Blue dart franchise | How to start a courier franchise service?

Blue dart is South Asia’s number one express air transportation distribution and logistics company. You can start your business with well established courier company. Let’s see how you can start a blue dart franchise business? how much does it cost and all process in this article.

blue dart franchise

In India, Blue Dart is a well-known logistic service company. They transport high-end industry items and paperwork. They also provide door-to-door service in a selected Indian cities.

People rely on Blue dart courier because of their on-time delivery and customer-friendly attitude. DHL Express (Singapore) Pvt Ltd, the parent firm, is in charge of this company.

Because we are all familiar with DHL and Blue dart, operating their franchise is entirely safe, secure, and most importantly profitable. We’ll try to walk you through the general franchise processes and how to be eligible before applying for a Blue dart franchise in this tutorial.

blue dart courier franchise opportunities:

In India This company offers secure and reliable delivery of consignments to over about 33000 locations.

They have covered almost 220 countries and also offer distribution services including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions.

They provide service door to door with the help of manpower and its increasing distributorship.

The Blue dart company drives market leadership.

Because they’ve managed to achieve dedicated air and ground capacity cutting edge technology and value-added services to deliver to its customers.

At today’s rate, lots of people want to send some documents equipment, home appliances to their friends and families in home town or abroad.

This type of courier service helps them to transport logistics from one location to another location.

That’s why we can start the Blue dart franchise business. Let’s know about its investment cost and profit potential in the blue dart courier service franchise.

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Blue dart founders:

In November 1983, this company was founded by Tushar Jain and his friends Khushroo Dubash and Clyde Coope. In the early days, they have a business agreement with Gelco Express International, Uk.

Blue Dart handled over 1958.86 lac domestic shipments 9.15 lac international shipments and over 696961 tonnes of documents and parcels during the year ended 31 March 2018.

The name of the firm was changed to Blue Dart Express on October 1st, 1990. and registered as a private limited company on April 5th, 1991.

Some of the new services include in the Blue dart courier services: –
Let’s check below.

Blue dart courier franchise services

(i)Voice Dart:

This voice dart service is available to the customer in selected cities of the country. It is a voice response computer system.

It enables customers to access key information about the range of services of Blue dart, to track the status of their parcels, and you can leave messages via a mailbox all in a voice form.

This service is available for 24 hours/7days.

(ii) Power Dart:

The power dart is a software-run system which is installed at the customer premises. You can directly access the company’s database to retrieve relevant information about your parcels or consignments.

(iii) Dart Collect:

This Dart collect service offers you to receive the overseas consignees from India, You will have to pay the freight charges in foreign currency.

(iv) Dart Apex:

This is a day-definite door-to-door product for shipments above 20 kgs.

(v) IXF-2:

This is a day-definite door-to-door service for international shipments weighing above 45 kgs.

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Blue Dart courier service franchise opportunities

When you will become a partner of the company, you will get some benefits and opportunities.

Blue Dart always supports the marketing and promotion facilities to their franchise partners.

  • Also, the company offers domestic and international courier facilities, so you can accept both requirements.
  • You can also use Customer Service, and Reservations, for Track and Trace, MIS, ERP
  • You can start Blue Dart courier service with less amount
  • You can get 24/7 customer care support operation issues.
  • Blue Dart offers a worthwhile commission and incentive to the franchisor.
  • A franchise person also gets a special bonus on festival time.

Blue dart courier franchise cost:

The Blue Dart Franchise cost depends on the store size and location.
Its Investment Cost would be around Rs. 2 to 5 lakh and you will have to give a security Deposit: Rs.1.5 lakh.

It varies from town to city and also on particular performance and period, you will get a refund from Blue dart company.

Area Required For Blue Dart Courier Franchise business.

you will need 250 sq. ft into a 300 sq. ft. area for courier business.

Apart from the area requirement you need, you’ll have to submit a formal record. You will have two types of record requirements follows.

Land Documents: If you have your own property, then you will have to submit shop details. Otherwise, you can submit rental documents of your shop.

Bank Details: Here you will need a cancel cheque and passbook front copy for a security deposit.

Other documents: Electricity bill or driving license is needed also.

How to get blue dart courier franchise?

