How to get Domino's franchise, Cost, Investment, and Profit margin
How to get Domino’s franchise, Cost, Investment, and Profit margin

People are increasingly eating fast food and cuisines from other cultures. Italian cuisine is one of the most common worldwide.

And there is one dish of Italian cuisine that can safely be considered one of the world’s most common foods: pizza.

There will always be a pizza joint to satisfy the needs of the people, no matter where they are in the world.

This is the place to be if you have a passion for tasty pizza and want to invest in a pizza chain. This article will tell you what you need to know about investing in a pizza business like Domino’s and owning a Domino’s franchise.

When it comes to pizza, it’s impossible to avoid referencing Domino’s, which is probably the most well-known brand in the industry. Domino’s has been pleasing customers with the delicious flavour of their pizzas and top-notch customer service since its inception.

These are the characteristics of the brand that have caused Domino’s to win the hearts of people all over the world, and in the process, Domino’s has amassed a large and devoted fan base.

History of the Dominos franchise

Domino’s is a pizza restaurant chain with locations around the globe that was established in 1960 in the United States of America. The company’s headquarters are in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and it was established in Delaware. In February of 2018, Domino’s was named the world’s biggest pizza seller in terms of sales.

History of Domino's Pizza
History of Domino’s Pizza

In 1960, two brothers, James, and Tom Monaghan purchased Dominick’s, a small restaurant chain in Michigan that specialized in pizza. An employee named Jim Kennedy proposed the name “Domino’s.” The Monaghan brothers quickly accepted the idea, and in 1965, they called the company Domino’s.

In the year 1967, the company opened its first franchise location. Domino’s Pizza grew its franchise store count to 200 in 1978, 11 years after opening the first franchise store. By the year 2015, the company has opened stores in over 6,000 worldwide markets. In the year 1996, the first Domino’s Pizza shop in the world opened in Delhi, the nation’s capital. Domino’s managed to open 1,000 restaurants in India in 2016.

In India, Domino’s Pizza’s business model operates in such a way that an individual has three choices for the types of stores they choose to open.
Traditional Stores
There are department stores that are typically found in strip malls, shopping malls, and other similar locations. The shops are normally situated in a location that offers space for both shoppers and delivery vehicles.
Non-traditional stores
Stores like these can be found in stadiums, airports, and shopping centers, among other places. Depending on the location of the store, non-traditional retailers may or may not have seating. These shops mostly provide delivery services.
Transitional Stores:
The food menus in these stores are tailored to the store’s venue. Transitional shops are commonly found in areas with a smaller population of customers.

Cost of a Domino’s franchise in India

One of the things that an investor needs to know when deciding whether or not to invest in a business is how much it would cost to become a franchise owner. The cost of investing in a Domino’s franchise in India is determined by whether the store is conventional or non-traditional.

To become a Domino’s Pizza franchise owner, an investor would spend about 30 lakh rupees Domino’s franchise fee in a typical Domino’s Pizza shop. To buy a Domino’s Pizza franchise in a non-traditional location, an investor would need to put up about 50 lakh rupees as a Domino’s franchise fee.

Domino’s Franchise Profit in India

Domino's profit margin and CAGR growth
Domino’s profit margin and CAGR growth

While there are no reliable statistics on the viability of a Domino’s franchise on the internet, it can be confidently assumed that investing in a big business like Domino’s and being a franchise owner results in a large number of earnings. It is also estimated that a person will earn between 2 and 3 lakh rupees per month, depending on the store’s venue.

How to get Domino’s franchise?

How to get Domino's franchise
How to get Domino’s franchise

Approximately 10% of Domino’s Pizza franchises are opened by workers who previously worked as general managers at Domino’s place. Joining the franchisee training program or having the financial capital to open at least five locations as a multi-unit owner are two more choices.

Work as a general manager for Domino’s Pizza. You must serve in this role for at least a year to be able to become a franchisee. During this time, learn everything you can on how to run a successful company. When you become a franchisee, having this experience would be beneficial.

Invest in Domino’s franchise, you’ll need at least $50,000 in liquid cash. The term “liquid cash” refers to funds that can be easily accessed. Money held in bank accounts, pension accounts, and mutual funds, for example.
While $50,000 would be required to get the franchise up and running, it is prudent to have far more funds on hand in case unforeseen costs occur.

fill out the form. To become a Domino’s franchisee. To be eligible for franchise ownership, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a clear reference background.
To apply, go to the company’s internal website. You’ll need your credentials to log in, so keep that in mind.

Domino’s Pizza franchisee training program’s criteria. This is not an easy program to get into, so make sure you understand the criteria before you start.
You must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply.
After college, you cannot have more than five years of technical work experience.

You must have a track record as a leader and as someone who can act professionally, achieve objectives, solve challenges, and make decisions.

Participate in the internship curriculum for two or three years. During this time, you can undergo special training on operations by serving as an assistant manager and as a general manager for six to nine months. Serving in business operations can also provide you with communications and human resource experience.

Domino's franchise internship program
Domino’s franchise internship program
  • You must submit an email to in order to qualify for the scheme. In your inbox, provide the following information:
  • First and last name, street address, neighbourhood, state, ZIP code, phone number (preferably one that can be accessed quickly, such as your mobile phone), email address, and area of interest.
  • You will be contacted if a position becomes open.
  • You will be paid at least $40,000 a year during this scheme. If you’re only struggling to make enough money to run your franchise, try to set aside as much money as you can for your new restaurant.

Inquiry for a Domino’s franchise
If a customer has a question and would like to contact Domino’s customer service, they can do so using the following information:
Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office, B 214, Phase II, Noida – 201 305, Phone: +91-120-4090500, Fax: +91-120-40905599.

Make preparations for the grand opening of the first Domino’s Pizza location. This will most likely be a very demanding and busy time, but it will also be very rewarding! Continue to put in the effort to make the shop a success.
Make the most of the advertising opportunities!

Grand opening of Domino's franchise
Grand opening of Domino’s franchise

Advertise in the newspaper, throw a grand opening reception, and put commercials on the car. People would not come if they are unaware of the store’s existence.

This is what you need to start a Domino’s franchise. If you have any questions regarding franchise, you can ask in comment box. Thank you.