Barista franchise cost in India | How to get? | Application details.

Barista is a multinational chain of cafes and espresso bars which operates across South Asia. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi and maintains outlets all over India. Let’s see barista franchise cost in India in this article.

The coffee chain provides distribution and franchises, which can actually be extremely successful and lucrative. If you’re part of the group who are looking to establish the first coffee shop in your town and earn a handsome profit by making great coffee, this article is the one suitable for you.

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About Barista coffee franchise

Barista was first established in 2000, in New Delhi, India, by Barista Coffee Company Limited and was a huge success.

Lavazza later purchased the barista coffee chain and was the turning point in the cafe chain, since Lavazza was able to bring a lot of success through its expanding cafes , as well as Italian tradition with an obsession with espresso coffee.

It is believed that the Barista Coffee Company Limited has more than 250 Barista Coffee Espresso Cafe and Barista Coffee Kiosks across India including its Franchise partners.

Apart from India, Barista Coffee also has cafes throughout Myanmar as well as Nepal. The franchise’s of the Barista Coffee Company is increasing each day because of the excellent coffee quality and the service being provided.

The company grew from a handful of cafes to a staggering 220 stores by the year 2019, all across the country , and also with branches in countries outside of the United States like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and the Maldives.

In 2020, it plans to double the number cafes and restaurants to 500 by 2022. The company also plans to increase the number of stores selling their products will be increased to 10,000 through distributorship.

It is the second-largest café chain in India that offers a distinctive coffee experience thanks to its stock with coffee from the exact roaster fresh and honest roaster just from the time of its opening.

The consistency and high-quality of the coffee beans from the same roastery provide an amazing coffee experience.

Fresh and Honest roaster is located within Chennai it was owned and operated by Barista Coffee Company and now is owned by Lavazza and continues to supply the coffee for Barista.

Barista also produces and sells instant coffees in various blends, chai mixes Hot chocolate mixes, cookie honey, chocolates as well as other products for coffee and baking.

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Barista franchise Opportunities

The potential for the Barista franchise are extremely high due to the growing popularity of cafes and restaurants, and due to the sit and sip coffee idea that is popular among friends who hang out as well as a space to sit and work.

Additionally, following the acquisition of Amtex and the acquisition of Amtex, Barista is looking to expand with plans to double the number cafes across India this is a great opportunity given the growing chain and growing cafes.

The franchise is easy to acquire with the plans of expansion, and the business will continue to grow because of the excitement around the expansion.

Additionally, Barista offers multiple franchise options , which are distinct types. It offers options that cater to various budgets for business and investment, space and much more.

Barista franchise cost in India
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The chance to work with Barista is not only available via its franchise, but also through its dealer. The chain also provides the possibility of distributing its coffee products as well as other snack options that come in attractive packaging.

The products available for distribution include instant coffee with various flavors as well as coffee and chocolate bars, nuts and fruit bars, cookies of various varieties, honey with ginger instant Chai, and many other interesting products that customers can select.

The potential with Barista coffee is a lucrative one because India is lacking coffee establishments that provide high-quality coffee as well as a variety of services and products across its chain.

With only a handful of prominent players on the market, it’s an ideal opportunity to invest in an enterprise chain. The ROI from the brand is quite fast and will take no longer than an year or two.

Another reason to consider this franchise Barista franchise is the technical and operational support that the franchise model and the brand gives. The model supports the following areas:

Support for the supply chain

Marketing and business planning support

Human resource, operational and support for training

Support for quality and product

Help in obtaining NPD data and much more

Food technology and support for software,

Billing facility

Support for delivery online and tie-ups, and much more

In addition to business opportunities associated in conjunction with The brand firm also provides powerful campaigns for marketing and advertising in its cafes.

It also offers different businesses the opportunity to promote their services and products in the cafeterias of its customers.

Barista franchise cost in India

Barista provides a variety of options for their franchises in various scales and sizes with various requirements charges, fees, and set-up expenses.

Models that are available include Cafe, Barista Kiosk/Express and Diners.

To set up and purchase the franchise Barista Kiosk/Express that is a small kiosk, the booth must be the ability to transform or furnish 100-400 square feet.

The cost of franchise will be approximately 6 lac rupees, and the 8% of the royalties is paid towards the franchise. The cost of setup, which includes the interiors and installation is expected to be between 14 to 15 lakh rupees.

