CCD franchise cost in India | how to get? |Top 6 reasons to start.

Do you want to open a CCD franchise in India but don’t know where to start or how much it would cost? We will clarify what you need to know about this exquisite brand and answer all of your questions about ccd franchise cost in India.

CCD franchise cost in India
CCD franchise cost in India

Overview: CCD franchise in India

CCD stands for Café Coffee Day, and it is one of the most well-known café chains in India, run by Coffee Day Enterprises, India’s biggest coffee conglomerate.

They prepare some of the best coffee in the country, as well as cookies, pastries, smoothies, salads, and much more.

The best feature of them is that they have retained their consistency and flavor, which is why their consumers are faithful to them.

CCD franchise serves 1.8 billion cups of coffee each year in six continents, according to estimates.

In 2013, the globally renowned DNV corporate Assurance Food Safety System awarded it the coveted 22000:2005 designation for its fantastic Food safety control systems in cafes.

V. G. Siddhartha is a current owner of CCD.

CCD franchise history:

They opened their first outlet on 11 July 1996, on Brigade Road in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

It was initially originated from the golden soils of Chikmagalur; its founder is Mr. V.G. Siddhartha. He owns 10,500 acres of coffee plantation farms, which yields him rich coffee beans.

It is spread in more than 209 cities with around 1700 ccd franchise outlets across India.

Their headquarter is located on Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore. They are the largest producer of Arabic coffee beans in India and they also export them to many countries such as Japan, Europe, and the USA.

Their outlets are there in Malaysia, Nepal, Czech Republic, Austria, and Egypt.

In the year 2000, it exported 27000 tonnes of coffee worth $60 million, earning it the title of the largest coffee exporter for the second time.

A partnership spent around 140 million dollars in Coffee Day resorts in 2010, resulting in significant improvements. This was the year that the latest tagline “A tonne can happen over coffee” was introduced.

The cafés’ interiors were updated, and lounges were added to have the ideal ambiance for customers.

Then, in 2011, they extended their branch network, opening over 1000 cafes throughout the world.

Following that, as of 2018, they are present in over 200 cities and employ over 15,000 people.

Opening locations: CCD has over 1700 outlets in India, and they are also available in Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vienna, and the Czech Republic, so you can open your CCD café there as well.

One thing is must, I just want to say that you can start your career with CCD franchise in India before entering into this franchise business. But you also need a knowledge of ccd franchise cost in India. We will see this part letter.

Services and business model of Cafe coffee day franchise business:

1) Taste: The products have a delicious flavour and are of high quality. They’re notorious for growing their coffee beans, which saves money and ensures the highest quality. Its menu is well-known, and its shakes are popular.

2) Brand name: It is a low-cost brand that offers all of the necessary comforts; you can stay all day and no one will ask you to leave. According to a survey, 40 percent of CCD’s consumers are under the age of thirty.

3) Diverse themes: CCD franchise come in a variety of forms, including open-air cafés, highway cafés, high-street cafés, and more.

This idea appeals to a large number of consumers and people who visit the mall enjoy sitting there; some even like to sit outside in the backyard.

As a result, these are the value adds that attract more buyers.

4) Operation: For the last few years, CCD cafés have undergone several changes; they now provide excellent ambiance and service to their clients.

Their menu is often reasonably priced, which attracts an increasing number of customers, and their staff is well-trained to provide excellent service.

Advantages of CCD franchise business:

  • In comparison to other cafés, they have a fantastic food range, which gives them an advantage.
  • They collaborate with leading advertisement and marketing firms to draw more customers; as a result, you won’t have to waste money on marketing when they already have a team in place.
  • When opposed to individuals who start their own companies, their brand recognition is already widespread across the world, increasing their chances of benefit and reducing risk.
  • Since they roast their beans, the processing costs are lower, making the menu more competitive. Customers and associates benefit from this because a steady stream of customers allows you to make more income.

Opportunities created by the CCD franchise:

They’ve already established themselves in other countries, so if you like, you can tap into a new foreign market and gain exposure.
Since CCD hosts several casual gatherings, they may place themselves as an informal gathering spot.

Improved interiors: There are several cafés with shabby interiors that need to be revamped to maintain the brand’s image and continuity.

There is more rivalry and there are so many major brands on the market, such as Barista, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and so on.
The youth’s preferences have shifted dramatically, and they now tend to hang out with friends at hukka parlours; this, too, is enticing the CCD market.

Weakness of CCD franchise:
Wrong-site placement: Wrong-site selection has resulted in defeats for several CCD outlets. Many stores are located in inconvenient locations that are not on major thoroughfares, negatively impacting their reputation and revenue.

