exide Batteries representative.

Contact details of regional offices in India to get a dealership of Exide batteries.

NorthMr. Amitava Bagchi – Chief Operating Manager Exide industries Ltd, 8/42, Kriti Nagar Industrial area, Opp MDH spice factory, new Delhi-110015
Phone : 011- 49541600,

East– Mr. Kallol Bhattacharjee – Chief Operating Manager Exide industries Ltd, 6A Hatibagan Road, Entally, Kolkata – 700014
Phone: 033 – 22843137, 22861860/1890 Fax: 033 – 22446555

West– Mr. Manish Patole – Chief Operating Manager EXIDE HOUSE, Rahejas, 5th floor, 8 C Main Avenue, V.P. Road, Santacruz(west), Mumbai – 400054
Phone: 022 – 26465283/84 Fax: 022 – 26465042

South -Mr. Manoj Hazarika – Chief Operating Manager Exide industries Ltd No.8, 8A, 1st Floor, Venkatadri Building, Hosur Main Road, Garvebhavi Palaya, Bangalore – 560 068
Phone: 080-40810819,

Exide Battery Franchise Cost in India

  • Exide battery dealership cost -You will need investment approx Rs 15 to 20 Lac for start up the business. Rather than this, you will need 1-2 workers. I mean employee salaries, rent of the shop and other extra expenditure.
  • The startup Exid dealership Cost may vary. It also depends on the location and stores size.
  • Exide Battery Products Available
  • They offer all solutions about equipment selection, battery sizing, optimum room layout, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Exide dealership profit margin:

Generally, Exide battery dealership business will give you profit margin up to 15-30 %. And Distributor profit margin could be in the range of 5-20 %.

List Of Exide Battery Products

Automotive Battery: They provide two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and also three-wheelers automotive battery.

Inverter Batteries: tubular batteries, flat plate batteries.

Submarine Batteries: They provide Exide batteries in the Indian Navy with indigenous submarine batteries with the permission of expert scientists of the government of India.

Solar Batteries: solar system in industry, IT companies, energy & power project.

Genset Batteries: cutting-edge technology for Genset applications, also customization according to the specific need of the client.

Industrial Batteries: Railways, Telecommunications, Energy & Power projects, Tractor & Motive Power, Online/Offline UPS System, and Miner’s cap lamps, etc.

Home UPS Systems: lower KVA and higher KVA battery.

Is Exide Dealership Business Profitable in India?

Yes, it is a profitable business. You can earn 1-2 lac rupees monthly from the Exide dealership business. Exide Battery has grown continuously and evolved as a brand In the Indian market.

The Exide brand has earned a unique place in the global market. That’s why Exide Battery is a highly Booming business opportunity for entrepreneurs in India

To start a Dealership business mostly needs “a lot of cash” in hand. They will take payment from you the moment they ship you the batch of products.

The dealers selling these batteries to the customers will expect a 1–2 months credit period. The company also provides credit by looking at your business performance.

I have visited my nearest dealer to collect some information about this battery business. This battery dealership business gives you a 20-30 percent profit margin on each and every battery you sell to customers.

It means, If you sell 5 lac worth of rupees batteries in one month then your profit expectation would be around 1 lac rupees monthly.

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Let’s know more about Exide battery recycling facts.
Whenever you will start your Exide battery dealership business, you might collect old batteries. That’s why you should know about its recycling facts as follows.

Don’t let your used battery fall into the wrong hands (children).

Lead, a major component in all batteries. It can become hazardous and seriously can harm the environment so don’t let your used battery fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t smelt in open furnaces because scrap lead particles escape into the air. They infect workers, permeate the soil, and contaminate groundwater.

This lead particle can pollute all organic life-like vegetation, fish, meat, poultry, livestock, and human beings.

Even a slight contact to lead can cause kidney damage to you, Cerebro-muscular failure, a slowing down of the nervous system, abdominal discomfort, anemia, hypertension also.

How lead pollution takes place through unauthorized smelting processes from unauthorized smelters?

  • Lead particles can settle on the floor and can stick to clothes or swept into the dust
  • If lead is released in workplace atmosphere as dust or fumes, Its particles can be ingested with food and drink
  • Airborne particles settle on workmen’s skin/clothing
  • Lead particles being heavier when they enter soil and sub-soil.
  • Lead, inhaled by workmen and settles in the lungs.

Save your children and the planet from lead poisoning.
Handle used batteries with care.

As we all are responsible citizens, We can keep the planet and the generations to come free of lead poisoning.

Exide collects used batteries at regular intervals from their dealers and recycles them by smelters. It is authorized by the Ministry of Environment.

More words for consumers.
All you need to do is return your used battery to any of Exide battery authorized dealers. This will ensure that your used battery never pollutes the environment or endangers the health of your children.

Battery maintenance of Exide batteries.
As a part of training in your dealership business, You need to know about battery maintenance.

Acid: It involves periodic checking of the battery so that your car runs smoothly. Regularly acid checking is for longer hassle-free battery life.

Check Clamp: You will have to make sure that the battery is secured to the cradle and the cable clamps. And also make sure that lead wire contact is proper.

Avoid Grease: You will have to keep the battery top clean and dry. Apply either petroleum jelly or Vaseline to cable clamps and terminals for proper lubrication. Don’t apply grease instead of petroleum jelly.

Use Distilled Water: Use distilled water and maintain the level to the line that indicates, maximum. Never add acid.

Close Tightly: Keep the vent plugs closed tightly.

Check Vent: Make sure that the vent hose in the battery is not folded It should not be damaged by the exhaust system.

Check Regularly: Be sure to inspect your vehicle’s electrical system regularly, especially the regulator voltage setting.

Service Regularly: You will have to get your battery serviced regularly from your nearest authorized Exide dealer.

Vision and mission of company:

Vision: To become a Global Power House respected by customers and preferred by investors, known for innovative products and solutions.

Mission: To outperform at market exceeding expectations of customers and shareholders through the accelerated evolution of people, processes, and technologies in its journey towards excellence.

  • Some information about the board of directors and members of Exide Battery in India.
  • Board of directors
  • Mr. Bharat Dhiraj Lal shah-chairman & independent director
  • Mr. r.b. Raheja-vice chairman & non-executive director
  • Mr. g. Chatterjee-managing director & chief executive officer
  • Mr. Subir Chakraborty-deputy managing director
  • Mr. Arun Mittal-director – automotive
  • Mr. a.k. Mukherjee-director – finance & chief financial officer
  • Mr. Sudhir Chand-independent director
  • Ms. mona n. Desai-independent director
  • Mr. Surin Kapadia-independent director

Job openings in Exide industries:

There are career opportunities in Exide industries along with dealership opportunities. Either you can get Exide battery dealership in India or you can take a job for some time in Exide industries to understand the business.

click here to get job openings in Exide industries.

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