Ekart logistics franchise | Cost, profit| How to apply?

Ekart franchise service business opportunity is lucrative. many people wants to know how it works? how much is a flipkart franchise cost to start your courier business? how to get ekart franchise? ekart logistics franchise application process.

Let’s see step by step details in this guide.

Ekart logistics franchise
How to get Ekart logistics franchise?

A franchising programme is the finest option to contact clients when a firm wishes to extend its offerings.

India is a huge country, with a total of 19400 pin codes, according to the most recent statistics.

Without creating a franchise, Ekart will be unable to deliver to all of these pincodes.

As a result, every day, a new franchise partner joins the ekart delivery network, making this feasible.

Overview: Ekart logistics franchise

Flipkart Private Limited is an Indian company, as we all know about it. Which mainly deals in the sector of e-commerce.

But this thing is not known by everyone that this company was started in the year 2007, and it has a headquarters in the Bangalore city in Karnataka.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the two people behind the Flipkart giant. They founded the company.

Both of them were highly intellectual and pass-outs from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

You will be surprised knowing that, they were former employees of Amazon. In the beginning years of Flipkart, the main focus on selling books.

But the time changed and things changed also.

They decided to expand their business to the next level and they started selling other categories of products such as electronics, fashion, lifestyle products, groceries, and home essentials.

Well, competitors also exist in every business. Flipkart’s main rivals are Snapdeal and Amazon.

Statistics say that, As of March 2017, the market share of Flipkart in the Indian e-commerce sector is around 39.5 percent.

Do you know the PhonePe, a mobile payments service is also owned by Flipkart.

Yes, It is own by Flipkart. After that In August 2018, Flipkart was acquired by the US retail giant Walmart for a 77 percent controlling stake of the business.

Flipkart was bought by Walmart for 16 billion US dollars.

Flipkart has a subsidiary company named Ekart logistics.

Flipkart uses the subsidiary company to deliver its products Which are available on the website for the consumers.

What is a Logistic Franchise, and how does it work?

The courier or logistic business is the same as the transportation industry. You can create your own transportation firm, but you’ll need authorization from the government to do so.

On the other side, you can operate a logistics business under the umbrella of an existing logistics firm.

You don’t require complicated government papers since you have authorisation from the logistics partner. The term “logistic franchise” refers to this type of logistical business model.

We’d like to remind you that each organisation has its own set of logistical norms and regulations.

When you buy a franchise from them, you must agree to all of their terms and conditions.

Before you establish a logistics company, you need understand what a supply chain is?

Flipkart store is launched by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in India. You see, Flipkart is now India’s number 1 online shopping website. Flipkart Store launches a logistic partner. You know the name is Ekart courier.

This Logistics company, Ekart delivers Flipkart orders door to door in India. That means Flipkart courier service franchise means you are going to associate with Ekart courier company.

Many delivery agencies are working with Flipkart for delivering the parcel. And these agencies have already secured their position in India.

Do you know that? Flipkart has invested almost $100 Million into the logistics supply chain.

All customer’s parcels are shipped via Ekart courier, Ekart is a fast and secure service provider.

Flipkart wants to introduce its franchise business to new people who have enough space and manpower to start the Flipkart franchise business with them.

This delivery franchise business won’t take you on the looser side. You have a business opportunity to handle thousands of customer orders to deliver in your city.

I would like to say more than 80% Indian citizen prefers to buy especially electronic goods from Flipkart.

The courier franchise service they offer is an extremely lucrative business idea in India for young entrepreneurs. But there are terms and conditions to follow.

If you search for an online application you won’t find it on the Internet. You can send them an email. Not all franchise applications approved by them.

To start your business. You don’t need to market separately for offering your service in the market, business will come to your door when you get a franchise. they are well established and reputed company.

ekart logistics franchise Opportunity

There are serverel more logistics franchise opportunities available in market, like Bludart courier service franchise.

Don’t call Flipkart customer care service regarding their delivery agency. you will not get any information from them.

They do not have any information for the franchise business. There is no connection between the partner program and Flipkart’s general support team.

Your ekart franchise approval process directly connected with the Ekart support team. You can apply for a partnership through email.

Only you have to send your application through email. Within 7 days Flipkart’s Ekart team will respond to you and they will discuss franchise business details with you.

Why to take ekart logistics franchise?

There is no doubting that the Ekart brand is in high demand. This is especially true for those who desire to establish their own business.

The following are the inherited benefits that this franchise model possesses, which are the cause for its strong demand:

Advantages of ekart franchise:

  • The Flipkart franchise allows the investor to be associated with a well-known and reputable brand.
  • Because the first investment is low, a Flipkart logistics franchise is simple to start.
  • The return on investment for a Flipkart delivery franchise is quite good.
  • People with insider information claim that investments are returned in a matter of months.
  • Because Flipkart receives a large volume of online orders, the Flipkart franchise receives consistent revenue.
  • Flipkart is a big player in the e-commerce business, which is thriving and rising, and will gain much from it.
  • The expansion of Flipkart will also result in the expansion of this franchise company.

Disadvantages of ekart franchise:

  • Unfortunately, the corporate website does not provide any formal information on the ekart logistics franchise concept.
  • As a result, those interested in acquiring a Flipkart logistics franchise are unsure how to proceed.
  • The sole responsibility of an Ekart franchisee is to deliver Flipkart packages. As a result, there is no way for them to expand their business in that zone and generate more money.
  • Because a Flipkart delivery franchise can’t perform business growth, it’s reliant on Flipkart for deliveries.
  • Walk-in clients cannot reserve shipments for a courier through a Flipkart logistics franchise. As a result, individuals miss out on the possibility to earn more money.