It has begun to weaken and retain market trust over time.

Few spending in advertising: This is one of the reasons it is losing its allure; they need to focus more on advertisements and promotions because there are so many rivals who may negatively impact the brand’s popularity in the long run.

How to get franchise of cafe coffee day?

You may be considering taking advantage of the brand’s well-known branding and purchasing a franchise, but CCD would not fit with the franchise model.

But, they’ve teamed up with people who rent commercial or convertible retail space. As a result, they operate on a revenue/rental basis.

Choose location wisely. Location should be better and affordable with the rent.

To start a cafe coffee day franchise business in your location, you will have to write them on their official email id–

Are you confused to how to write an email to ccd franchise team?

So, here is an example. you can say,

Hii, I am Shubham. I want to start a business with reputed company. I have gone through all business opportunities, but I know starting a Cafe coffe day franchise is best option for me according to my location.

Here I have mentioned all my personal details.

  • Name(s) of one or all the owners of the retail space
  • Postal Residential Address,
  • Contact Numbers and email id of the owner/owners.
  • Postal Address of the Retail Space.
  • Retail Space Area (square feet).
  • Frontage of the Retail Space.
  • Photographs of your location.
  • Demographics of the catchment area

After giving all the details send mail. and wait for 3-4 days.

Cafe coffee day franchise requirements:

CCD franchise team will ask you to fulfill some requirements to open a Cafe Coffee Day franchise business.

Go through this once.


As previously said, they only provide outlets to individuals who own a commercial property or a rented space that has been converted to a commercial property.

You should have a minimum frontage of 25 running feet and a shopping space of 1000-1500 sq ft.

You should also bear in mind that there should be plenty of parking space since this is another factor they weigh when deciding whether or not to partner with you.

Is Foot traffic important while choosing CCD franchise location?

Foot traffic is important While choosing a business location for CCD franchise business.

Nobody likes to be tucked up in a corner, out of sight of prospective buyers. If your company requires secrecy, however, you can choose a low-traffic location.

Track traffic outside a certain area at various times of the day and week to find an optimal location.

This is a perfect way to see how the traffic suits the requirements.

Although certain company errors can be fixed later, a poor spot can be difficult to fix.

Sufficient parking space for CCD.

Regardless of how appealing the company is, sufficient parking should be a top priority.

Is there a convenient parking lot near your shop, or will your customers have to pay for parking—and will they be able to?

If you have no other choice but to pay for parking, see if your company will provide confirmation.

Don’t worry about the employees; they’ll need a parking spot as well.

Requisite skills:

You may be wondering whether some prior experience or a similar professional background is required.

There is no such thing as a requirement; the most important thing is to be resilient in the face of rapidly evolving consumer conditions and to run a profitable company.

You can also provide an organizational experience so that you can assign tasks and keep day-to-day activities running smoothly.

To provide a great experience to your customers, try to immerse yourself fully in this market. Another important skill to have is recruiting expertise.

If you recruit good workers for your café, they will have a great service for your clients, which will encourage them to return and boost your sales.

Training and personnel required:

The head office provides you with up-to-date hardware and software assistance so that you can operate the outlet without a hitch, as well as training at the outlet site only.

Training is necessary because it teaches you the right ways to run the outlet as well as the laws and procedures that must be followed.

You’ll need between 5-6 people, including a bartender, cashier, food preparation, and cleaning workers.

The documents you need to provide for opening the CCD franchise:

  • Name of the property/retail space’s sole or multiple (if any) owners
  • Fill in all of the owner’s details, including their residential address, phone number, and email address.
  • The postal address of the retail space/property where you are considering opening a new CCD location.
  • The square footage of the shopping space/property
  • Mention the retail space/frontage property’s area.
  • Photographs of the shopping space/property taken from different angles
  • The demographics of the catchment area for the opening CCD is an abbreviation for the acronym

CCD franchise cost in India.

Investment cost

CCD franchise cost in India: 3-5 lakhs

To begin, CCD will need at least 3-5 lakhs in equipment and interior design, depending on the available room.

To open a CCD store, you’ll will have to spend 10lakh rupees Cafe coffee day franchise cost in India. plus a brand fee of Rs 50,000.

They sign a bond for a term of 4-5 years, after which you will extend the deal.

Approximately, Total ccd franchise cost in India you around- Rs.10,00,000 to start a franchise business in India.

Where do you have to spend money while costing the CCD franchise business in India?

I’ve grouped the following market tasks and expense groups for you to make it simple.

