Burger king franchise cost in India.| Smart business hacks.

how to get burger king franchise in India?

burger king franchise
burger king franchise

We people love burger king. then why don’t we start a burger king franchise.

but the first question comes to mind is

what is the burger king franchise cost in India. Apart from this main question. we have a lot more questions regarding to start a Burger king franchise business in India.

Having fast food is becoming a big trend nowadays. Lots of people go out to one of the many fast-food restaurants available nearby you and have the meal of their choice.

Starting a burger king franchise business in your area will never let down your business.

Whenever you go out to a fast-food restaurant, you order anything like a pizza, a sandwich, a hot dog. Today date, there are more facilities available like, you can order anything at your doorstep.

Any person has access to all these food items from different cities.

Most of the favorable item in youngsters is burgers. It is the most popular fast food item that exists in the world today.

No matter wherever you are in the world, there will be a burger king franchise near you that will be able to satisfy your hunger.

Well, we all know one of the biggest names in the burger business in the world – Burger King. Do you know? the franchise of burger king has 11 million customers entering its fast-food restaurants worldwide.

Burger king serving delicious burgers and provide the highest quality to customers. They have managed to make themselves a global giant in the fast-food industry.

A little more information about the Burger King franchise.

All we know that Burger King is an American fast-food restaurant chain. And it is specialized in selling burgers. Burger King has a worldwide presence and has its headquarters in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

This fast-food chain was started in Florida in the year 1953.

Burger king franchise cost India
Burger king franchise cost India

You see, its first name was Insta-Burger King. But after that in the year 1954, there were some financial difficulties in the business, then the company was bought by two franchisees from Miami named David Edgerton and James McLamore.

After that, The name of the company was changed to Burger King.

Qualification you need to fulfill to get approval burger king franchise.

The Burger King brand wants to expand its business that’s why it is continuously looking for multi-unit operators with partners.

Anyone who has extensive restaurant experience and is committed to providing an excellent guest experience then gets into this franchise business. It is the best option for you

The franchise of burger king in India has a new franchisee approval guideline.

To completion of the Franchise Application, you will have to understand the professional background and personal finances.

Verification of net worth and liquid assets through a CPA opinion letter.

Submission of Business Plan outlining proposed organization structure, operations plan, marketing plan and growth, and acquisition plan for Burger King franchise.

Please note that these guidelines apply to franchisees who are applying for the US market. It may change based on your country of application.

How to get burger king franchise in India?

You as a franchisor currently have two different forms of the franchise agreement. There are three different types of franchise ownership Individual (or Owner/Operator) and Entity.

The Burger King franchise business is ranted if it is operated at one of three locations and facility types. So here is the list.

Traditional Burger King Restaurant Facility: It is a self-contained, full-size Burger King restaurant. which is located and operated in a shopping mall.

A traditional Burger King restaurant business does not share any common areas with any other businesses. And they serve the standard menu for Burger King restaurants.

Non-Traditional Burger King Facility: A non-traditional Burger King restaurant means it may be located at a site that includes other businesses, such as retail, food service, gas stations, convenience stores.

Institutional Locations: “Institutional locations” include government buildings and facilities, medical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, sports facilities, factories, corporate campuses, zoos, and educational facilities.

Burger King franchise cost in India.

What is the Burger King franchise cost in India? Let’s dive into this topic. Franchise cost can vary from location-wise. But you will need a lot of investment to start this franchise business. Let’s have a look one by one.

Background Check Fees could be around 19000 rs per person

You have to pay a Franchise Fee of around 3750,000 rs per restaurant (per 20-year term). This can be varied as per your location.

Burger King takes a royalty fee of 4.5% of monthly gross sales.

As an advertising fund, you will have to pay 4.0% of monthly gross sales to the Burger King franchise.
Fees criteria may change based on your country of application.

Burger king franchise cost in Indian rupees is around 20lakh -40lakh. this could be vary by location.

Burger King franchise profit.

How much I can earn from the burger king franchise business in India?
Average sales of burger king restaurants are 20-30 thousand rupees daily. Then monthly turnover can be around 6 lac rupees.

Then you can earn 4-5 lac rupees per month. This amount is excluding your daily expenses.

How to apply for Burger King franchise in India?

You can apply for a Franchise at Burger King at http://burgerkingindia.in/contact-us.

Contact them by a website and send a franchise query. The company officials will contact you.

Visit their website, and fill up a simple form to know more about the Burger King franchise.

Here is a training program for the Burger king franchise:

Before the opening of the Burger King restaurant, you must have to successfully complete the franchisor’s training program.

They will tell you the schedule and timing of the training program. Training will be held in various restaurant locations that have been authorized as training restaurants.

They will give additional training programs for individual owners/operators or managing directors to implement current operations and procedures to facilitate growth.

The franchisor of burger king also makes available sometimes periodic workshops and seminars for managers, which includes management courses and updating operational skills to serve better food quality to customers.

The franchisor of Burger king will provide pre-opening and restaurant opening assistance. They provide ongoing support.

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