Chocolate making business | A step by step guide.

There is a lot more scope and business opportunities in the chocolate making business. Let’s see how to start a chocolate making business at home?

chocolate making business at home
chocolate making business at home

So finally you have decided to start a candy business.

You can start the chocolate making process from your home also with the help of your kitchen.

Now here in this article, I have accumulated all the information about innovative ideas of chocolate making and manufacturing business.

According to the National Association of the specialty of food trade,

There are 50 billion dollars in sales in a retail store and 12 billion dollar sales in the restaurant of chocolate.

Do you know who was the first guy who invented chocolate for us?

All credit goes to Joseph Fry. In 1847 he added melted cocoa butter into Dutch cocoa and made delicious molded chocolate.

Usually, there two men common factors which can affect the candy test.

The first one is which ingredients do you use in and the second one is which type of procedure you follow.

We all love candy. Children’s men and women. Many people eat candies to balance their sugar levels.

This candy manufacturing business has very much demand in the global market.

If you create such a fantastic tasty candy then you can make a huge amount of money with this business.

You will need to know what is the market conditions where you have to sell your chocolate candy.

That’s why

First, take a survey of your market.

Which type of candies is mostly in demand? How much the cost of the candy on average? Who are your competitors?

You will have to find answers to this type of question before investing too much money in your business.

There are lots of chocolate business opportunities in the industry for you. You have to just take which is suitable for your chocolate candy making business plan.

Here I mentioned some of them.

  • Chocolate-making business opportunity in India.
  • Start a Candy Store at home
  • You can set up a chocolate-making industry to make large production of chocolate.
  • With the help of online B2B and b2c markets, you can start your business.
  • You can set up retail stores.
  • start a sweet treat business and sell chocolate candy also.

You also need raw materials. Then let’s check it out here.

Raw materials are required for chocolate making business.

  1. Fruity flavor
  2. Spicy flavor
  3. Sweet flavor
  4. Cashew
  5. Almonds
  6. Colour for chocolate
  7. Chocolate block
  8. Dark compound
  9. White compound

Do you love to make handmade chocolate?

I know anyone wants to make it ourselves. You can start to make it from your home. then follow this helpful guide.

How to make chocolate candy bouquet at home in easy steps.

There are many ways to make chocolate candy like coated chocolate, molded, cluster chocolate, layered and filled chocolate.

Today we will make molded chocolate bouquets step by step.

Now let’s see which are the ingredients we will have to use to make molded chocolate candy.

Dark compound: it is also called dark chocolate. There is dark Cocoa in the solid-state.
White compound: it consists of bitter cocoa. It is also called white chocolate.
And some dry fruits like cashew almonds, walnuts, and whatever you want.

Process of chocolate making business:

Whenever you are going to make molded chocolate we will have to melt dark compound chocolate smoothly.

That’s why firstly we are going to break and crush the chocolate into small pieces to melt it.

We can use a knife to crush the chocolate.

We can melt the chocolate with two methods.

The first one is the double boiler method and the second one is the microwave method.

If you do not have a microwave then you will have to use the first method.

It will take few minutes to melt the chocolate in a microwave. In the double boiler method, it will take some time.

I am using the first method double boiler method.

Whenever you are going to buy the dark compound chocolate from the market you must have to check its expiry date.

because if the expiry date is finished then it will take too much time to melt it.

In the double boiler method, you will have to light up your gas and boil some water on it.

Then take your dark compound crushed chocolate in the utensils and put this on your boiled water utensil.

Boiled water will give water vapor heat to your dark chocolate utensils.

And it will start to melt slowly. remember that you do not need to pour some water into the dark chocolate compound.

if you mix some water in the dark chocolate compound then it will very difficult to melt it properly.

You need to take precautions about it.

Now stir your chocolate with the help of a spoon smoothly.

And take a precaution to not a single drop of water should mix in dark chocolate .your utensils and spoon should be very much dry.

If you have crushed your chocolate very finely then it will take less time to melt it.

Now cut the white chocolate and follow the same procedure as above I mentioned.

You should take precautions not to overheat your chocolate because if it does then it will not melt very easily.

You will have to give the temperature 120 degrees to dark chocolate and 110 degrees to white chocolate.

It is a very simple process of chocolate making. If you love to cook then definitely you love to make chocolate also.


Stir chocolate every 1 and 2 minutes.

If you melt your chocolate using the microwave then it will take one and half minutes hardly to melt it properly.

It is the very easiest method to melt your chocolate within less time.

We have to take precautions not to microwave chocolate directly for 2 minutes.

We have to microwave it for 30 seconds, then take it, stir it, and again microwave it for 30 seconds.

Because it will not work when the dark chocolate will be overheated. it will be bitter in the test.

In the large-scale manufacturing units, they use confectionery thermometers to maintain the temperature to melt dark chocolate neatly.

But at the home we do not have a confectionery thermometer then we will have to take precautions about temperature.

When we heat our chocolate and cooling and again heating it. it’s called the tempering process.

Now it’s time to mold our chocolate.

Whichever mold we use will take shape of it. We can use different types of molds to make our chocolate very beautiful.

Now fridge your chocolate in refrigerators for 3 to 5 minutes.

It will take a nice formation. You can make a Marvel chocolate with the help of a white compound.