Ekart logistics franchise requirements.

ekart logistics, one of India’s leading courier service providers, gives preference to candidates with prior expertise in the logistics business when issuing a franchise.

Let’s take a look at the prerequisites for launching an Ekart logistics business.

Area requirement for ekart:

You will need a 400sqft to 700sqft storage space to run the Flipkart franchise. In this much space, we have to install a small cabin for a workspace for you. And the rest is sufficient for import and export of goods.

We also need an office accessory like an Internet connection/computers/printers /Barcode Scanner/papers etc

Agreement requirement for franchise:

ekart logistics, like any other franchisor, has its own set of terms and conditions when it comes to the franchise agreement.

The usual franchise agreement allows the franchisee to immediately begin operating the logistics firm.

The deal, however, is for a four-year term. The franchisee has the option to renew the contract at any time.

Investment requirement for logistics franchise: 50000 to 1 lac.

The master franchise and the regular franchise are the two types of franchises offered by Ekart.

Although each of these franchise opportunities provide high earning potential to franchisees, the cost of launching a business may vary.

The most important aspect of evaluating a franchise opportunity is determining whether or not the needed investment is within your budget.

Investment is the most crucial aspect of every business. You can’t establish a franchise without first learning everything there is to know about business costs.

People frequently inquire about the cost of starting an ekart logistics franchise. The franchise setup fee is only released after approval, therefore this is yet unclear.

If you have a local ekart hub that is already in operation, you may seek advice from them. However, the typical cost of a ekart franchise is between 50,000 and 1 lakh.

Ekart logistics franchise cost:

The total Ekart franchise cost is around 2.5 lakh rs. Including all over expense. here is list of expenses mentioned below.

Here is the list of expenses of the Ekart franchise business.

  • Office Rent ₹20,000
  • Electricity Bill ₹2000
  • Computer Staff Salary ₹15,000(1)
  • Delivery Boy’s Salary ₹10,000 * 3=₹30,000
  • Vehicle Patrol ₹7000 * 3 =₹21,000
  • Paper and printer cost ₹1200(paper) ₹1200 (Printer)= ₹2400
  • High-Speed Internet Charges ₹1200
  • Office Cleaning Expense ₹1000
  • Water camper for 30 days ₹500
  • Tea and Snacks ₹600
  • Bike or Tampo repair and maintenance ₹2000
  • Telephone Bill ₹1200
  • GST rate on Logistics services is 18% source so if the turnover is ₹2,40,000 the GST will be ₹43200
  • Accountant Fee ₹2500
  • Total Expenses ₹142600

It means excluding all the expenses, you can earn almost 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakh rupees monthly from the Flipkart franchise business.

Documents requirements for Ekart franchise business.

  • You need Identity proof – any government ID card like voter card / Aadhar card etc
  • Business ownership verification documents
  • Demand draft and bank canceled cheque required
  • Electricity bill or driving license
  • If the office is in a rented place then you will need an agreement document.

Ekart franchise profit margin

The profit margin is determined by the parcel category, size, and total product cost. As a result, estimating the delivery commission is challenging.

However, one current franchise owner claims that the firm is quite successful. Your income would be quite shocking if you received even a modest portion from Ekart.

With the help of its delivery partners, they transport millions of packages each month.

How much you can earn from the Flipkart franchise dealership business?
Well, You can earn a minimum of 1.5 rs to 2.5 lakh rupees from the Flipkart franchise dealership business.

every penny you earn depends on how is your business working? That’s why you need to focus on your business expenses. The less your expenses the more your profits would be.

How to get Ekart logistics franchise?

The majority of logistic franchise providers provide both online and offline franchise application options.

Ekart’s website does not offer an open franchise request form. They are highly stringent and only hire experienced employees to ensure a seamless operation. So, how do you go about applying for their dealership?

On the internet, we discovered some facts. You can either go to their regional office location or write them an email depending on your needs.

There is nothing like online application process to get Ekart franchise. We don’t have much information on online applications,

you will be unable to obtain or submit your franchise application data due to a lack of options.

Flipkart is adamant about not disclosing franchise information to the general public. They have a lot of constraints when it comes to dealership approval.

ekart franchise makes every effort to ensure that the individual to whom they have entrusted their logistical services is responsible and delivers on time.

How to get courier service franchise?

we know ekart is a delivery partner of flipkart. as we know there is no such information to open ekart franchise. But we can go through flipkart official website.

Ekart franchise service application form:

It is also known for ekart franchise apply process.

  • Firtstly, Open an official website of flipkart partner service platform.
  • Now, scroll down and click on warehousing services.
  • there will open an registration window of ekart logistics franchise application. like this.
  • ekart franchise apply -as we can see in above picture, we have to create password. You will get an OTP on registered mobile no.
  • create an account with flipkart delivery service.
  • After opening an account, you will have to fill current business details in ekart logistics franchise application.

Fill all the necessery details. and submit application.

You will need a GSTN to submit your flipkart courier service application form.

After submission of ekart logistics franchise application, FlipKart team member will contact you and assist you to get Flipkart courier service franchise.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Anyone who is an Indian citizen is eligible to apply for an Ekart franchise.
  • There is no requirement for a specialised talent or a high level of schooling.
  • However, understanding logistics roles and primary tasks will aid in the management of your company.
  • Aside from that, you must be passionate and devoted to this delivery business.
  • A franchisee must hire people who are prepared to deal with any delivery issues that arise.
  • Any firm that works hard and consistently achieves success.

Contact details.

You can directly contact these addresses to get more information about the Flipkart franchise dealership business.

Head Office Address Flipkart Internet Private Limited,
Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor,
7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block,
Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034
Flipkart Franchise Contact Number 1800 208 9898
CIN U51109KA2012PTC066107

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