Chipotle franchise | How to start? | cost and fees.

Chipotle Franchise is one of the chains that includes fast-food restaurants that serve a tasty Mexican menu that includes custom-made tacos and burritos. In this post, we are going to see how to start a Chipotle franchise? and its investment cost and fees.

The first restaurant launched on the 23rd of November 1993 USA and it has expanded to 2200 units to date.

At the present, Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant franchises are on purchase in Canada and the UAE as well as Australia, the UK, Australia, Europe, and many other places.

Chipotle franchise

When joining the company, a new franchisee will enjoy a number of advantages, starting with extensive training, support in marketing, and general assistance, and ending with lucrative returns.

Take a look at Chipotle Mexican Grill franchise investment guidelines, including cost and other charges.

Chipotle Mexican Grill was founded in 1993 by Steve Ells, who opened his first restaurant in Denver, Colorado, near the University of Denver.

After a successful first restaurant, it was time to open his second restaurant in 1995.

Then, he continued to expand Chipotle’s empire, receiving an increase in sales thanks to the investment of McDonald’s which was in the year 1998 (which has since been fully gone).

At the present, Chipotle operates more than 1,200 locations across 41 states and also locations in Canada and England which earned $215 million in 2011.

The company’s CEO Steve Ells has become an increasingly vocal advocate for organic, natural, and environmentally friendly ingredients.

In 2009, he testified in front of the U.S. Congress to try to stop using antibiotics for cattle ranching.

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Chipotle franchise Business Opportunities

If you had hoped to establish a Chipotle franchise but your hopes ended up being shattered by the fact that Chipotle doesn’t have franchises available There’s a silver lining in this.

Your cash isn’t likely to become any more valuable sitting in the bank, but the time frame in which people can think where they have the money, time, and motivation to launch an enterprise is often very limited.

It makes sense to consider investing in a franchise when it’s at the window of opportunity. However, just because you’re not able to start the doors of a Chipotle restaurant, it does not mean that you’re out of luck!

New Franchise Investment Opportunities

The truth is that Chipotle was once the newest, fastest-growing brand on the block, However, the times of posting annual sales growth of double digits are long gone (just look through the financials of the company to discover what you can see).

For potential franchise owners, there are new franchises popping up with the potential to get the early stages of the next trend rather than chasing an opportunity that’s already reached its peak.

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Why would you want to join Chipotle Franchise?

We’re sure you’re not able to run in a Chipotle business. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to there are some benefits that you can take advantage of. (Official website)

Healthy Version of Fast Food

We’ll admit that Chipotle can be described as fast-food. However, it’s healthier than many places because food items are less greasy and prepared before customers, to ensure that they are aware of how the staff handles their food.

Food is served quickly and is healthier than what you would get at a restaurant.

Chipotle is a restaurant that makes use of only the freshest ingredients and provides many vegetarian options. Chipotle has no freezer, so the ingredients that are laid out for customers are being delivered lately.

If you’re able to operate the Chipotle or other restaurants, you’ll be able to bring in a healthy-conscious customer base that is quite a bit because this trend is continuing to increase.


Chipotle is so well-known that you don’t require lots of advertisements to attract customers. Chipotle is well-known worldwide with locations across Canada, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany.

The restaurant could one day be as and popular as fast-food restaurants that you could think of.

Simple Menu

Despite the variety of toppings available at Chipotle, the menu is fairly easy to follow.

Customers can choose between burritos, burrito bowls tacos, salad, or burritos before proceeding to select their beans, grains, and toppings.

They also offer an option for children’s meals should customers bring their children for a meal using the same ingredients.

Digital Ordering

Like other category leaders such as Starbucks Chipotle has also had the opportunity to benefit from the convenience of online shopping.

In the year 2020, Chipotle had a 177.2 percent rise in online orders, which brought in $781.4 on sales. Customers are starting to appreciate the benefits of placing orders ahead using an app.

Alongside increasing sales, the business can drive greater long-term sales through the online loyalty program, too. From a marketing perspective of digital, Chipotle is positioned well ahead of the other competitors.

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Take note of the following points in Chipotle Franchise

The management of a company including those that are franchises doesn’t guarantee an easy operation throughout.

There will be a few bumps and it’s best to understand what they are prior to you begin to manage one.

For Chipotle Here are a few of the things I see as being a threat to the business.

Keeping Things Fresh

As we mentioned earlier, Chipotle is known for making use of fresh ingredients every day, and the main challenge is to get as many customers as you can during the day, so that there are no leftovers.

An employee who worked for Chipotle previously stated that the rest of the meat is put away at the end of the day. You don’t want to see an abundance of food waste in your store.

If the number of customers ever were to decrease to accommodate this idea food waste and costs could rise dramatically.