Cafes require the space to be between 800-1000 sq feet. The installation cost ranging from 30 to 32 lacs.

Barista franchise cost in India-

The Barista franchise cost in India is 8.5 lacs, and the cafe will pay an additional 8% of the royalties to the brand.

In addition, the Diner version that is part of the Barista franchise demands an investment of between 65 and 70 lakhs on setup costs together with franchise costs in the amount of INR twenty lacs. The minimum space required for the restaurant is 1500-2000 square feet.

The agreement for franchises is for a period of nine years and is able to be renewed. In addition to other requirements it is required by the franchise model that you maintain a capital range of 1.5 millilitres to six lacs.

The brand that is part of the franchise also provides other support services at their end and these include

How can I obtain Barista Franchise?

To apply for the Barista franchise, you can contact them via their address on file at New Delhi or get in contact through the contact form. You can also email them at their registered email address.

The application form can be submitted to the company in any method mentioned above along with your proposition and a letter stating that you’re in possession of the necessary documents to start the franchise.

For distributorships and dealerships, applications and inquiries are made through the same method.

What is the reason behind Barista Lavazza Coffee Franchise Business?

If you’re looking to establishing an international company with a low investment and a good profit margin The offer offered by Barista Coffee is a good one. For India, Barista Coffee is running successfully since 2000.

Barista Coffee is one of the first brands to be introduced into Indian coffee culture. Barista Coffee is a pioneer in Indian cafe culture. Barista Coffee chain of espresso bars offers a true Italian coffee with a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

The business’s goal is to create the customers with a relaxing environment to enjoy interesting conversations, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Barista Coffee is admired by young adults who are exposed different cultures and appreciate the genuine flavors and flavors of coffee.

Barista Coffee Company Limited has more than 200 Barista Coffee Espresso Bars as well as Barista Coffee Cremes in over 30 cities across India and the number is growing every day.

Apart from the Indian subcontinent, Barista Coffee also has cafes throughout Sri Lanka, Oman, and the UAE.

If you have a lease or own the space on the mall or on a street, Barista Coffee is definitely an investment opportunity that can be profitable. It is it is certainly rewarding to be part of an acclaimed international brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barista franchise

Do you think franchising is a viable option for Barista?

Yes. Franchising allows expansion of the brand. Barista is a viable option because competitors don’t offer franchising. This acts as leverage to open a variety of cafes across the country.

Who owns Barista?

Carnation Hospitality Pvt currently owns Barista. Ltd is a subsidiary of the Amtek group.

What is the Barista franchise cost in India?

Barista provides its franchise in three types: kiosk cafe, diner and kiosk. The franchise fees for all three models are 6 lacs 8.5 lacs and 20 lacs depending on the model. Other costs include the set-up costs, working capital and royalty.

How do I apply for an Barista franchise?

To obtain an Barista franchise, reach them using the contact form available on their website, or send them an email or mail them at their registered office and submit an application.

Who can I contact for the Barista Lavazza Franchise?

For any Franchisee related queries, fill the form in details at

If you are shortlisted, the company’s representatives will be in touch with the applicant. If you have any questions about the franchise opportunity of Barista Lavazza coffee bar, you can reach the Corporate office in Delhi.

Find the address, phone number, fax number and the their official web site for Barista Lavazza Coffee Franchise.

Barista Coffee Company Limited F1/9, First floor Okhla Industrial area New Delhi -110020, India, Telephone: 011-49360900 Email – Official Website

It’s a fact that nobody has been able to master coffee like the Italians. We are praising them for their expertise, Barista brings new meaning to Italian Coffee and Foods from India. Indian Subcontinent.

The process of transferring coffee from the bean into the cup began in 2000. Café culture was still not able to establish its own standards and coffee was thought of as a luxurious item.

This desire to offer an international experiences and make an authentic Italian cuppa led us develop this brand Barista. It is a leader in an era of Indian Cafe culture, Barista offered the chance to learn about the coffee and process of making the coffee.


Franchises with a brand such as Barista can be a great option, and when you have a wide range of options and the support of a brand is the perfect topping.

Barista is among the top contenders among cafe chains that operate in India and partnering with a brand like Barista is extremely rewarding.

The numerous franchise models and distribution options of the amazing product of the brand offer great business opportunities and the promise of a quick return on the investment and profit. If you’ve been thinking about it you’re eager to get involved.

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