How to start an aluminum door and window manufacturing business plan?

Do you know that India is in the 5th number position for the production of aluminum? 31% of the aluminum is used in the electrical sector and 13% of aluminum production is used in constructions and the building line.

These are two main and major industries where aluminum is used mostly. Aluminum is very much high in demand in construction and building projects and also it is used in solar power panels.

As we all know that Aluminium is environmental and user-friendly to use. Its popularity increases day by day.

Aluminum door and window manufacturing business plan
Aluminum door and window manufacturing business plan

because it is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, massive strength, easy to make, and easy to maintain also. Nowadays residential buildings also use them.

It is a very profitable business model and also has very much vast opportunities in India and abroad.

With the help of the Aluminium fabrication business, we can make door handrails, staircase, support and railings, and so on.

You will have to know your targeted customer that’s why you will have to make a market survey in your local market.

You’ll have to make sure about your competitors and which type of materials they are using? what type of quality they give to the market.

Who are the targeted customers in fabrication business market? These are all the questions that will give you a mind map to create a perfect business plan for Aluminium fabrication.

Many of the people make use of Aluminium fabrication for their office complex, theatres, buildings construction sites, school and college, retail shops, auditorium, and decorative purposes.

This type of manufacturing business can be done with different types of frames and fittings.

How much investment you should be required to start your aluminum door and window manufacturing business.

The investment cost would be around 5 to 10 lakh rupees but here I will mention some raw material cost at machinery cost.

Which type of manufacturing machine you should buy for aluminum fabrication business plan?

You will need to buy a heavy-duty cut-off machine with a 2 HP motor and a starter. Its price would be around 200000 rupees in the market.

You can cut aluminum sections with the help of this machine.

And also you will need to buy a drilling machine of 12mm capacity with a 0.5 HP motor. It will cost around 9000 rupees. You can drill the aluminum sections with the help of this drilling machine.

Another one-year portable electric drill machine.

It will cost around 1500 rupees. Another machine you will need to buy is a double-ended bench grinder with a 200 mm diameter and a 0.75 HP motor. This machine will cost you around 8000 rupees.

You will also need an anodizing plant completed with 500 ampere and 30 volts. And necessary tanks of 14 feet length and initial chemicals for anodizing. Its price would be around 5 lakh rupees.

You need not establish your fabrication business plan in a 1000 square feet area. you can buy already anodized aluminum for your manufacturing from wholesalers. This idea will reduce your cost of an anodizing plant.

The next one is a buffing machine with a 2 HP motor. This machine would cost around 5000 rupees. Another necessary tool you should buy like hand tools and workbenches etc.

Here is a list of machineries and simple tools for your fabrication business plan.

  • A small inventory of extrusions
  • Compound miter saw
  • Glass cutting table
  • Glass panels
  • Hand tools like screwdrivers
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Rubber gasket
  • Hand tools, work benches etc.
  • A heavy duty cut-off machine: 2 HP motor
  • Anodizing Plant: Rectifier 500Amps. 30 Volts,
  • Buffing Machines: 2 HP motors
  • Double ended Bench Grinder:75 HP Motor (200 mm diameter)
  • Drilling Machine: 12 mm cap, 0.5 HP motor
  • Portable Electric Drill

Well we move to the next topic
What type of raw materials should you use in the aluminum window and door manufacturing business? Here I give detailed information.

Raw material for aluminum door manufacturing business.

  • You will need to buy a book-type handrail of a hundred mm size from the wholesale market.
  • The cost is around 2500 rupees per meter and approximately 200 rupees per foot for the stair handrail.
  • You need a 25 mm square pipe; its cost is around 200 rupees per kg.
  • Another one is flat 50 mm * 1.5 mm thick aluminum. Its cost is around 170 rupees to 230 rupees per kg.
  • 112 mm*50 mm t section. Its cost is around 50 rupees to 250 rupees per kg. Its price depends on the quality of aluminum.
  • You need materials like a handle section for doors, clips, glass sheets, and chemicals for anodizing.

Apart from this here I have mentioned some materials, that you should to keep in your inventory list.

  1. Book Type Hand Rail 100 mm Size
  2. Chemical For Anodizing
  3. Clips
  4. Flat 50 mm X 1.5 mm Thick
  5. Glass Sheet/ Board 3 mm/4.5 mm
  6. Handle Section For Doors
  7. 112 mm x50 mm Section
  8. 25 mm Sq. Pipe
  9. 50 mm X 25 mm Section
  10. 63 mm X 38 mm Section

In the Aluminium fabrication process, you will have to anodize your aluminum sections first. As we mentioned earlier, the anodizing plant depends on your business plan cost.

you can buy already anodized aluminum sections from the wholesalers and you can start your work.

Why should you anodize your Aluminium section? Because normal aluminum sections have a very hard coating. If you paint on the upper layer or if you want to make it decorative then we are not able to make it without anodizing.

That’s why with the help of chemicals we will have to neutralize the Aluminium section.

Aluminum Doors Windows Manufacturing Process – A step by step method.

  • Cutting is the most popular fabrication method. The metal workpiece is broken into two or more parts in this process, and various forms of cutting machinery are available on the market.
  • Cutting metal with a hacksaw is a common method of cutting metal.
  • However, plasma torches, water jets, laser guns, and other specialised machines are also used to cut metal.
  • Folding and bending: This procedure would take place in the very special situation where certain pieces must be bent in order to achieve the desired shape.
  • Metal folding and bending is done with dies and bending machines.
  • A lathe machine is used to separate excess material from raw material in this process.
  • Punching: Using a die and a punching unit, the punching mechanism is used to turn metal into the desired form.
  • Shearing: A long cut on a piece of metal is made using this method. Sheet metal is used in this process.
  • Stamping is similar to punching in that instead of cutting the metal into sections, the die is shaped to create an elevated part of the steel rather than piercing it.
  • Welding is a method of connecting two parts together, and there are several different methods of welding processes.
  • casting: This is one of the most traditional and adaptable fabrication approaches.
  • Metal is poured into the mould in this step to give it the desired form.

How much profits can you make from the aluminum door and window manufacturing business plan?

  • In this fabrication business plan, You can charge a customer 250 rs per square foot to 850 rupees per square foot. Or you can charge more than that. It depends on which type of quality material your customer wants to use.
  • Consider your charging 250 rupees per square foot with 20% profit. Then you get 50 rupees per square feet margin.
  • If you complete one square of footwork in 1 day then you can earn 7500 rupees in one single day.

It is a very demanding business sector in India. You can sell your products to wholesale dealers where you can tie up with construction builders and agencies.

You can also target government offices and college contracts. And also you can focus on Tier 2 cities that are booming in construction and building.

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Before investing too much in this business you should visit the nearest aluminum door and window manufacturing and fabrication business.