  • I have mentioned a list of regional offices below. Hence, you can submit an application to get a franchise proposal.
  • business officers will contact you and give all guidelines for opening a Blue Dart courier service in your area.
  • You will need basic requirements to run Blue Dart Franchise.
  • Besides storage space, computer with an internet connection, papers, printer, barcode scanner, good power supply or inverter, motorbikes, and experienced delivery person.

At the national level, Blue Dart has a number of zonal officers who may be reached via the customer service hotline. Every officer has a phone number and an email address.

As a result, you may send your Blue Dart franchise proposal to your location officer’s email address or phone number. If you are chosen, corporate officials will contact you through phone or email with all of the essential details for launching the store.

Benefits of blue dart franchise

  • Financial incentives: Another advantage is that Blue Dart will pay significant commissions to its franchise partners, which will total the earnings from this enterprise.
    Operational simplicity: With the use of simplified indigenous locate and track technology, ERP, MIS, and customer service, somebody can easily handle records.
    Benefits of assistance: As a franchisee, Blue Dart will provide you the needed training sessions as part of the package, and you will also have 24/7 customer care for all of your needs.
  • Brand reputation: It is regarded as South Asia’s leading package distribution firm, with an international reputation, and hence the blues dart brand name may be used to great benefit.
    Minimal investment: One can gain from an investment that purchases Blue Dart’s franchise at a low cost, resulting in equitable earnings.
    Pre-existing in-house services: By purchasing this franchise, you will have the extra advantage of Blue Dart’s promotion and advertising initiatives for its franchise partners, in addition to the privileges.

Key points to start a blue dart courier franchise

Here are some factors to consider before deciding whether or not to join this franchise:

To begin with, having a brand name allows you to not only fulfil local requirements, but also to become a part of this worldwide renowned firm, which is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Second, it requires only a little initial investment and rewards you with respectable earnings as well as non-monetary incentives.

Third, a franchise in the business has consistent demand, especially at this rate of globalisation where it is most attractive owing to its always expanding demand.

When starting a courier service, it is critical to determine the legal framework of the new venture. Will you run it as a single proprietorship, a limited liability company, or a corporation? You must first complete this step before applying for a business licence in your municipality or state and obtaining a federal tax identification number.

Build customer base for blue dart franchise

Begin seeking for consumers once you’ve established your company and identified a specialty or two that makes sense for you. You just need a few excellent ones, so begin marketing by calling or visiting local companies in person to understand how you can assist them manage their courier issues and determine what sort of services they may want.

There is no need for a “hard pitch,” simply a helping attitude.

Take reference from your customers

Once you’ve established your “core” client base and have been treating them properly for a time, ask for references. Inform them that your blue dart courier franchise service is still expanding and that you could use a few more nice clients like them.

In exchange for a recommendation who becomes a regular, recurring client, provide free delivery or a discount on a month’s subscription.

Set your rates

Sometimes new couriers make the mistake of charging too little to cover all of their expenditures since they haven’t been in company long enough to be aware of all the small charges, such as a business licence renewal fee, that may add up to a lot of money over the course of a year.

Bookkeeping costs, social security taxes, and car upkeep are just a few examples. To arrive at an acceptable rate that allows you to profit while still making your clients happy, a good rule of thumb to remember is to add roughly 30-35 percent to the salary you’ll be paying yourself.

After a few months, revisit your rates to check whether they still provide you with the desired net hourly rate. The current national average hourly wage is $36.

Provide great service:

If you provide excellent service to your consumers, you will succeed and soon have all the customers you can manage. If you guarantee two hours of service, strive for 90 minutes. Your consumers will be delighted and will suggest you to others.

Keep track of your customers

Use one of the free scheduling software tools, such as or, to keep track of your clients and their deliveries. Another alternative is to use one of Google’s or Microsoft’s calendar tools. You may also use them to get paid online with Paypal for a little monthly charge. It can, of course, be used on your smartphone while out making deliveries.

Keep track of your expenses:

There are applications that assist you conduct your own bookkeeping, just like there are for scheduling., which is roughly $10 a month and even alerts you when taxes are due or when you neglect a deduction, is my favourite for keeping track of your small company expenses, even if you can’t add or subtract.