  • Product: raw materials, inventory, supplier,
  • Online store: website/platform subscription, hosting/domain, contract developer/designer, etc.
  • Operating: incorporation/legal fees, additional software, accounting
  • Shipping: packaging, labels, etc.
  • Offline: stall/table fees, rent, gas,
  • Marketing: logo, branding, ads, printed materials,

Do you know, during first year of CCD franchise business, How much does it cost to you on these expenses?

  • 11% on operating costs
  • 10.3% on marketing costs
  • 9% on online costs
  • 31.6% on product costs
  • 8.7% on shipping costs
  • 18.8% on team costs
  • 10.5% on offline costs

Apart from all of this. You can see.

Unexpected costs in the first year of CCD franchise business in India.

Shipping is what we do. Packaging prices, lost or returned goods, and general delivery fees were cited by 34% of companies.

In the beginning, this was particularly painful for CCD franchise owners, If the shipping volumes is low.

Legal cost: One-time startup expenses including taxes, licences, and approvals were reported by 23% of companies as being unexpectedly expensive.

They were also taken aback by the fact that they were expected to merge both state-wide and nationally in the United States.

Service and inventory: Costs associated with inventory, such as stock inspection and collecting and recalling faulty items, as well as excess inventory, were cited by 21% of companies as easily racking up bills.

Accounting and taxes. Taxes and accounting were consistently listed by company owners in the qualitative portion of our research as being unnecessarily cumbersome—and worth hiring skilled support for.

According to all of this situation, Cafe Coffee Day franchise cost will go around 10-15lakh rupees.

Profit margin of ccd franchise in India:

After the ccd franchise cost in India, now we need to know how much profit margin it can make.

Expenses: Rs.2,00,000 for 1000 sq ft of rent

The average salary for a group of six workers is about Rs.70,000.

Total daily earnings: (200*Rs.200) = Rs40,000

As a result, a month’s gross profits will be 40,000*30=12,00,000.

6,00,000 in gross profit

In a month, the total benefit will be – (6, 00,000-2,70,000)= Rs.3,30,000.

This demonstrates that you can recoup your investment in 3 to 4 months, with the remainder being all benefits, and that if sales rise, you can gain even more. So, without a doubt, opening a CCD outlet would be an excellent way for you to make money.

CCD Franchise requirements are available for Partnership Opportunities.

  1. Cafe Coffee Day not only helps you to own the brand (franchise) and manage the company yourself, but it also allows current businesses to raise money in a variety of ways, one of which is by ads in their stores and products.
  2. CCD compensates those businesses for placing a sign, flag, or screen on their wall to attract customers’ interest.
  3. They will also compensate you if you use their table stickers, tissue papers, and other products.
  4. According to a poll, the majority of young people spend the majority of their time in CCD cafes.
  5. Furthermore, any youngster who attends CCD spends an average of 45 minutes a day there.
  6. Because of the amount of time consumed by teenagers, CCD offers the ability to advertise effectively using new approaches, such as campaigns, rather than conventional methods.
  7. You may also email the official website using the information provided above, and they will respond within 48 hours.
  8. Everything we can conclude is that this is one brand that provides incredible ambiance and facilities to its customers, making it an ideal spot to meet new friends and have a good time.
  9. It is a spot where people of all ages can sit and chill while enjoying a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price.
  10. The fact that they cultivate coffee beans, which means that they go from grower to roaster, is a major advantage.
  11. Perhaps it’s a profitable brand that inspires people to join forces with them in order to support their development

Cafe Coffee Day franchise contact details:

Karthik B.S: Karthik@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Raju S.R: Raju.Sr@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Madhusudhan B.C: Madhusudhan.B@Cafecoffeeday.Com

2)AP / Telangana / Hyderabad
Sarath Babu: Sarath.Babu@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Kerala Harigovind: Harigovind.H@Cafecoffeeday.Com

3)North India / NCR
Nishant Ranjan: Nishant.Ranjan@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Abhishek Saxena: Abhishek.Saxena@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Syed Sahban: Sahban.S@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Jatan Sondhi: Jatan.Sondhi@Cafecoffeeday.Com

4)Punjab / J&K

Nishant Ranjan: Nishant.Ranjan@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Satish Chand: Satish.Katoch@Cafecoffeeday.Com
Kolkata Bikash Shaw: Bikash.Shaw@Cafecoffeeday.Com

5)Rest Of Maharashtra

Vikas Adsule: Vikasm@Cafecoffeeday.Com

Cafe Coffee Day Official Website:

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