Dr lal pathlabs franchise | How to start? | A step by step guide.

Dr. Lal PathLabs Limited is a worldwide diagnostic and healthcare testing service provider. The Delhi-based firm provides a wide range of blood, urine, and other human body viscera testing. Let’s see how you can start a dr lal pathlabs franchise? And its investment cost, how you can apply and many more.

dr lal pathlabs franchise
dr lal pathlabs franchise

Path laboratories are today one of India’s most profitable enterprises due to expanding healthcare awareness, higher disposable money, worldwide exposure, increased lifestyle-based disorders such as diabetes, and other factors.

It has seen tremendous development in recent years, prompting many medical experts and company owners to choose Pathology labs as a business in India.

With escalating national and worldwide outbreaks of viral infection, pandemics, and other diseases, medical practitioners choose evidence-based treatment more than ever.

This resulted in a significant increase in the Path lab business in India. According to a newly published document by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the compound annual growth rate of the Indian diagnostics industry from 2012 to 2022 is 20.4 percent. By 2022, the sector is expected to generate 32 billion dollars in sales.

Pathology laboratories are the finest alternative in modern times in India if you want to start your own business and have a basic grasp of medical procedures.

Starting a business involves a strategy, investments, measured actions, and other factors. Let’s go through the primary factors to consider before and during the dr lal pathlabs franchise business.

What is a pathology?

Medical pathologists, commonly known simply as pathologists, are doctors who specialise in determining the source and consequence of illnesses or injuries.

They mostly do so by analysing organ, tissue, blood, or bodily fluid samples.
Anatomical pathologists and clinical pathologists are the two primary categories of medical pathologists.

Anatomical pathologists examine tissues, organs, and complete bodies visually, microscopically, and molecularly (such as during an autopsy). Clinical pathologists diagnose illness primarily by laboratory investigations of blood, urine, and other bodily fluids.

Pathologists must complete a four-year undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, and three to four years in a pathology residency programme.

The vast majority of pathologists will continue their education with a one- to two-year fellowship in a pathology specialism.

Two types of pathologist

Anatomical pathologists focus their research on tissues and organs. Historically, the field was mostly devoted to post-mortem examinations, but it now encompasses a number of treatments to identify illnesses, such as cancer, based on surgical specimen studies.

Clinical pathologists make disease diagnoses by analysing bodily fluids or cells extracted from tissue samples. Clinical pathology is the speciality in which the general public is better familiar with tests such as a complete blood count, urinalysis, blood glucose test, and throat culture.

An overview

Currently, the firm provides consumers with over 3,368 diagnostic and associated healthcare tests and services. The NABL has accredited the majority of their laboratories in line with ISO 15189.

National Reference Laboratory has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification (for routine and advanced diagnostic pathology testing services, including clinical trials), ISO 15189:2007 certification (for quality management in medical laboratories), ISO 15189:2012 certification (in the field of medical testing), and ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Over 3000 people work at Dr Lal PathLabs in India, with laboratory services accounting for more than 55% of the workforce. They have a competent staff of 147 Pathologists, 8 Radiologists, 13 Microbiologists, 5 Biochemists, and 11 doctorate-level experts.

In fact, Dr Lal Pathlabs was the first private lab to begin HIV/AIDS testing in 1989.

Dr Lal Pathlabs is currently one of the major Diagnostic Chains in India, with over 190 Clinical Labs and over 1700 patient service facilities.

The late Dr. S. K. Lal founded Dr. Lal PathLabs in 1949. Dr. S.K Lal established the first laboratory in Delhi, India. Dr. Lal served as a Junior Doctor in the British Indian Army, where he studied pathology at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, followed by advanced pathology training at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.

  • Dr. Lal Path Labs’ core business is diagnosis and testing, which includes standard tests (including blood tests), specialist tests (e.g., viral and bacterial infection tests), and preventative screenings.
  • Dr. Lal PathLabs was named Best Diagnostic Service Company by VCCircle in 2013. According to VCCircle: “In a fragmented sector, Dr Lal Path Labs was able to build a brand with scale.
  • Dr Lal Path Labs is present in 800 locations, has 2,000 collection centres, and serves about 10 million patients each year.”
  • Dr. Lal PathLabs purchased the APL Clinical Institute of Clinical Laboratory & Research Private Limited in 2014.