And also you can use dry fruits to decorate your chocolates.

Chocolate candy bouquet making:

now packaging is the most important thing in your chocolate candy bouquet-making process.

Nicely packaging material will attract the most of the customers. Take nice chocolate wrapping sheets and wrapped chocolate candy.

The nicely packaging system will make great impressions on customers. These handmade chocolate candies have a great margin in the local market.

Isn’t this process of chocolate making simple? Let me know in the comments also.

Nowadays people are changing their lifestyles. At the wedding or in any event, we give chocolate decorated gifts to our friends.

Make your friends happy with your cooking surprise.

You can sell it to the local shops in wholesale to make a great profit margin.

Start this chocolate candy-making business on small scale and take it to the medium and large scale.

it will give you a huge amount of money in profit.

This is how you can start a chocolate candy-making business from your home. I know you will do your best.

What about the large-scale chocolate industry? They need some machinery. Here is the list.

Machinery list used in cholate making business.

  • Handtools
  • Cutter
  • Melting
  • Panning
  • Confectionery
  • Tempering
  • Bean bar equipment
  • Cheese waxing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Depositing
  • Enrobing
  • Molding
  • Spinning
  • Hydraulic pressure machine
  • Weighing
  • packaging machine

These are the useful machines required by the chocolate-making industry.

Now if you want to know how chocolate is made in the chocolate-making industry then continue reading.

The manufacturing process in the chocolate making business.

  • Cleaning
  • Roasting
  • Shell removal
  • Grounding nibs
  • Separation of cocoa butter
  • Adding ingredients
  • Conching and refining
  • Cooling and reheating
  • Tempering process
  • Packaging

1) cleaning
we will have to clean cocoa beans to remove dried cocoa pulp and pieces of a pod. You can clean it manually or with the help of machines.

All the impurities in the cocoa bean will have to remove with the vacuum equipment while the cleaning process

2) Roasting
Roosting takes place in rotary cylinders. The roasting process runs one or two hours at a 120-degree temperature.

When cocoa beans roasted perfectly it contents moisture content. And also its color change in a natural way.

If you used a variety of cocoa beans then the quality of chocolates very in nature. proper roasting is the key to quality chocolate keep in mind that the roasting process should be in a perfect manner.

3) Shell removal
The shell of beans can be easily removed after roasting and cooling it.

Then beans will pass through the serrated cones with the help of a winnowing machine and then serrated cones will crack the cocoa beans.

With the help of mechanical sieves, it will separate the cracked cocoa into different shapes and sizes.

Nibs are blended with different types of variety and they keep the consistent quality of chocolate.

4) Grounding nibs
Here were make the paste of cocoa when nibs are passed through the mill machine. To get the cocoa butter paste of cocoa passed through hydraulic pressure.

Cocoa butter has valuable fat and a nice aroma. 50 percent of cocoa butter is contained in nibs. It will give fine structure and glaze to chocolate.

While grinding process cocoa butter melts with liquid form and is also called chocolate liquor.
Then liquor is poured into a molded panel and then it is solidified for some time.

5) Separation of cocoa butter
The separation of butter takes place in a hydraulic press machine. And it is pressed to removed cocoa butter. Almost 80 percent of cocoa butter is removed in this process.

Then cocoa butter is melted at 30-35 degree temperature and you can store it for a long period.

6) Adding ingredients
In this process, ingredients are added to make it present in the test with proper proportion. These are needed with the mixer.

7) Conching and refining
Chocolate is developing various colors and textures. In this refining, process ingredients mix well.

The conching machine is assembled with the help rollers to roll chocolate paste in good manners.

With constant speed and temperature cocoa butter and lecithin are added to produce chocolate flavors.

8) Cooling and reheating
Conching chocolate is poured on a tempering machine to cool it slowly. The uniform structure is maintained and also increases shelf in the chocolate-making industry.

9) Temporary storing
It is easily converted chocolate paste into blocks using a molding machine to store chocolate on a shelf.

10) Packaging
Now it is ready to package and sell to wholesalers. You can make homemade chocolate candy in your home using this packaged product.

Registrations and licenses are required for the chocolate making business plan.

Register your company as a proprietorship or in a partnership like a limited liability partnership or a private limited

You will need to apply for a trade license.

Food safety and standard authority of India
This license is mandatory for food factory manufacturing units.

IEC code
if you want to export your chocolate candies and other countries then you will need to apply for an IEC code it is also mandatory.

GST registration
Every business needs a GST registration you can take GST numbers from your machinery suppliers they also provide GST numbers with the cost of machines.

MSME/SSI registration
Whenever you want to apply for government schemes and facilities, you will need MSME and SSI registration.

EPF registration
If you have 20 + employees in your candy-making industry then EPF registration also mandatory for you.

ESI registration
Because of the government guidelines, you will need ESI registration if you have 10 + employees in your unit.

if you want to protect the identity of a product from your competitors then you will need a trademark license.

How to sell chocolate candy online?

You can sell chocolate from your blog, off you have. If you don’t have then create and add beautiful images about your product.

You can sell it on Amazon, Snapdeal, online. This platform will give you a large customer base and also your sales will increase.

Promote your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, telegram, your app groups, and many more websites and forums.

Use Google my business app to promote your products in your local area.


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