Concerning deductions… The main benefit for most couriers will be the business mileage deduction, which is now 55 cents per mile. Many couriers have utilised this deduction to pay for updating their car to a more fuel-efficient modern model, such as the Toyota Prius, and discovered that the fuel savings outweighed the vehicle payments!

Here is a checklist for bidding your courier jobs

You must keep many factors in mind while making bids for your customers. You want to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth. You want to be sure, like with any firm, that you can generate a healthy profit.

You also want to be able to provide your consumers with an accurate estimate. Here’s a checklist to get you started in blue dart courier franchise.

  • Mileage: Most couriers charge per trip, but you may decide to charge per mile. This might be crucial if the work requires you to drive a long distance.
  • Couriers that prefer to charge for mileage typically charge $1.60 per mile for a vehicle and $2 per mile for a van or truck. Get a delivery quote from another courier provider to see what the current mileage prices are in your region.
  • If the weight is unusually heavy, an extra fee may be imposed. Remember to have a hand truck with you to make transporting big or awkward goods simpler.
  • Many couriers would say something like, “If it’s under 25 pounds, there is no additional cost, but if it’s beyond 25 pounds, there will be a price of 10 cents for each pound after 25 pounds.”
  • If you are asked to deliver the package or other item in a particularly timely manner (for example, within an hour or two after being summoned for the assignment), an extra cost is reasonable.
  • When you are required to pick up an item and drop it off within two hours, you are providing “rush” service. Many courier companies charge an extra 10% for “rush” service assignments.
  • When you are requested to pick up an item and drop it off within an hour, you are providing “Stat” service. A standard rate for a “stat” work is 25% more.
  • It is typical to charge extra if the delivery takes place outside of your normal business hours. If it is after hours, for example, before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., there will be a $15 surcharge.
  • If it is late at night, which is between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., a $20 surcharge is acceptable. Also, if you’re requested to pick up and deliver an item on a weekend or holiday, $20 is a nice amount to add.
  • What if you arrive at the pick-up location on schedule and are forced to wait a few minutes because the client has not yet prepared the package? This slows you down and may cause you to go behind schedule, especially if you have other tasks to perform that day.
  • It is entirely reasonable to levy a surcharge. Don’t charge anything if you have to wait less than five minutes. If you have to wait more than five minutes, consider charging 60 cents each minute.
  • Print this checklist and keep it with you when you deliver parcels and other products around town. Keep it on hand for when you’re giving a customer an estimate. This will result in more accurate bids and more revenues for your blue dart franchise.

Blue dart courier franchise contact number:

There are many locations where you can find regional offices of the blue dart courier company. Here is the list.

Contact Person:
Rajeev Nangia
Human Resource Department
Blue Dart Express Limited,
4th Floor, Elegance Tower,
Plot No.8, Jasola Commercial Center,
New Delhi – 110 025,
Tel: 011-40579999
Contact Person:
Shirish Haware
Human Resource Department
Blue Dart Express Limited,
Blue Dart Centre,
Sahar Airport Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai – 400099,
Tel: 022 – 28396444

Contact Person:
Kariappa A. Kunjira
Human Resource Department
Blue Dart Express Limited,
“Connection Point”, Old Airport Exit Road
next to SBI Bank, HAL Post,
Bengaluru – 560017,
Ph: 080 – 67034262

Contact Person:
Radhika Jayapalan
Human Resource Department
Blue Dart Express Limited,
11, Status Quo, Sterling Road,
Chennai – 600034,
Tel: 044 – 28271160

Contact Person:
Omprakash Todawal
Human Resource Department
Blue Dart Express Limited,
Shalimar Co-Op Hsg Soc, B/h Sales India
Ground Floor, Off. Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad – 380008,
Tel: 079 – 66121234

Contact Person:
Suddhasatya Majumdar
Human Resource Department
Blue Dart Express Limited,
Bengal Intelligent Park, Building Alpha,
1st Floor, Block-EP & GP, Sector-V,
Salt Lake Electronics Complex
Kolkata – 700091
Tel: +91 3323579930

blue dart courier franchise enquiry:

You can contact on these contacts for blue dart courier service franchise.

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