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Dr Lal Pathlabs Franchise cost

  • In India, the organisation provides two types of franchise business options.
  • The first is a diagnostic centre franchise, while the second is a collection centre franchise.
  • If you wish to create a diagnostic centre franchise, the first expenditure will be around 1.25 CR, excluding lab and testing equipment. You must also have at least 3,500 square feet of ground-floor retail space in a commercial location.
  • The investment for the collection centre franchise will be between 3 and 5 lacs, depending on the area. A collecting centre will require around 150 – 300 square feet on the ground floor of a commercial building.

Supportive business strategy

  • The highly experienced Dr. Lal PathLabs project team will provide comprehensive project management services to facilitate project planning and execution.
  • Dr Lal PathLabs would deliver the one–of–a–kind “STARLIMS,” cutting–edge Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS).
  • This software is unusual in its capacity to run tests by scanning barcodes on patient samples and interacting bidirectionally with diagnostic tools. It offers a fully automated “hands-off” testing and reporting process.
  • Dr Lal PathLabs would contribute to the design and operation of the lab. Furthermore, you may carry out the project under the supervision of the Dr Lal PathLabs Project Management Team in order to meet the high Dr Lal PathLabs standards.
  • The organisation would provide advice on the equipment to be put in the laboratory as well as assistance in obtaining it at a fair price.
  • Dr. Lal PathLabs will give marketing and sales assistance in order to promote the services to the local medical community and hospitals.

Steps to open a dr lal pathlabs franchise


The first thing to think about is a suitable and well-connected site. Take a walking tour of the city and make a list of potential venues. Take information on the place from residents, the internet, and other sources.

Accessibility from various sections of the city, transportation facilities, neighbouring hospitals, the type of people that live nearby, and so on.

The room should be large enough to accommodate instruments, patient seating configurations, future improvements, or infrastructural upgrades. You should look for a site with good ventilation and less people.

To keep samples safe from contamination and patients safe from illness, the environment should be kept clean. Always search for a lab on the ground level for the benefit of the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with impairments, and so on.

The correct location has a significant impact on your dr lal pathlabs franchise business. Patients may choose alternative path lab if you avoid any of the symptoms listed above. There is a lot of rivalry in the industry, so you have to be distinctive and thorough to stand out.

Dr lal pathlabs franchise cost

One of the most important elements to consider for your pathology lab in India is investment. Investment is required at various stages and for various objectives. Let’s look at costs using the following guidelines.

The expense of renting or purchasing path lab space.

  • There will be equipment, maintenance, and repair needs. It will necessitate a significant capital investment.
  • The lab requires software for diagnosis results, operation, and so forth. It requires money to purchase or subscribe.
  • Bills for utilities such as power, water, cooking gas, broadband connection, and so on.
  • You will require personnel to maintain the lab, patients, and your schedule, among other things. Their payments are yet another type of expenditure. You might use specialised applications like OkStaff for improved personnel management.

The company’s finances should be adequately backed up. It aids with the acquisition of contemporary, up-to-date gear that produces better test results and increases patient satisfaction. With word of mouth, one delighted patient brings 10 more. As a result, consider this first investment to be the foundation for a lucrative firm in the future.

License and qualification

This is critical because, unlike other industries, pathology is concerned with people’s lives and requires formal validation from hospitals and the government. Please see the list below for all of the essential documentation and credentials for operating a pathology lab.

Good Clinical Practices accreditation

  • National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories License
  • The Shops and Establishments Act requires registration.
  • Clinical Establishment Act Registration
  • Registration with a biomedical waste disposal organisation
  • NOC from the municipal corporation and fire department, as well as approval from the Registration from the environmental control board.