Past Outbreaks

Unfortunately, Chipotle has gotten a large amount of bad press due to E-Coli outbreaks over the decades. It has damaged the company’s image and affected sales.

Although they’ve regained their footing, and then some, the past remains for some.


In principle, Chipotle isn’t that difficult to duplicate. As anyone that has been within Southern California understands there are many ma-and-pa taco restaurants in the market that are excellent.

At the end of the day, they’re a company that serves Mexican food.

However, concepts such as QDOBA aren’t yet at the level of $1 million in sales per year.

Although Chipotle is a simple concept to replicate in the abstract Chipotle has proved repeatedly that they can do things differently than others in the business.

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Is the Chipotle Franchise Right For You?

If Chipotle permits franchisees to be involved again in the business, it could be a great possibility.

It appears to be a lucrative company if you are permitted to franchise one.

It’s also gained strength over the years and remains solid despite the constant battle against epidemics and even this pandemic.

It’s a company worth investing in if you have money to spare and a love for serving fresh Mexican food.

What’s an alternative to the Chipotle franchise?

If you’re not waiting for Chipotle to begin accepting franchising, you could look into Moe’s Southwest Grill or QDOBA Mexican Eats. Both offer similar menu items, just like Chipotle.

Moe’s franchise fees are $30,500 and QDOBA’s franchise fee is $30,000.

I’ll conduct an analysis of both companies in the near future. By following this guide, you’ll certainly be prepared for a Chipotle franchise in the event that it is a possibility

What will it cost to start the first Chipotle for 2022? In the past, Chipotle allowed franchising of its restaurant, but it was shut down in the year 2006.

Today, Chipotle does not allow franchisees to run their restaurants because they do not want the idea of “compromising the experience” on how they run their business.

When you work with franchisees, you surrender some degree of control as a corporation. You can locate a franchise that is compatible with your objectives as well as your budget.

In this report on the industry, I review Chipotle’s profits, sales, and other important business information.

If Chipotle decides to offer franchise opportunities in the future You’ll be ready to act.

Let’s look into the business of the growing Mexican idea.

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Chipotle franchise cost

Chipotle does not offer an opportunity to the franchise and there aren’t any charges. However, Here’s what other concepts are charging by comparing similar concepts such as Qdoba as well as Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Fees/Expenses Financial Amount

Total Investment $800,000 – $1,000,000

Franchise Fee $20,000 to $75,000

Average Sales / Revenue per Year

Chipotle’s average sales per store reached $2.2 million. The average sales per store were within this range. Chipotle’s global revenues exceed $6 billion and are Chipotle’s record for highest sales ever.

The company’s sales grew by 7.13%. of 7.13 percent.

To put this number to perspective, this is an incredible average performance of a store. Consider the example of Steak ‘n Shake, which grosses more than 1 million dollars in revenue for each store each year.

There are many franchise opportunities available that would be delighted to cross the $1 million mark of revenue per year.

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Chipotle Franchise Facts

  • Total Units 2,819
  • Incorporated Name Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.
  • Industry Restaurant
  • Subsector Quick Service

Chipotle began the restaurant the year 1993 in Denver, Colorado. Chipotle was founded in 1993 by Steve Ells who loaned $85,000 from his father in order to begin the business following his departure from his position as an assistant cook at San Francisco.

In order for the company to make a profit, Ells and his father estimated that they would need the order to make 107 burritos per day. After one year, Chipotle began selling 1,000 burritos per day.

McDonald’s made a bet on Chipotle back in the year 1998. Their investment was instrumental in paving the way for Chipotle’s expansion from just 16 establishments to 500 in 2005.

Then, in 2006 McDonald’s was able to separate from Chipotle. The company then purchased back the franchises and was rebranded as a company owned.

Chipotle is proud to use only 53 ingredients “you can pronounce.”

Chipotle does not have fridges nor can openers. This means that the practices guarantee customers receive ingredients that are fresh every day.

Chipotle ranks 4th in Fortune’s Top 100 Most Admired Companies for 2020.

California is home to the largest number of Chipotle with more than 412 branches. As of March, the former Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol is in charge of the company.

How Much Does Chipotle Make in Profit?

In the year 2020, Chipotle generated $6 billion in revenues. In June 2021 Chipotle is operating at an operating profit of 9.93 percent.

Chipotle consistently beats earnings figures with every quarterly report in the last couple of years.

Based on the results of the company in 2018 The company is expected to earn over $595 million of profits at the close of this year. This is a number of burritos!

Even in the midst of the outbreak, though there was a negative impact on sales at Chipotle due to lock-downs, the company was able to emerge from the situation stronger than it had ever been.

Prior to the outbreak of the epidemic, Chipotle had a revenue growth of 24.8 percent from 2017 to 2019. This is an unheard-of performance for a Mexican restaurant chain.

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