Qualification needed for dr lal pathlabs franchise

  • A bachelor’s degree from an approved college is required to become a pathologist. You are not needed to major in anything, but you must finish the required pre-medical courses, which include biology, physics, English, and social sciences.
  • A year before graduation, you would also need to take the Medical Competency Aptitude Test (MCAT), which is used by most medical schools to select candidates.
  • The first two years of medical school are spent mostly in the classroom. The next two years are spent doing clinical training at hospitals and medical institutions to get a wide understanding of the many specialties of medicine.
  • Depending on the medical school you attended, you would be granted a doctor of medicine (MD) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) degree upon graduation.
  • You would need to obtain a medical licence in your state before you could begin practising. Licensing standards vary by state, but most need you to pass a national test as well as a state exam in some jurisdictions.

Given the continued lack of practitioners in all disciplines of practise, the job prospects for pathologists look to be great. According to a 2018 study published in Academic Pathology, there will most certainly be a severe shortage of pathologists by 2030 as more senior pathologists retire.

Because you don’t encounter patients and work typical office hours, pathology is often less stressful than other medical occupations. As a result, the profession might provide a pathologist with a better work-life balance as well as decent pay.

  • In India, you must be qualified to work in the pathology lab industry.
  • You must be a board-certified pathologist.
  • The owner must get a licence from the Medical Council of India in order to practise.
  • You’ll also need a pathologist assistant, a microbiologist, and a biochemist. It is determined by the business’s size and services.
  • A bachelor’s degree or qualification in medical lab technology is required for your lab technician.

These are all the requirements needed to start a dr lal pathlabs franchise business.

Equipment and tools

Pathology equipment and instruments are the lifeblood of the industry. They are required for diagnostics, reporting, scheduling, and nearly all important operational tasks. All of the equipment should come from reputable and recognised vendors. Make certain that the machines are up to date on technology and simple to use.

You may use bahi khata applications such as OkCredit to keep bahi khata connected to payments to suppliers and never miss a payment date of the providers.

You should preserve all of the most up-to-date gear and software in order to attract more patients with a variety of diagnostic demands. You may also approach hospitals and doctors with a wide variety of services and ask them to refer their patients to your lab.

I have collected all the equipment and tools and mentioned it end of the post.


To manage a profitable path lab business in India, you’ll need a team of workers, including receptionists, lab technicians, pathologists, assistants, cleaners, and so on.

  • Technical competence in diagnosis and treatment is required of lab workers. They will be subjected to a series of rigorous inspections and practical tests throughout their interview.
  • They should be familiar with the lab’s machines, and prior experience is desired.
  • Cleaning workers should be well trained. It is critical because hygiene and cleanliness are critical in a path lab. Train them and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • For employee management, utilise automated tools like OkStaff to intelligently track their salaries, bonus, advancements, and so on.

Marketing and branding

Marketing is as important as any of the other phases. A firm that is not visible will not last long, which is the fact of the commercial world. And, especially in India, where hundreds of path laboratories may be found in any one location, you must be creative in your marketing to keep ahead of the competition.

In today’s world, perfect marketing is a hybrid of conventional and digital marketing. Traditional marketing consists of roadshows, store branding, promotions in malls, retail complexes, and residential communities, among other things. Digital marketing is the advertising of products and services using online platforms such as social media channels, search engines, and so on.

Plan your marketing plan in such a way that it appears at the top of the search results when someone searches for a path lab near me in a browser. Read medical publications to have a better understanding of your target clients and their needs in order to create a relevant marketing strategy.

Your advertising efforts should persuade target clients to use your services for diagnostic reasons and to remain loyal to your company.

Dr Lal Pathlabs Franchise Profit

Obviously, your profit will be determined by your marketing talents, location, and desire for success. It has been discovered that a successful Dr. Lal Pathlabs collecting franchise earns more than Rs 1 Lac every month.

Dr Lal Pathlabs Franchise contact details

If you want to start a Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise, go to website and fill out the form. If you are chosen, corporate representatives will contact you for further conversation.

You may also contact their corporate headquarters directly for further information at the following address.
12th Floor, Tower B, SAS Tower,
Medicity, Sector-38,
Gurgaon-122001, Haryana.
Fax : +91 124 4234468

List of equipment and tools:

  • Block Cabinet
  • Refrigerator
  • Slide Carrying tray
  • Blood cell counter
  • Electronic Digital Timer
  • Lumber Puncture Needles
  • Binocular Microscope
  • Microscope high power with oil immersion lens moveable stage and condensor for the routine microscope work.
  • Bottles
  • Microburretes
  • Incubator
  • Haemacytometers with red and white pipettes
  • Haemoglobinometers, Sahli’s type
  • Sedimentation apparatus-one wester green and one wintrobe
  • Syringes disposable
  • Staining jars for slides
  • Urinometers
  • Urine Glasset (Conical)
  • Centrifuge tubes graduated
  • Crucible
  • Graduated cylinders
  • Pipettes of various sizes, graduated sets
  • Reagent bottles
  • Dropping bottles
  • Reagents
  • Balances
  • Electronic Semi – Automatic cell Counter
  • Cell Counter (Fully Automatic)
  • Single Pan Electronic Balance
  • Cutter for disposing of Syringe and needle destroyer
  • Rotator (Blood Sample Mixer)
  • Electrophoresis Unit
  • Coagulation Analyser
  • Microscope
  • Water Bath
  • Mixer Cyclo
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Rotary Microtomes
  • Cryostat
  • Hot plates
  • Hot air (50 degree Celsus) for special staining
  • Paraffin embedding bath
  • Distilled water still
  • Water bath 57 degree Celsius
  • Rectangular water bath
  • Centrifuge machine electric Rotofix
  • Colorimeter Photoelectric Klett.
  • Cabinet for 1000 slides
  • Band saw
  • Autopsy tables
  • Automatic tissue processor, Histokinmettee or similar, complete ( Leica Make)
  • Staining racks for staining in bulk
  • Troughs for staining in bulk
  • Coplin jars
  • Water bath electric (Tissue Floatation)
  • Balance, Chemical with weights
  • Microscopes, Monocular, with double nose piece, High power objective eye-pieces, mechanical stage and condensor
  • Oil immersion lens for above
  • Polarising attachments for microscopes
  • Magnifying lens
  • Blood pressure instrument
  • Hot plat electric
  • Laboratory Counter nine keys clay Adams
  • Automatic timer
  • Balance for weighing organs
  • Saws, wire for cutting bones
  • Slide boxes for 100 slides for students
  • Microphotographic apparatus
  • X-ray viewing box
  • Double Demonstration Eye piece
  • Microprojection apparatus
  • Sternal puncture needle Adulet size
  • Sternal puncture needle child size
  • Liver Biopsy needle
  • Stop watch reading at 1/5 second
  • pH Meter electronic
  • Microscope, Binocular, research
  • Paper Electrophoresis apparatus vertical
  • Paper electrophoresis apparatus, horizontal
  • Museum jars
  • Drawing instruments & colour for artist set
  • Surgical instruments
  • Trinocular Reasearch Microscope Model BX -41 with SLR Digital Camera with grabber card attachment for storage transfer and simultaneous imaging
  • Mod
  • E 330 Digital camera compatible with BX – 41 and CX – 31
  • Tissue Embedding centre with cold plate
  • E Z – Retriever system V.2
  • Automatic Knife Sharpener
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Microtome Knife
  • Single Pan Electronic Balance
  • Kitchen Balance
  • Gas Stove with Cylinder
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Bone Decalcifier


Pathology labs are one of the most lucrative and successful businesses in India. Given the country’s demand for diagnostic services, it will provide you with excellent returns.

Before you begin, go back to fundamentals, create a to-do list based on the processes outlined above, and develop a good approach. To be successful, your company must have a solid financial foundation, an efficient crew, new machinery, software, and a sophisticated accounting system.

The field of medical pathology is not limited to a particular illness, population, or organ system. It is a branch of medicine in which practitioners discover the source and impact of sickness so that patients can be treated correctly and efficiently.

Pathologists are sometimes referred to as “doctor’s doctor” since they aid doctors in making diagnosis and treatment decisions. Despite the fact that anatomical and clinical pathologists operate in comparable contexts and have similar diagnostic aim. there are significant distinctions between the two professions.

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